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06. November, 12:59 Uhr

We've been compiling a list of examples of how the automobile industry, since the bicycle returned to the public consciousness around 2006-2007, have been striking back. Using their advertising millions to ridicule not just bikes but public transport. It is the surest sign that they feel threatened by the return of serious competition. So threatened that they actively spend money on tackling...

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07. November, 14:51 Uhr

If you lined up every bicycle ever built since the 1880s, the vast majority would look much like the one above. Easily 75%. It would probably be black, with three speeds, a chainguard and coaster brakes. Since the 1970s, bicycles designed for racing or touring or climbing hills have increased in popularity but when it comes to transport in cities and towns, nothing beats the upright bicycle....

Favicon Copenhagenize
14. November, 14:36 Uhr

So what exactly happens when you're a major train operator and you suddenly make it free for passengers to take bikes on your trains? We know that some rail operators in various parts of the world would have you believe that chaos would ensue and that they would lose passengers. Numbers from Greater Copenhagen and Danish State Railways (DSB), however, seem to indicate that the opposite is...

Favicon Copenhagenize
16. November, 12:09 Uhr

While Copenhagenize Design Co. focuses on working with client cities around the world, our CEO, Mikael Colville-Andersen, is embarking on an exciting new project in parallel with his work in our Copenhagen office. Shooting has begun on his new tv series The Life-Sized City. With his series, Mikael hopes to bring citizen urbanism into the living rooms of city dwellers all over the world. With...

Favicon Copenhagenize
27. November, 14:26 Uhr

The concept of "hygge" is, by all accounts, all the rage this year. A slough of books about “how to hygge” are on the market in the UK alone this year. The Guardian even endevoured to produce a good longread about the whole shebang. All to the amusement of Danes for whom the word is more of a ingrained feeling than a concept requiring an instruction manual.Hyg. Hygge. Hyggelig.  This simple...

Favicon Copenhagenize
31. Dezember, 15:50 Uhr

Here on the cusp of a new year, Copenhagenize Design Company looks back on our activities in 2016. All of our offices have been busy and we are, in retrospect, thrilled and humbled by the past 12 months.Our offices in Copenhagen and France - the latter being the HQ for all our work in French speaking countries - have experienced an unprecedented level of work for client cities. Our new office...

Favicon Copenhagenize
24. Januar, 11:30 Uhr

Guldbergsgade, Copenhagen, Denmark (MCA)Bike Boulevards of Broken Dreamsby Holly HixsonHolly Hixson has a background in Urban Planning and Psychology from the University of Oregon. She has interned in the Copenhagenize office in both Montreal and Copenhagen.As an intern for the Danish urban design firm Copenhagenize Design Co., I’ve learned a lot about best practices in bike planning, about...

Favicon Copenhagenize
30. Januar, 12:21 Uhr

I took part in a radio debate last week. Four guests and a journalist. In that forty-five minutes, I experienced a number of things including, but not limited to, the anti-intellectualisation of our society, emotional propaganda, alternative facts, manipulative and selective choice of facts, The Culture of Fear and the negative branding of cycling.You might expect I was on American or...

Favicon Copenhagenize
21. Februar, 14:24 Uhr

Jennie Fasth is a cyclist, bicycle advocate and freelance writer based in Malmö, Sweden. She is currently a student at the University of Lund, studying geographic information systems. She is working towards her Masters degree in urban planning. This article of hers was first published on the Swedish website HappyRide.se and is republished here on Copenhagenize.com with permission.OhBoy - The...

Favicon Copenhagenize
28. März, 10:10 Uhr

This article is written by Copenhagenize Design Company's former urban planner, Leon Legeland. Originally from the least bicycle friendly city in Germany, Wiesbaden, he has lived, studied and worked in Vienna, Malmö, Copenhagen and currently Berlin. He has a master in Sustainable Urban Management and is recently finished his second masters in Sustainable Cities here in Copenhagen. He now works...

Favicon Copenhagenize
06. April, 12:12 Uhr

Copenhagen's Inderhavnsbro - Inner Harbour Bridge - Photo: City of CopenhagenIt's no secret that Copenhagen continues to invest massively in bicycle infrastructure like no other city on the planet. The network is already comprehensive and effective but the City continues to add important links, especially over the harbour and the canals.One of the more recent additions is the Inner Harbour...

Favicon Copenhagenize
10. April, 04:00 Uhr

For the past three years, Copenhagenize Design Co., in team with 5 train and bike operators and 4 mobility consulting firms, have been working to develop intermodality between bikes and trains in Europe. Why this mobility solution makes sense in our cities ?Because all trips can't be made by bike, this combination is the best solution to compete with cars. Bike-Train-Bike or BiTiBi services...

Favicon Copenhagenize
09. Mai, 13:28 Uhr

The City of Copenhagen released its latest mode share data yesterday and the numbers look fantastic.62% of residents in the City ride a bicycle daily to work or education in the city. 21% take public transport, be it bus, metro or train. Only 9% drive a car - even though car ownership is around 25%. Basically, 91% of our citizens DON'T drive a car in the city - here in one of the richest...

Favicon Copenhagenize
29. Juni, 12:06 Uhr

In this latest installment of our "Subversive Cycling Photos" series, we travel to Egypt. The same utterings are heard here as most other places. About how "it's too hot to cycle" and "oh, but we never had urban cycling here..." With these historical photos, we once again bust some myths, like we've done for Singapore, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, New South Wales, Vancouver, Oslo, Dublin,...

Favicon Copenhagenize
30. Juni, 14:31 Uhr

The Bicycle Superhighway Network in Copenhagen Capital Region. Orange: Built. Black: Planned and financed. Dotted: Planned but awaiting financing.The Capital Region of Denmark is continuing its investment in Supercykelstier - or Bicycle Super Highways. With five new routes completed on May 2, 2017, 115 kilometers have been added to the three initial routes. The goal is to make...

Favicon Copenhagenize
22. September, 20:51 Uhr

par Charlotte Gagnon-FerembachUne réalité quotidienne pour beaucoup d'usagers vulnérables à Montreal// Click here for a version in English //Charlotte Gagnon-Ferembach a de l'expérience en design urbain qu'elle a étudié à l'Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM). Elle est actuellement stagiaire au bureau de Copenhagenize Design à Montréal.Une automobile demeure stationnée en moyenne 95% du...

Favicon Copenhagenize
25. September, 18:51 Uhr

by Charlotte Gagnon-FerembachA daily reality for many vulnerable road users in Montreal// Cliquez ici pour la version française //Charlotte Gagnon-Ferembach has a background in urban design from the University of Québec in Montréal (UQÀM). She is currently doing an internship at the Copenhagenize Design Montreal office.A car remains parked, on average, 95% of the time, monopolizing an...

Favicon Copenhagenize
29. September, 14:23 Uhr

by Lukas StevensOne of Montreal's busiest bicycle intersections with over 10,000 bicycles daily. It features a protected two-way cycle track underpass but unfortunately makes a detour that takes bicycles off a main-street destination.Lukas Stevens is a Planning and Data Analyst at Copenhagenize Design Company's Montreal office, where he works on cycling network plans for many of our North...

Favicon Copenhagenize
15. Oktober, 12:23 Uhr

Last week in Barcelona, the inagural svajerløb cargo bike race was held on a sunny Sunday in the Poble Nou neighbourhood. It was event organised pro bono by Copenhagenize Design Co's office in Barcelona in collaboration with the Rueda International Bicycle Film Festival, where Mikael Colville-Andersen was president of the jury. Mikael and Jordi Gali from Copenhagenize whipped together a...

Favicon Copenhagenize
06. November, 12:53 Uhr

Classic traffic safety organisation narrative. "Stop cycling".By Stephanie PattersonWith Mikael Colville-AndersenIn the diverse world of traffic planning, advocacy and various movements for liveable cities, there is an odd group of outliers who broadcast conflicting messages. While “traffic safety” organisations seem like a natural part of the gallery and of the narrative, upon closer...

Favicon Copenhagenize
19. Dezember, 09:33 Uhr

2017 saw yet another instrumental increase in urban cycling in cities across the globe, further legitimizing pedal power as a mode of transport for citizens the world over. As another year has passed, another busy twelve months came and went for the team across our four Copenhagenize Design Co. offices. This year solidified the work of our newest office in Barcelona, developing new partnerships...

Favicon Copenhagenize
08. Januar, 12:08 Uhr

by Stephanie Patterson Copenhagenize Design Company’s time at our very cool co-working space on Paper Island/Papirøen is sadly coming to an end – the island's old industrial buildings are being demolished to make way for a new residential development. We’ll miss the creative vibe in our office - and on the island - that we have experienced daily for over four years. Paper Island was a freestyle...

Favicon Copenhagenize
12. April, 10:27 Uhr

When passengers get out of the train, they usually recognise a bicycle-friendly city by the number of bicycles parked by the entrance of the station. There is no need to say that Ghent is one of those.Copenhagenize Design Co. works hard to analyse and showcase the Top 20 large bicycle-friendly cities in the world for the Copenhagenize Index. But some smaller cities, with less than 600,000...

Favicon Copenhagenize
20. August, 10:19 Uhr

When I am doing keynotes or interviews I describe the mainstream aspect of our bicycle culture as being nothing more than Vaccuum Cleaner culture. Like bikes, we all have one, we all use it but they are just tools to make our daily life easier. No fetishizing, no naming of inanimate objects, no vaccum cleaning clothes.Our city sucks in other ways in other ways. Almost every day I'm reminded of...

Favicon Copenhagenize
04. November, 13:28 Uhr

The news out of Copenhagen this week is good. Apart from an arsenal of over 20 permanent sensors dedicated to counting bicycle traffic, the City of Copenhagen also performs comprehensive bi-annual counts and the latest numbers, from September, are exceptional.For the first time since the City starting counting traffic entering the city centre, there are more bikes than cars. Indeed, since last...

Favicon Copenhagenize
26. Februar, 10:26 Uhr

Park where you want outside our new Nordhavn officeFor the last four years Copenhagenize Design Company has had the pleasure of calling Copenhagen’s Papirøen, or Paper Island, home. Alongside a handful of dynamic offices, studios, ateliers, galleries, and restaurants, we’ve watched as this tiny island smack dab in the middle of the city has grown from a collection of unassuming newsprint...

Favicon Copenhagenize
25. Oktober, 10:33 Uhr

Let's just get to it, shall we.Cyclists are not random boxes of corn flakes that you store up on a shelf, out of sight - out of mind.They are urban citizens contributing as much as the next - often more - to urban life. Like pedestrians and public transport users, they are best served at street level as integral threads woven into the rich urban fabric to contribute to the beautiful...

Favicon Copenhagenize
24. Oktober, 13:16 Uhr

Copenhagenize Slopes 1,2,3. Reversing the Arrogance of Space on Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard in Copenhagen and re-demoractizing the space with 507 apartments of 50 m2, an urban park at street level, public space on 500 m of green roofs and bicycle parking for every resident and guest.For all the talk of Copenhagen being “all that” in so many urban ways, challenges and problems persist in...

Favicon Copenhagenize
21. Oktober, 12:08 Uhr

A freshly paved cycle track in Almetyevsk along the city's main street, Lenina.What a difference a year makes. In October 2015, Copenhagenize Design Company was hired by the City of Almetyevsk, in Tatarstan, Russia. We were no stranger to the task - developing bicycle strategies is one of our primary jobs. We didn’t realise at the time what kind of visionary client had hired us. In this earlier...

Favicon Copenhagenize
03. November, 08:30 Uhr

Article originally published on 19 November 2007. Revised November 2015.Over the years we have realised that a large part of our work at Copenhagenize Design Co. in working towards bicycle-friendly cities is the simple art of mythbusting. While time-consuming and often frustrating, it still appears to a necessary part of the dialogue around the world. It’s interesting how uniform the...

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