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32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
05. Mai, 07:00 Uhr

Billionaire bike-lover Sylvan Adams has a dream to get Israel cycling – he funded the Middle East’s first velodrome, gave car-centric Tel Aviv a cycle network, and is behind the country’s first Grand Tour. But will it work?While some wealthy benefactors to Israel choose to plant forests, build scenic promenades or put their names on hospitals, Sylvan Adams loves cycling so much he seed-funded...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
11. Mai, 05:30 Uhr

From pop-up bike lanes to painted potholes, here are the imaginative ways frustrated cyclists are taking action to create a safer environmentAcross the world, transport planning and infrastructure tends to favour the car, and facilities for cyclists and pedestrians are an afterthought. In response, frustrated urban cyclists have thrown caution to the wind and written their own will into the...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
16. Mai, 10:00 Uhr

When Kylie van Dam went in search of a cycle-friendly city she found the almost car-free suburb of Houten. It’s a model more cities could copy, she writesNone of what Houten stands for is radical or alternative Related: I love cycling. But I drive – because I fear for my life Continue reading...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
11. Mai, 06:00 Uhr

Study finds that 70% of London cyclists believe drivers mean them harm. But is it mainly the fault of the road system?As a cyclist in a busy urban environment, it can seem that some drivers are out to get you. And now a new study has concluded that for many bike riders, this is only too true: a sense of paranoia is a clinical reality.The research led by Lyn Ellet, a clinical psychology academic...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
20. November, 14:06 Uhr

E-bikes are well-established in some EU countries, but how about the UK? Old-school cyclist Peter Kimpton tries a new model to see if he’d be tempted to swap“E-bikes are fantastic. I use them all the time. You can take the kids up mountains. You can arrive in your good clothes at a meeting. It’s so easy.” Who said this? Surprisingly, it was none other than Fabian Cancellara, perhaps the...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
10. September, 06:00 Uhr

Indonesia’s capital is one of the most congested cities in the world, with a reputation as a dangerous place to ride a bike. Harry Pearl meets the activists and young entrepreneurs taking matters into their own handsFor five hours every Sunday, the usual chaos of cars, clapped-out buses and swarms of motorcycles is absent from the heart of Jakarta. Instead, cyclists rule the roads. On Jalan...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
17. November, 11:59 Uhr

The BBC’s usual standards of impartiality and respect too often fall short when it comes to cyclists, as one show this week – where a pundit labelled them fanatics and even compared them to Nazis – sadly demonstratesThe scene is a BBC talk show. The subject is a particular niche pursuit enjoyed by a very disparate group of people who otherwise have nothing in common. And things aren’t going...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
17. November, 07:30 Uhr

The share of trips taken by bike in Denmark’s capital has fallen. With ever more cars on the road and a new metro line about to open, can Copenhagen reach its target to have half of all journeys made by bike?It’s 8am on a rainy weekday morning on Copenhagen’s Nørrebrogade street and the stream of cyclists making their way into city centre is already getting jammed.Cyclists often have to wait...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
24. Januar, 07:30 Uhr

Police cleared a homeless camp before the transport department filled the pavement with unneeded bike racks – a clear case of hostile architecture which does not address the problem, say campaignersReturning after a two-day business trip, Seattle resident Jeff Few noticed something odd on a stretch of pavement underneath Highway 99. When he had left his Belltown condo there had been a homeless...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
24. April, 05:00 Uhr

The global network of 85,000 members runs on goodwill and a ‘pay it forward’ philosophy, allowing riders to navigate the lonely and sometimes testing side of cycle touring and connect with kindred spiritsImagine you’re nearing the end of another long day in the saddle, partway through your latest cycling tour. Your panniers feel heavy and your tyres sticky as you drag your bike over the final...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
14. November, 07:15 Uhr

A new assessment of cycling in UK cities shows people are far more supportive of bold plans than political decision makers often thinkIt may not be clear from the persistent bikelash in many sections of the media, but in fact there is huge public support for increased government investment in cycling and especially for building segregated bike routes.Of 7,700 people surveyed in seven major UK...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
03. April, 06:00 Uhr

Cyclists will soon be banned from historic central spots in the Czech capital by officials citing pedestrian safety – yet 1,000 cars will notStanding astride his bike in Prague’s storied Wenceslas Square, Jakub Panek waxes lyrical about the joys of cycling to work in one of Europe’s most historic and enchanting cities.“There have been situations where I’ve had to stop and get off my bike...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
19. Januar, 11:38 Uhr

Last-minute opposition by Westminster city council to park gate closures could leave the new superhighway ‘dead’, says former London cycling commissioner Plans to close the outer circle of Regent’s Park to rat-running motor traffic are being “significantly watered down” to shutting just two gates – down from four – and to shorter periods, in only the morning and evening peak, it has been...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
07. Februar, 07:30 Uhr

Uganda’s first ever Critical Mass is missing the air of protest normally found in Europe or the US. This may be for the best in a country where dissent is often quashed with rubber bullets and tear gas“Do you know what is going on here today?” I ask Annette, the banana seller I’m buying a quick breakfast from. She doesn’t, so I explain that people are gathering here to ride bicycles together....

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
20. April, 10:46 Uhr

Former pro-cyclist Doug Petty has been bringing cyclists to the Balearic island for more than 50 years to ride the famous hairpin bends on its spectacular mountain roadsMallorca attracts more than 200,000 roadies a year. Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome are usually credited for popularising winter riding on this Spanish Balearic island, but it’s two others who really put the island on the...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
10. November, 07:26 Uhr

Bici Palermo Tuning – a group of teenagers from the Sicilian capital – spend anything up to €1,300 customising their bikes with car batteries and multiple speakers to develop thunderous sound systems. The police are not impressed Continue reading...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
10. November, 07:20 Uhr

Waltham Forest’s new zero-emissions delivery service aims to replace polluting trucks for local deliveries of food, online purchases and moreEach morning Oscar Godoy unlocks a door in a railway arch in north London, organises the day’s deliveries, and assigns jobs to his cargo bike riders. They manoeuvre the hefty bikes from the narrow lane out on to the road, past assorted vehicles from the...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
07. November, 11:37 Uhr

Plans to pedestrianise one of the capital’s busiest cycling roads send the troubling message that cyclists and pedestrians can’t co-exist in an 80ft-wide streetSadiq Khan’s proposal to ban cyclists from Oxford Street, published on Monday, is an unqualified disaster for cycling in London, perhaps the single biggest blow it has suffered in years. And he’s sending an even more dangerous signal to...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
07. November, 07:30 Uhr

Bike theft is the scourge of cyclists around the world, with riders, manufacturers and the law struggling to coordinate a response. That was until city cop Rob Brunt and Xbox pioneer J Allard devised Project 529The bicycle was nothing impressive – an ageing mountain bike worth only a couple of hundred dollars – but Vancouver police officer Rob Brunt remembers it clearly. The owner, clad...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
16. April, 05:00 Uhr

Patents by female inventors from the 1890s reveal the creative ways women made their body mobile through clothingMuch has been written about the bicycle’s role as a vehicle of women’s liberation. But far less is known about another critical technology women used to forge new mobile and public lives – cyclewear. I have been studying what Victorian women wore when they started cycling....

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
02. November, 08:30 Uhr

As the cycling event returned to the capital for the third year, we got the trackside word on the races, the music and which riders like to party hardestThe lights are low and the music is loud. The beer is flowing and some of the world’s best riders are whipping round the wooden boards of Lee Valley velodrome in one of the many furious and fast paced races of the Six Day London event, now in...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
06. April, 06:15 Uhr

Two Sustrans staff members explain how offering residents of a women’s hostel the freedom of cycling is helping to improve their mental wellbeingA cycling session at Queen Mary homeless women’s hostel in London starts with some reflection in the tea room. Eleven women discuss how they’re doing this week, how the cycling went for them last week and what they’re hoping to build on in today’s...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
02. Januar, 07:30 Uhr

Riding a bike may be easier than walking for two-thirds of disabled cyclists, but they often remain invisible to society. Many don’t realise that more than a quarter of disabled commutes in this university city are made by bikeCycle around Cambridge and you’ll see upright city bikes and hybrids, tricycles and four-wheeled cargo bikes. What may be surprising is that many of these machines are...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
21. Oktober, 06:30 Uhr

Jesse Norman wants to make cycling safer, but sees local authorities and charities like Sustran as key facilitators, not governmentJesse Norman, the transport minister whose brief includes cycling, has only been in the job for six months but has already prompted controversy by insisting that cyclists follow the Highway Code, something criticised here on the Bike Blog.In his office at the...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
26. März, 10:28 Uhr

The UK’s pothole problem is getting worse and cyclists risk serious injury if they hit one. Here’s what to do if you find one and how to claim compensation if neededThe UK’s pothole problem is bad and getting worse, with a recent report by Alarm revealing 24,000 miles of road will need essential maintenance in the next year. While hitting one in a car may mean a trip to the garage, if you are...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
09. Oktober, 07:27 Uhr

Our readers on their most cherished cycling routes, from remote Scottish islands to Japanese mountain ranges Continue reading...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
16. März, 10:25 Uhr

From cute cars to smiley emergency vehicles, kids’ culture is awash with rosy images of driving, so a new Mr Men book about cycling is a welcome read. What are your favourite cycling-friendly children’s books?“Give me the child until he is seven and I will show you the man,” is a maxim usually attributed to the Jesuits, but it’s not only religious institutions that use early years training to...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
05. Oktober, 13:24 Uhr

Response: an opinion piece by Laura Laker accused me of hypocrisy, but our review examining the law and cycling aims to make the roads safer for everyoneLaura Laker accuses me of “headline-grabbing hypocrisy” in relation to the safety of cyclists. That’s quite an extreme reaction to my announcement of a review whose specific purpose is to improve the safety of all road users, especially in...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
06. Februar, 07:00 Uhr

Helen Pidd was cycling through stationary traffic when a passenger opened his door into her pathAs soon as the van door hit me I thought: finally. After cycling regularly for 15 years it always seemed something of a miracle that I had never been knocked off.My second instinct was to feel sheepish. Was it my fault? Related: Encourage 'Dutch reach' to stop cyclists' car-door deaths, says charity ...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
01. Dezember, 12:20 Uhr

Protected cycle lanes are one of the best ways to reduce congestion in London, carrying up to five times as many people per hour as a main road, a new report showsCongestion isn’t exactly the most fashionable political topic of our times, but it is a problem that threatens London’s status as a well-functioning, competitive global city. Businesses need to be able to make and receive reliable...

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