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24. August, 17:11 Uhr

Trail tips on tackling the ups and downs of hill running.

Favicon Strava Blog
22. Februar, 19:51 Uhr

Listening to one of these episodes will help the miles fly by.

Favicon Strava Blog
18. September, 20:00 Uhr

Break through the noise, reach an engaged audience and get the word out with posts.

Favicon Strava Blog
28. Juli, 23:47 Uhr

Nothing is more important than the safety of our community, and part of our commitment to safety is providing world class tools to allow you to choose what to share.

Favicon Strava Blog
28. August, 17:01 Uhr

View Matched Runs, activity summaries and sync workouts on the all new Fitbit Ionic.

Favicon Strava Blog
29. August, 18:00 Uhr

Compare your recent efforts, keep track of your closest rivals and more.

Favicon Strava Blog
19. September, 18:30 Uhr

I was mostly afraid of pooping my pants. What are (or were) your first marathon fears?

Favicon Strava Blog
24. September, 15:02 Uhr

How does the average Strava marathoner compare to the fastest runners in the world?

Favicon Strava Blog
19. April, 18:42 Uhr

5 tips that will help you feel fresh and run fast.

Favicon Strava Blog
25. September, 23:41 Uhr

Coach David Roche uses laps to take the guesswork out of training. See where it's most helpful and try an example workout.

Favicon Strava Blog
22. März, 00:40 Uhr

Meet the team of women who are running from LA to Las Vegas.

Favicon Strava Blog
30. April, 18:42 Uhr

I didn’t choose the sedentary life, it chose me.

Favicon Strava Blog
18. Mai, 16:42 Uhr

5 tips to help you nail your pacing strategy

Favicon Strava Blog
08. Mai, 22:42 Uhr

Upgrade your workouts with these smart running companions.

Favicon Strava Blog
17. April, 20:40 Uhr

Thinking of signing up for a race in another city? Or maybe even another country? Traveling for a race can be exciting and stressful. From remembering to bring all of the gear, to preparing your pre-race meal, everything gets shaken up when you’re away from home. These top tips can help you find success when you’re destination racing.

Favicon Strava Blog
01. März, 11:53 Uhr

The first ones rise from the mist like the ghosts from Don Quixote: svelte as racers and fairly quiet, what one would expect from people torn from their beds. The others follow very quickly, gathering by the dozens.

Favicon Strava Blog
15. Mai, 20:51 Uhr

We eat first with our eyes. Which is probably what’s so disappointing about the often-numerical answer when we ask: “What should a recovery meal look like?”

Favicon Strava Blog
15. Juni, 18:09 Uhr

Five key principles to run fast and prevent injury.

Favicon Strava Blog
01. August, 00:00 Uhr

Whatever your goal, now it’s our mission

Favicon Strava Blog
19. August, 21:22 Uhr

From battery life and heart rate, text messages and GPS, find the smartwatch that works the way you train.

Favicon Strava Blog
15. August, 04:36 Uhr

Here are the top segments and climbs to watch and riders to follow at the 2015 USA Pro Challenge.

Favicon Strava Blog
11. August, 10:34 Uhr

One of the most remarkable things about cycling is how little it has changed. But what has been lost, in the mainstream of the sport at least, is a certain spirit of adventure.

Favicon Strava Blog
08. August, 00:03 Uhr

The paradox of pouring so much energy and passion into your sport is that when it comes to the travails of travel and competition, you need to try to care a little less.

Favicon Strava Blog
10. August, 14:04 Uhr

We asked local riders to show us their territory, take us out to their favourite roads, make us coffee and feed us lunch.

Favicon Strava Blog
30. Juli, 17:24 Uhr

Laurens ten Dam expresses his feelings after a night of celebration in Paris. See what's next.

Favicon Strava Blog
21. Oktober, 20:56 Uhr

Sometimes you've got to ride the trainer in the basement, garage, or spare room, here are some ways to maximize that space.

Favicon Strava Blog
30. September, 00:45 Uhr

Culturally there is some sort of tough love between central Paris and its suburb. See how the locals navigate their way.

Favicon Strava Blog
11. November, 19:19 Uhr

See why our hungry brains need fat to tell our hard working bodies what we need in order to prepare for, continue on, and recover from our athletic pursuits.

Favicon Strava Blog
25. August, 18:38 Uhr

Salt plays a crucial role in hydrating our bodies, but many of us forget to truly up our intake when temperatures rise or training stacks up.

Favicon Strava Blog
03. September, 17:46 Uhr

Stephanie Howe gives us a glimpse into her last few months of preparation for a tough day in Switzerland.

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