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Favicon Strava Blog 24. September, 15:02 Uhr

How does the average Strava marathoner compare to the fastest runners in the world?

Favicon Strava Blog 01. März, 11:53 Uhr

The first ones rise from the mist like the ghosts from Don Quixote: svelte as racers and fairly quiet, what one would expect from people torn from their beds. The others follow very quickly, gathering by the dozens.

Favicon Strava Blog 29. August, 18:00 Uhr

Compare your recent efforts, keep track of your closest rivals and more.

Favicon Strava Blog 28. August, 17:01 Uhr

View Matched Runs, activity summaries and sync workouts on the all new Fitbit Ionic.

Favicon Strava Blog 09. Januar, 00:34 Uhr

This year's video ends with a twist: an animated pie chart around your profile picture summarizes how active you were on Strava.

Favicon Strava Blog 05. Dezember, 19:31 Uhr

It's tough to find the perfect gift for an athlete, but a Premium membership is something that’s sure to be on their wishlist.

Favicon Strava Blog 22. Februar, 19:51 Uhr

Listening to one of these episodes will help the miles fly by.

Favicon Strava Blog 25. September, 23:41 Uhr

Coach David Roche uses laps to take the guesswork out of training. See where it's most helpful and try an example workout.

Favicon Strava Blog 18. September, 20:00 Uhr

Break through the noise, reach an engaged audience and get the word out with posts.

Favicon Strava Blog 19. September, 18:30 Uhr

I was mostly afraid of pooping my pants. What are (or were) your first marathon fears?

Favicon Strava Blog 28. Juli, 23:47 Uhr

Nothing is more important than the safety of our community, and part of our commitment to safety is providing world class tools to allow you to choose what to share.

Favicon Strava Blog 08. August, 19:00 Uhr

Workout Analysis is our most popular Premium running feature, and now you can use it to review your performance on the go.

Favicon Strava Blog 10. September, 19:06 Uhr

The Vuelta’s Queen stage, could lay claim to packing in the most vertical metres per horizontal kilometre.

Favicon Strava Blog 13. Juli, 09:51 Uhr

Strava Metro shows the impact of London’s segregated Cycle Superhighways.

Favicon Strava Blog 18. Juli, 08:39 Uhr

Another way to ride

Favicon Strava Blog 12. Mai, 20:00 Uhr

Breaking the 2:00 half marathon barrier together.

Favicon Strava Blog 04. Mai, 22:39 Uhr

We run for way more than health and fitness.

Favicon Strava Blog 20. April, 00:28 Uhr

These five social features help bring your activities to life.

Favicon Strava Blog 05. April, 17:57 Uhr

Introducing the updated Strava feed.

Favicon Strava Blog 15. März, 11:42 Uhr

Our Fitness & Freshness feature now works for all activity types.

Favicon Strava Blog 29. August, 18:15 Uhr

Stories, reviews, photos, articles, race reports, questions – whatever’s on our mind about the sports we love.

Favicon Strava Blog 28. Februar, 20:28 Uhr

Three “Extreme Moves” to turn a tough injury or loss into your next achievement.

Favicon Strava Blog 09. Februar, 22:22 Uhr

Die January Battle ist für viele Running Crews mittlerweile schon ein echter Klassiker.

Favicon Strava Blog 07. Februar, 01:03 Uhr

Diversity is core to our community, foundational to our principles and a fundamental building block of the American experience. That’s why we have joined more than 100 other companies in the legal brief against the recent executive order on immigration. We believe the ban runs contrary to the very principles on which Strava was founded: inclusion, working together and the recognition that sport...

Favicon Strava Blog 12. Mai, 16:33 Uhr

A 23,000 ft look at Everest climbers data by coach David Roche.

Favicon Strava Blog 13. Juli, 10:14 Uhr

What would you dare to attempt if you knew you had the support?

Favicon Strava Blog 22. Juni, 16:00 Uhr

170 countries, 180,539 riders and a world of difference.

Favicon Strava Blog 19. August, 21:22 Uhr

From battery life and heart rate, text messages and GPS, find the smartwatch that works the way you train.

Favicon Strava Blog 15. August, 04:36 Uhr

Here are the top segments and climbs to watch and riders to follow at the 2015 USA Pro Challenge.

Favicon Strava Blog 11. August, 10:34 Uhr

One of the most remarkable things about cycling is how little it has changed. But what has been lost, in the mainstream of the sport at least, is a certain spirit of adventure.

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