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Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 14. Dezember, 02:31 Uhr

>Dear Specialized Rider: >At Specialized, safety is our primary concern, and when safety is compromised for the rider, we need to take action. >After careful examination, we've concluded that some model year 2018 Allez, Allez Elite, and Allez Sport model bikes may contain a manufacturing defect in the fork crown which potentially affects safety. Therefore, we've decided to prepare for a recall which will involve replacing the existing fork with a new fork. >By this letter, we're asking riders to stop riding, and our dealers to stop selling, affected bicycles. Even though, to our knowledge, no one has been injured and no regulatory agency has brought this to our attention. >We've already engaged our considerable manufacturing resources to supply high-quality replacement forks, painted to match your bikes. Riders who've purchased these bikes will be our first priority for replacement, followed by our retailers. As riders ourselves, we fully understand and are working hard at finding solutions to minimize your inconvenience. We hope you'll understand and appreciate that we will need time to obtain necessary government approvals and time for our factories to produce a sufficient quantity of forks for the recall. >We assure you that getting you, the rider, back on your bike is our highest priority, and that we're working day and night to make this happen as quickly as possible. As we progress, we'll provide regular updates to you on Specialized.com. And when we begin to deliver replacement forks, we will promptly notify all concerned. >For questions, please contact Specialized Rider Care at 1-800-SBC-4IBD. >On our part, we wish to apologize for this inconvenience. >Mark Schroeder, Director of Engineering https://www.specialized.com/us/en/safety-notices

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 05. Dezember, 21:25 Uhr

I just finished restoring a vintage Atala from the '80s, tried a few kilometers and I'm sure I'm gonna kill myself with it. Is it normal? I've done some distance on an MTB, but this felt completely different: - very, very fast - strange body positioning, feel like if I crash I would not be able to do something to protect myself Any tips on how to feel a bit more relaxed? Also, it has "clip" pedals (not "clipless") are they unsafe as much as people say? Thanks

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 17. Dezember, 10:56 Uhr

I've just had my second road accident in as many years and am finding it hard to justify getting back on my bike. My wife is worried, I'm worried and work is suffering because of my injuries. Both accidents were totally the drivers' faults with both pulling out in front of me carelessly causing me to crash straight into the side of their cars. The second didn't see me, the first told me: "I saw you but I went anyway, because you never know". The first accident required surgery and took me two years to recover. The second doesn't seem as bad but has still required several weeks rehabilitation. I run a physical theatre company and so any injuries reek havoc on my work. These have really derailed my ability to teach, direct and perform. So, the dilemma. I love cycling and have made some good friends cycling but my city seems to be an absolute nightmare for shitty drivers and fraught with danger. I can't afford to keep having to go to A&E and spend months sidelined with injury. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 11. Dezember, 10:27 Uhr

I see that the update waiting to install today wants a new permission: > Device & app history >Allows the app to view one or more of information about activity on the device, which apps are running, browsing history and bookmarks. I can see that the existing permissions might have legitimate uses (though mostly not any that are of use to me) but this seems too much. Especially as the only change listed on the Play Store page is "bug fixes". Has anyone had any experience of [My Tracks](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zihua.android.mytracks) which from its reviews seems almost a drop-in for the much-missed Google My Tracks app?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 09. Dezember, 23:36 Uhr

I want to hear what makes people love cycling. Me personally I love the ability to zip around town for coffee / beer / ice cream one day.. and then clock 30 mi to the next county over and back through the local trails the next day, all without having to drive. I love the exercise too and who can deny the feeling of jello legs after a good ride being fantastic. Love it!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 09. Dezember, 02:03 Uhr

This is kind of a gross topic, so apologize in advance... Anyway, I used to get sinus infections at least once per year, usually in the winter. This all changed about 5 years ago after I started cycling regularly. No more sinus infections. Why? All I can figure is with the regular riding comes the subsequent drainage, which staves infection. This snot rocket effect only increases during the winter months, ostensibly due to the cold air. So that's a tip for all you would be cyclists who suffer from recurring sinusitis. You're welcome. :-)

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 07. Dezember, 15:59 Uhr

I first read up on the Traction Circle when I was racing autocross, but it applies just as much in cycling, especially when conditions are wet, leafy, icy, gravel, etc. Basically, you only have SO MUCH traction available, and you have to balance that traction between turning, accelerating and braking forces. When road conditions get worse (ie, wet, icy, leaves, etc) your traction circle SHRINKS. Fresh asphalt on a hot day has loads of grip, so your circle is huge. Concrete on a drizzly cold winter day is slippery already, so the traction circle for that surface is pretty small. But no matter what, as soon as you go outside the circle, you slip or crash. Lots of good geometric talk in here, but it's great info and something to keep in mind when the weather is anything less than ideal. http://www.formula1-dictionary.net/traction_circle.html I'm sure most of you already know all this, but might not have through about it this way. It certainly helps me mentally prepare for riding in crap conditions.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 14. Dezember, 19:40 Uhr

What are some of your favorites?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 04. Dezember, 20:06 Uhr

So a friend said he wanted to try and cycle from the top of Wales (United Kingdom) to the bottom in less than 24 hours next summer. He cycles a lot, and has done a lot of long distance cycling. I on the other hand haven't got on a bike in at least 4 years. I said I'd do it with him, and we're going to try and raise some money for charity for good measure. I'm quite a big guy right now, and hoping this will be a great way to get fit and healthy again. I'm here looking for any advice anyone can give e.g. training plans or anything else that I'll need to know for this undertaking. Please go easy on me!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 30. November, 09:14 Uhr

FML. I just spent 2 hours trying to diagnose a shifting problem that only affected the smallest cog on my cassette. No amount of fiddling with the indexing, b-adjuster, or low limit screw would fix the problem. It turns out that a lockring for 12 tooth outer cog is larger than the lockring for an 11 tooth outer cog. The larger lockring prevented the chain from engaging correctly with the teeth. Posting here to save someone else the trouble, and hopefully hear a few commissary bike maintenance TIFU stories.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 13. Dezember, 13:06 Uhr

It seems that the ratio of asthma suffers is higher in the peleton than in any other sport... But why? Thoughts?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 26. November, 16:00 Uhr

I've been living in the Netherlands for a couple months now and the cycling infrastructure is incredible. When I heard about this hovering bikelane I thought it was the coolest thing ever... but apparently the locals aren't as enthusiastic. The argument is, if you are going to make a special lane for bikes, make the cars go over top as they don't feel the effects of gravity whereas bikes do. On another note though, is the elaborate display of bike support not a statement of how valued the cycling is in the country? If you want to see what the thing looks like here's a video I made when I checked it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw4rgK-cFos Pro tip: Skip to 4:30 to see the drone footage

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Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 25. November, 16:20 Uhr

let's say you're already fast (50+km/h), and you're on the road, with a few cars around, some red lights or roundabouts coming soon, and the road is still going down the next km

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 02. Dezember, 16:34 Uhr

I use mine only for leisure, although I want to use it to commute as well, but I don't feel safe when riding between cars in the city! I was wondering if this is a problem that others share. Also, if you don't use it to commute, why is that? I've heard of others not doing it because they would have troubles parking their bikes at the destination.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 13. Juni, 18:40 Uhr

A bit of common internet advise these days is to work on increasing cadence; "spin to win." It turns out that this isn't the whole story. What I'm learning now is that there is a balance between cardio vascular endurance and muscular endurance. Lower cadences seam to stress the muscular system and ease the cardio system, where higher cadence does the opposite. For me, this has had a huge impact on climbing technique, gearing, and recovery times. I'm in no way suggesting that increasing cadence is a bad idea. What I'm suggesting is that understanding the bigger picture makes it possible to really leverage cadence. [Youtube/Bike Fit Advisor - Is cycling w/ high cadence bad for you?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJh_8sriu_k) [Youtube/OldManRider - How To Scientifically Choose The Best Cadence](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCuFdnfOL6Q)

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 22. November, 05:36 Uhr

A good bicycle. A good bicycle can change one’s life. A multitude of wonderful benefits can come from riding one. From joy to friendships, to exercise and improvements in overall health, riding a bicycle is good. It can relieve stress, while providing time for reflective solitude and a chance to commune with nature. Bicycles are cheap and reliable transportation and provide a sense of adventure every time you ride. Being on a bike -instead of in a car- you feel more aware and connected with society... They are simple, yet profoundly useful in creating a happiness. Mastering one can boost your confidence and take you places you’ve never dreamed of. Learning about them can provide a job and even a career. A good bicycle can change your life!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 22. November, 11:49 Uhr


Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 23. November, 10:17 Uhr

I just recently got into road cycling and need better gear. I’m not too familiar with any big companies and websites so I don’t know where to look. Thanks for the help!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 24. November, 17:58 Uhr

Switching over to cycling from running. Couple of curiosities that I can't seem to find between this sub and the bicycling sub. * What is the 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon equivalents in the cycling world? * What is a good distance to bike daily for fitness? (If they were in shape) * How many miles should one aim for in a week while cycling? (If they were in shape) Any help is greatly appreciated!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 10. Juni, 14:54 Uhr

I have been cycling for a few years and lost some weight but can't seem to lose anymore, probably because of eating habits. It hasn't stopped me. I love Mountain and Road cycling both, as long as I am riding I am happy. The other day me and a couple buddies decided to do a Century with the least amount of climbing possible (~5000ft) but still not an easy task for me. I have rode a century before, literally on a flat bikepath with my car nearby w/ a cooler for cold water and lots of food (was good practice). Otherwise I have only done 50+ mile rides a handful of times. We headed out, had an 1100ft climb right off the bat, followed closely by a 900ft and right after that a 600ft. I made sure to keep the pace reasonable as I am the slower of everyone and not try to chase. Seemed to workout good, I was able to keep my heartrate to no higher than 160 so I didn't burn myself out. 35 miles in we had all the tough climbs out of the way. I tried to keep eating the whole way, sometimes not feeling like I was hungry I would down the food anyways. We would stop every once in a while to eat or take a break and we had a water refill stop at mile 30, right before the last climb. After the 35 mile mark it was a slow grade downhill for about 20 miles which was a nice reward. We stopped at Burger King around mile 50 to eat some real food lol. I was getting tired of the GUs, shot blocks and skratch labs chews. I was a little scared to eat it but I was so hungry, ended up eating 2 cheeseburgers some fries and even drank a coke. I never felt sluggish after that. We headed back out for the final 50 miles after a nice 30 minute break and the rest of the ride was flat with a few rollers here and there. I think the last 3rd was the worst and not even really because I was getting tired but because it was so flat and a bit windy along with a lot more traffic buzzing by us. We stopped one more time for water about 20 miles out and refilled. The only time I felt tired was the couple of ~100ft climbs with grade over 5% that came in the last 20 miles. My legs were just tired but we were 2 towns over from home and I already felt like I did it. My ass was killing me, despite going overboard with the Butt'r Cream. I would stand every few minutes just to give my ass a break. It was a really good time with some buddies but really anything after 50 miles just feels like a job to me but I am sure I will do it again. I just wanted to share my adventure to hopefully give some other true clydesdales (215 isn't clydesdale lol) some hope or motivation, it can be done. Here's some stats on what I ate if anyone wondered, which I think is what helped me get throguh this one a lot easier without hurting so bad at the end. 3 - Gus Jet Blackberry (I like the caffeine) 1 - PB&J on white bread (seems to work for me) 1 - Shot Block packs Black Cherry (again i like the caffeine) 1 - Skratch Labs Fruit Drops Orange 2 - Cheeseburgers from BK 1 - Small Fry from BK 1 - Small Coke from BK 8 - 24 oz bottles of water Kind of proof of my weight.. http://imgur.com/kJqksf9 Actual moving time was almost 7hrs. We took lots of breaks so it totalled about 8.5hrs. Averaged little over 14mph. Here's a link to relive... https://www.relive.cc/view/1028736337 If anyone has questions I will be happy to answer.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 19. November, 19:47 Uhr

TBH honest I don't plan on getting rollers. I just need to get some excercise in this winter and I don't trust my body to cross country ski on my own as often as I'd like, so I'm going to get a trainer. Suggestions? I'm looking at this: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/ca/en/elite-supercrono-mag-force-volare-bundle/rp-prod134952 Which seems like a good deal.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 23. November, 17:35 Uhr

I know it's an 8sp and I ride an 11 but my arm only has so much space on it! https://imgur.com/gallery/Yqt32

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 18. November, 11:20 Uhr

I own a Tacx Neo. I've been using Zwift but the price hike bugs me plus I don't really get anything out of the competitive or social aspect. I do like the road feel simulation and the interface is pretty cool. I have also tried Trainerroad but it's geared towards racers and those trying to get faster. Not really a concern for me. I ride to keep in shape and to get places. I don't race. Never will. The ideal app for me runs on my MacBook Pro, shows me simulated rides in the form of real videos and adjusts resistance for hills. Road feel is a nice to have. Actually, the ideal platform is my Android phone which I can Chromecast to my TV, but I'm told such a setup is not responsive enough for real time ride simulation. Does such an app exist?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 17. November, 21:00 Uhr

[Strava share.](https://i.imgur.com/0wuDvvn.jpg) Rode to the West side of Maui from the central part of the island and back. Took a ten minute break at the turn around and ate a Clif bar. THe last part of the return leg included pushing against a 10 - 15 mph head wind, but I made it :)

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 06. Juni, 20:26 Uhr

TL;DR: I had a GREAT time. My legs are recovering just fine. My lungs, however are taking their time. The 100% humidity and racing in cold wet weather did them in. [Here are the pictures as promised.](http://imgur.com/a/fL2Ff) I'm feeling better today. Chris "Hoppo" Hopkinson was there and set the course record and he has a tattoo on his leg with the event logo now. [his website](http://www.ultrahoppo.com/). I'm not sure why he does that, but he's a nice guy from the UK and also involved in the Race Across America coming up shortly. Our team came in 4th, and I came in 2nd for fundraising at $7,777.77. A teammate added $2.77 to make it all 7s. We had two rain delays, so we lost 2-2.5 hours out of the 24. My total was 94.6 miles and averaging in the mid 18s. Would have been in closer to 110 but the coursed was re-routed due to the rain washing out a bridge. So the loop was 5.1 miles and super fast. The new route was 6.3 with twice the elevation. 1st place went to a racing team and I believe they were all on TT bikes. With the rain, I was glad no one on their team crashed. Most importantly, was meeting some of the survivors there and hearing their stories. Beating cancer comes with a price. Lives are completely changed in every aspect. Money can only go so far and this place helps them get their lives back in order at zero cost. So if I had to ask folks for donations, it would be for something like this. Hope you all get on the road and put in some miles this week. Daniel

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 16. November, 15:07 Uhr

lying in bed with a typical winter cold reflecting on an awesome year of cycling, courier work, my first successful tours and sportives etc etc. how has your year of cycling gone? what have you done for the first time? any regrets or favourite moments? tell all!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 15. November, 02:38 Uhr

Before the details, my celebratory stuff. [Strava pic](https://imgur.com/DSGMflR). Thanks everyone for helping me out with my questions earlier this year about nutrition for riding a double (imperial) century. TL;DR: I can hack through 185kms in late Spring/early Autumn easy without preparation, but prep is important for 336kms. Also, keep drinking fluids. That's important. And don't do a whole bunch of anaerobic climbing out the saddle in the same week. **During the ride** I had problems with numb toes and cold feet in the past 3 weeks and the nerve under the ball of my left foot hurt. I put baking paper around my feet to stop the wind, and I got some vent foam from the hardware store for the ball of my left foot. Both those solutions worked really well, and my feet didn't clam up from sweat with the baking paper. The first hour out of the city was terrible. Wind, cold, and numb toes. I keep shifting around on the saddle and find that some positions alleviate my numbness. About 4 hours into the ride, I figure out the numb toes is because of saddle height. I changed it over a month ago because I thought my knee pain was from a saddle too low (turns out my IT band needed stretching). I forgot about it and didn't ride any long distances for about 2 months due to illness and typhoons. I lowered my saddle by 5mm 4 hours in and the numb toes went away. Problem solved. Somewhere at the 70k mark, I had about 10 close calls with trucks and cars on a very busy road. People pulling out of driveways, seeing me, and deciding to pull out anyway. Trucks passing within arms reach etc. Literally the worst drivers I've encountered all year in a single day and I've been on that road a couple of times before. The wind and cold start to get to me at the 120km mark. It had been fairly relentless since the start on the first bridge crossing and the entire length of the first small island, it killed me. I've ridden comfortably at -2C with nothing but my base layer and my softshell, but this was a special kind of cold. The temp was reported at 13C which is fairly mild. I end up wearing my base layer, long sleeve jersey, softshell and my windbreaker. I'm also wearing windbreaker pants over my shorts and leg warmers. I've ridden 180kms no problem before, I've also ridden -2C no problems before so I'm not sure what's going on here. By the 5th bridge crossing, I realise my chain is squeaking. I wonder how much energy it's been sucking away. Get to the bike store I know of about 2 hours later and buy a small bottle of lube. Problem solved. Sometime maybe at the 230km mark in the rural mountains, I see a road sign say it's 5C. I'm ok on the bike, but I freeze if I stop for any amount of time. I suspect my sweat has soaked through most of my layers. Legs are starting to get fatigued and every climb has me on my small ring and one of the biggest 2 cogs. 230kms isn't much more than my previous longest at 185 where I still had plenty of energy left in the tank and legs, but I didn't realise just how much climbing there would be on this ride. It was a never-ending undulating roller coaster of willpower, but at least the wind had died down. It was also the rural mountains, dark, and signs for wild boar around. I wanted to get outta there asap. At some stage during the ride, I realise I'm dehydrated. I constantly had a feeling of a full bladder near the start so by the end of the ride, I think I had only had around 5L of water for the whole day. I arrive in the outer city limits of Hiroshima and it's now a slow crawl into the city centre. Very little traffic, but I'm not gonna run a red and risk having my ride end early at this stage. At least I still have energy to mess around and play "the floor is made of lava" at some lights like I usually do. **Post ride** At the hotel and I still feel a special kind of cold to my bones. Take a hot shower and I'm still cold. I stretch my piriformis, IT band, calves, quads, hamstrings and lower back and suddenly my body is on fire. Like, insanely hot and I start sweating. I have to turn the AC on so I can sleep. Anyone know what was going on there? Next morning I wake up with an insane thirst. I have 3L of water within a couple of hours and I'm still parched and don't need to pee. I'm thirsty all day and I keep drinking. I suspect I was extremely dehydrated and just didn't know it. I'm usually pretty good with fluid in warm weather, but I misjudged everything the day before. 2 days after the ride, I feel like I have a hangover and my body is getting rid of some kind of toxic sludge that I feel if I drink too much. Urine is cloudy and I'm still constantly thirsty. Anyone know what was going on with my body? The coldness I felt during the ride persisted a couple of days after, too. It's now 3 days after and I feel back to normal. Was it because I didn't hydrate enough, or my body just got fatigued and decided to turn the central heating off? Last, all the fuelling advice from people here came in handy. I brought so much food in the form of sweet bean paste blocks and cream cheese cranberry maple rice cakes I made. Ate most of the food but didn't need a single gel. Definitely didn't hydrate enough (to dangerous levels), and I needed to wear every damn layer I had. Also, those caffeine electrolyte tablets were helpful for the last 100kms. One bottle with salts, one with plain water. Thanks everyone. All your advice has been helpful and will continue to be!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 29. November, 22:04 Uhr

Who uses them? I'm starting to do longer solo rides and just wondering what are the rules and etiquette?

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