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Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 24. September, 09:27 Uhr

Hey everyone, You may remember I posted about having visited every train station by bicycle in Tokyo back in May. The post was [here](https://redd.it/6725kn). I've now started on phase two, getting to all stations in Saitama and Kanagawa on my bicycle. For those who don't know, Saitama is Tokyo's neighboring prefecture to the north and Kanagawa is the neighbor to the south. As with Tokyo, I'm making a slightly interactive map/blog if you'd like to follow along. It can be found [here](https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?hl=en&mid=1ivSi2kOoe_oaUvLh96SOkprO35c&ll=35.829087298527156%2C139.51297756435542&z=9) Mods, if you feel that this is not up to snuff, let me know and I'll delete the post. If it's cool, I'll post a follow-up when the project is finished, likely sometime next year Cheers and happy riding!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 12. Juli, 17:26 Uhr

Hi, At this point me and my friends are developing a service for cyclists. To be exact this is service for bikes. And it's all started as a search for the solution to a problem we encountered, which is bike parts compatibility. Today's cycling market is a total mess with tons of already existing standards and more to come from almost every major and even small brands. So we thought about "a system" that will help to find proper parts matching proper parts without googling hundreds of articles, forums, making wrong purchases, returns, etc. In brief if Strava is for the athletes, our system is for their bicycles. It also tracks bike's parts mileage, when they were changed and serviced, helps you to find a proper replacement and upgrade quickly. In future, we are planning to add live support of the virtual mechanic and more. This is in one place to keep you shiny bike in perfect condition and have a smooth ride all the time. You can read more at our site (link below) Still, a lot of work is ahead of us, so we will be launching closed beta program in a while to test early product and see if the whole theory (and practice) are plausible. And I would like to invite every passionate cyclist to join this testing. To do this please visit https://bikeamp.com/ and fill up the form. Also I will gladly answer your service related questions, how the startup was started (yes, we are the startup. A small one, on our own, but still) and our team.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 09. Januar, 14:14 Uhr

I never liked televised cycling untill i started cycling myself and noticed the immens benefit of drafting. Then it took me another while to understand the teamsport that is cycling. https://youtu.be/Tfe8OUKX4OE?t=252

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 07. Februar, 12:53 Uhr

If anyone is looking for some perspective on how cold, or tough they have it whilst training during the winter - It's probably not this bad. https://cyclingtips.com/2017/02/open-steppes-and-blue-sky-dreams-training-with-the-mongolian-national-womens-cycling-team/ The author has also set up a Go Fund Me page to try and raise some cash for the team. This isn't a shameless plug but, with all the negativity going on around the globe, this seems like a worthy cause.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 18. Juni, 13:14 Uhr

Yesterday was a very hot and free course ( 55.6 miles according to strava mobile ) called Meet Your Maker. It was the hottest day on record this year and the route contained about 6 miles of interesting gravel (running 25c michilene carbon pro racing slicks, best tires ever btw) with a max of 500 participants tackling either a 37, 50, or 60 mile course. I enjoy the distance so I tackled the 60 (apparently 55.6 miles) From the mass start three red lights put me at the back of the pack, so I had to chase down A group for a while and the head winds were there every pedal stroke, it got so bad with hot wind that when I finished the ride I realised my esophagus was starting to swell. I felt like I was sweating two water bottles for every one consumed, adding up 8 bottles of water and three bottles of some electrolyte drink, didn't really stop to snack as it would be getting hot very fast (85°f at the 10am start, over 100°f by noon). I spent a minute last night making a little clip showing my data, and seeing It puts a new level of confidence in my ability to ride. I finished 55.6 miles in 3 hours and 17 minutes, which is great considering I usually try to keep 50 miles as close to three hours as I can. I didn't know it during the ride but a single rider (aka Mr Dark Blue Dot) was out in front being a solo savage, but I slowly gained on him taking over 1st with about 20 miles to go, where I then just did my best to hammer it home and stay hydrated. The course is very flat, and the wind was so unrelenting and painful. https://www.reddit.com/r/bicycling/comments/6hy94j/took_1st_today_for_the_first_time/

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 27. August, 21:48 Uhr

Earlier this year my wife and I became set on living a healthier lifestyle. Back in April I started biking a few times a week on an old Huffy my dad gave me. It got the job done but I knew that I needed to look at an upgrade if I was gonna stick with riding. I reached out to my local bike shop and ended up coming away with a Fuji Absolute 2.1 and wow what a difference it made! I had already been enjoying riding the Huffy (with a few complaints about it here and there) but this new bike really took me to the next level. I bike 5-6 days a week now depending on my schedule, saving long rides for the weekends. Today I finally crossed the 50 mile mark after a couple months of hard work. Average speed of 13.02 mph with a total duration of 3 hours 52 minutes. I'M SO AMPED! Throughout this summer journey I've also lost 35 pounds, going from 260 down to 225 now. My next long-term goal is to get that century but I know that will take some work, and probably an actual road bike for that journey. Sorry for the wall of text, just wanted to say thanks to this community. This subreddit has been a wonderful source of information as I've started to become acquainted with this hobby. I can't wait to keep pushing myself and see what other achievements I can add to my record!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 25. Januar, 02:46 Uhr

I happened to come across an anime dedicated to cycling around a year ago and loved it. It's now on its third season and it's the only show I look forward to every week. http://www.crunchyroll.com/yowamushi-pedal

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 16. August, 17:35 Uhr

These guys are new to the cycling industry and making their road bikes in the USA. This video shows their entire process. Interesting stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMnegeYuLW4

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 26. Juni, 13:44 Uhr

I wanted a project bike and have always wanted an Italian carbon bike so I bought a frame set off ebay and here's the finished product - http://i.imgur.com/MrDfOoV.jpg Originally I was going to try to keep it budget, but I kept finding really good deals on Craigslist. Now it's full super record, some parts never out of box. One guy really hooked me up, I bought most of the group set from him so he tossed in the carbon drops for free and the fizik saddle for 25 bucks. Pretty much the entire bike is carbon. The shop weighed it in at 17.5 lbs. Total cost came out to around 2k.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 30. Juni, 18:06 Uhr

Don't let an excuse hold you back like I did for so long, I'm only 17 so I'm excited to see where this obsession leads.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 31. August, 23:37 Uhr

I just crushed my personal record and I'm here to brag. 4 hours and 5 minutes! I'm tires as hell but I feel great. For reference, I was doing the same ride at 6 hours earlier this year.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 26. August, 13:44 Uhr

So in an effort to lose weight and pick up a new hobby, I starting cycling about a month ago. I have 4 other coworkers who do a lot of biking so there was a small little community for me to join immediately. Plus my other hobbies include cooking, drinking beer, and playing video games. While great hobbies, it's certainly contributed to me hitting 250lbs again. I was hoping a more active hobby might help that a bit! Now that I've hit one month I wanted to see how far I've come, and I was happy with the results. So I wanted to share it with you guys and also say to anyone on the fence about picking up the hobby: Look at how far my fat ass was able to progress in only 10 rides! I was proud of hitting my first 10 mile ride this week, especially since a month ago 4.5 miles was killing me. Anyway, thanks for dropping in and reading, and thanks for being such a helpful and welcoming community. [My Progress](http://imgur.com/a/LTM9W) P.S. The Walmart bike that broke was already like 8 years old and neglected. It still served me reasonably well for casual rides those 8 years. That said, the Trek is a night and day difference, it feels like riding 15 years ago when I was a kid and I was just riding for fun, not exercise.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 03. Juli, 02:26 Uhr

* 153 miles, 10 hrs total (gross) time edit: 7800 ft gain * 4:50am departure * 7 gu packs * 10 salt caps (hammer) * ~ 170 floz h2o * Mile 85: Subway for an egg sammy, Lays Originals, and a Gatorade * Mile 110: Only had 1 gu left, so I hit up a mini mart for a Snickers bar and another Gatorade for the final push * Stayed in, or below, Garmin-defined aerobic heart rate zone * 2 flats * Many podcasts listened to (AirPods are awesome) * Fenix 5x w/Wahoo HRM, eTap and Tempe sensors. Battery was at 30% when finished Take aways * Always bring some cash on long outings * Always bring an extra tube (or 2, or 3); patches, boots and CO2 carts * Effort level is vital to track and moderate. Avoid red zone pushes * Sunscreen - you will need to re-apply * Fucking enjoy it! Never know when, or if, you'll be out again. Wish I'd taken more pics Ride safe. Ride long. Ride fun.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 01. Oktober, 23:11 Uhr

How can I practice at age 13. I got a new mountain bike recently, I live on a gravel road in the middle of the Washington forests. It's difficult to practice when my parents aren't big bike junkies like I am. At most if I'm lucky I'll probably get one bike ride in every weekend. How can I improve when I have such little ability to be able to practice?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 01. August, 16:59 Uhr

I bought my first road bike about two months ago and it has been a blast.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 26. Juni, 23:13 Uhr

And another 50 the next day. You guys were a great support, whether you knew it or not. I learned a lot about what to expect and how to get it done without too much hassle from this sub. Even though it was my first, I felt like I knew what was going on. No mechanical failures, I didn't bonk, it was great! My knees are a little sore, and my butt is, too. Just wanted to share. The ride was fully supported for Bike MS.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 16. Januar, 00:07 Uhr

Found myself searching for a decent & cheap phone mount on my bike for a Nexus 5 (for use with zwift). Since i already had the garmin mount (and i don't use my gps on zwift) i decided to make my own. I found a 3dprint for a garmin mount plate ([this](http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:656833)), had it printed for 2.5€ on a 3d printing service (e.g [3dhubs](http://3dhubs.com)). I glued that with some superglue on a 1€ case i bought on ebay et voila ... a cheap phone case i can mount on my garmin mount. It's not rocket science but i never knew 3d printing was that cheap Pictures: http://imgur.com/o05rJ5Q & http://imgur.com/92z25o2

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 02. Juli, 15:15 Uhr

Last year after getting back into cycling I decided I was going to start riding my age on my birthday. Well it is officially a tradition as I just got up and put in 33 miles this morning obviously 1-upping my total from my inaugural effort last year. Anyone else have unique traditions?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 25. Juni, 23:24 Uhr

After a night of (heavy) drinking, I wanted to go for a 40-60 miler today. I woke up with a bit of a headache, but i slept a little bit later, drank a lot of water, and had a good breakfast. I was feeling good, and ready to tackle the road. 8 miles in, and I felt like i had done 100. I was dog tired, and felt like i Was going to collapse. I gave up, and rode to my friends house where i consumed more alcohol, and swam.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 25. Juni, 19:37 Uhr

I kid, I kid. But seriously, why must people use the cycle lanes for such bullshit? What are some other ridiculous things/people you've encountered in cycle lanes? Today there was a woman pushing one of those trolleys around with phone cases, umbrellas, balloons. General junk basically. Walking about 1mph the entire time, had to scoot around her on the pavement.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 16. Oktober, 23:08 Uhr

So today was a particularly long day for biking, and I decided to use Strava when I got home to map out the routes I had to take today. My campus is extremely hilly, so I figured you guys would like seeing this elevation map: https://imgur.com/6PK4GZi That's 485ft elevation gain. I usually do around 4-5 miles a day but today I managed to do 6.8 miles in around 35 minutes (combined, I had classes in between each "checkpoint"). I'm overweight and have been working on my weight so I recently took up biking as a way to get some cardio in. With my ~20lb backpack on I weigh around ~225 at 5'6. Is 485ft elevation gain much larger than normal? I'd like to see how that number stacks up to everyone elses' usual biking routes.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 24. Juli, 17:50 Uhr

Hey guys, so I've decided to take cycling a little bit more seriously this year and invested on a decent road bike. Can anyone recommend a clothing company that sells subtle cycling gear? I'm not really a fan of the whole 'in your face' look at me in my "TDF Team" clothing. I want clothes without all the bloody brandings and sponsorships plastered all over the jersey and shorts.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 24. September, 18:53 Uhr

[SPOILER TO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BERGEN] How can Sagan win by inches (read mm), but never take lead in the 6.5 hours race? And this has happened many times. Any idea how Peter Sagan finishes in the last second?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 02. Oktober, 20:50 Uhr

That gratifying moment when the speed you are cycling actually registers on the display next to the traffic camera.... :D

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 03. Juli, 03:13 Uhr

Link to the article http://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/cyclist-hater-ben-smith-jailed-for-more-than-five-years-over-death-of-steve-jarvie/news-story/fd2deac1513db13c849818eb7e5cf25f

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 28. Juni, 04:03 Uhr

I'm pretty new to cycling as an adult, and especially new to disc brakes so I wasn't sure how to check/adjust them at first. Anyway, I bought a bike (Sirrus Disc) to start commuting to work and have done it ~20 times so far in the past month and a half. I was getting really really winded on hills, and I noticed based on time I was averaging ~10 mph even when the route was slightly downhill. I figured I was just really out of shape and it would get better. Well, I took my bike to the bike shop for my first free tune up (they told me to come in around now in case cables stretched etc.) and the first thing he noticed is the front wheel brake was rubbing. He looked at me a little funny and explained very politely that it was rubbing so bad it was about 20-25% braking power being applied at all times to the front wheel. He fixed it and showed me a few things about checking for that and adjusting the brakes. His best guess was it happened when I took the wheel off a couple of times to fit it in cars. I felt pretty stupid about the whole thing, but I also felt like the flash when I rode out of that shop. Average speed has gone up to ~14 or so. Thought you guys might get a kick out of my newbie misadventures.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 30. Juli, 19:42 Uhr

Just curious if we have good data on the wattage output differences between then and now. Both as output over an hour, as well as output over a number of days. I seem to remember riders hitting it hard, day after day, with no need for recovery. These days they seem to care more about saving some for tomorrow, but the numbers might not support that. Anyone know?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 13. Juli, 14:52 Uhr

Friend of mine is cycling from Edinburgh to London non-stop (430+ miles) to raise money for adapted community bikes. Completely nuts but he enjoys cycling. Track live here on Strava: https://www.strava.com/beacon/RhfyxIJW8UB (Sorry seems to have stopped working) If you would like to donate: https://localgiving.org/charity/communitycycling/ If you just want to wish him support via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Diggers-Dash-Solo-1613496761993720/ Update - He has reached Humber Bridge. 256 Miles, 12,000 feet of climbs (not 13 as reported earlier) 19,000 calories. Update 2 - 300 miles in at Jubilee Park Woodhall Spa

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 05. Juli, 15:54 Uhr

I know avg speed is kind of a red herring, but when people do equal distances at 20MPH, it has to count for something. The realm between novice/casual cyclist and a serious cyclist seems to be at this point. To really improve my endurance, and power do I have to do any kind of special training, or just put in the saddle time. I did two back to back 40 mile rides and will take rest day. I want to go for 60-70 on sunday. Am I overthinking this? Do I train differently, or just put in more saddle time and pedal harder Edit: i suppose it's relevant to say that ive just quit smoking 3 days ago.

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