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Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 18. März, 11:57 Uhr

It was quite windy on my commute this morning, and for most of it I felt like I was cycling against headwind, but was feeling quite good and just powered through. Anyways, at some point I take a left, and instantly realise that what I thought was headwind was actually mostly perpendicular, and that now I was going in the same direction as it. The speed felt insane and I managed to hit 40kph on my mountain bike. It was only a short stretch of road and the excitement was short lived, but I managed to set the fastest time for the year, #11 of all time, and beat my previous record by about 20seconds :/

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 12. März, 17:56 Uhr

7 of us set off to ride from Memphis to St. Louis over the weekend, with an overnight stop in Cape Girardau. The whole route was 296 miles, with 184 on the first day and 112 on the second. Only a couple of the riders (not myself) had ever ridden 100miles in a single ride before, so this was definitely ambitious. https://imgur.com/a/cjPgu 1 of our guys made it through the entire route, finishing the last 49 miles of the first day alone (with auto support following him). 3 of us got our first 100 milers. 5:45:00 @ 17.5mph (holy headwind!) 2 of those (including myself) got our 2nd 100 milers (actually 112) on the very next day. 5:54:00 @ 19.1mph In the end, we logged 1367 total road miles, including shoulder, path, parks, gravel (thanks a lot Missouri), bridges, crossed the Mississippi River twice, only had 4 actual flat tires, I had a wheel change due to low tubeless pressure, then a bike change 18 miles from the end due to a legit flat on the spare wheel... In the end, I learned a LOT about fueling, energy conservation, drafting, descending, climbing, all the good stuff. It was an epic weekend indeed.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 01. März, 20:50 Uhr

Hey guys! I’m fairly new to cycling (only been doing for about a year now) but I’ve noticed that whenever I wave to another cyclist (while also cycling) they never wave back! They look at me like I’m insane. Is this normal? EDIT: to clarify I’m in rural Sussex County, NJ where I’m lucky to see even one cyclist. Traffic is minimal. I’m not talking about crazy waving. I just give a four finger raise and often nod at the same time. They usually just ignore me. It just seems weird given there are few cyclists on the road.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 11. März, 11:59 Uhr

I am a road biker, but messed up my pelvic area last year and cannot ride with out being in pain for weeks and weeks after. I decided I am going to buy a Bacchetta Corsa. With the relatively flat area I live in, I can actually expect to have an increase in my average speed. I always scoffed at the idea of a recumbent, until I actually started doing some research. Even when I posted about my injury, and people would recommend a recumbent I would just roll my eyes. https://www.bacchettabikes.com/bike/corsa-a70/

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 27. Februar, 20:48 Uhr

You guys were a ton of help on helping me choose my first road bike. After long debating and testing. I went with a trek emonda sl6. Which ended up being perfect for my budget and amazing fit. The bike is amazing and a huge upgrade from my 2009 kona firemountain. Couldn't be happier. Also ty all of you recommending mtb shoes/pedal. They are awesome, and also lucked out as well because they happen to clip in my stationary bike.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 17. März, 21:19 Uhr

As the title says, I participated in my first ever race today. It was the Carondelet Park criterium, which is a part of the tour of St. Louis. I raced the cat 4/5 race, since there wasn’t an only cat 5. Race summary: started out well positioned in the pack. The pace was on pretty hard, but I felt a little sketchy railing a corner that came after a descent that we were hitting fast. On the second or third lap, don’t remember which, we were going into that corner and I had to brake, as the guy in front of me was braking. The guy behind me either didn’t brake hard enough or wasn’t focused or something, but I felt my back wheel get knocked and heard the unmistakeable sound of a bike sliding and the guy hitting the ground. My race was basically over after that. While I didn’t fall down or even turn around, I had to slow up to keep myself upright, and the rest of the pack that was behind me flew by and I was dropped. I solo time trialed for the next 15-20 minutes, at my absolute max, when I started to run into more stragglers. I worked with some off an on, kept moving up through guys who got dropped, but eventually I was lapped. I hung on to the back of the pack for a lap or two before being dropped (honestly I just allowed myself to get dropped, since I knew my race was over) in that one corner from before. I didn’t get pulled, and finished the race, but it didn’t go as planned. I know the whole “it’s your first race” thing, but I’m genuinely bummed, as I’ve put in a lot of work since I’ve started cycling. I think I need more time, since I didn’t get a road bike till last May, which is when I started taking cycling seriously. I also need to work on my cornering and group riding skills. One area that bummed me out was my mentality, since as soon as I got dropped I instantly felt this feeling of defeat. I told myself I was at least gonna finish, which I did, but still. I apologize for the length, but I don’t have too many cycling enthusiast friends to hear my story, so I put it all in this overly extensive post.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 14. März, 21:01 Uhr

Just learned to ride a bike last week. I'm in my late 20s, and I consider myself a relatively fit person. I work out somewhat regularly, and outside of that try to lead a generally active lifestyle. I was never taught to ride a bike as a kid, and I finally decided enough was enough. I bought a cheap used road bike for $25 and was able to teach myself in an afternoon. So here's my question – is it supposed to be this hard? I find that I can barely make it up any incline whatsoever. Riding where it's flat isn't difficult, but once any hill is introduced I'm totally done for. Am I just incredibly out of shape? Or could there be something wrong with my bike?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 07. März, 23:12 Uhr

First let me preface by saying that I did search and read a lot about this topic already. I understand that the wheels are what is usually most important regarding heavy riders, however, this topic is strictly regarding frames. Is there any material or manufacturer I should be leaning towards for a strong durable frame? Money isn’t an issue but for someone like me I don’t really see the need to spend more than 2.5k or so. I’ve ridden aluminum frames and carbon frames in a past (skinnier) life. I could not tell a huge difference between the two and always had an irrational fear that the carbon frame was very fragile and prone to breaking at any time. For this reason alone I’m leaning towards a high end Aluminum Frame. I’m open to suggestions and would love to hear what you guys think. I’m getting back into cycling for health and fitness reasons but I would also like to do some triathlons in the future. Thank you!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 12. März, 08:25 Uhr

Went out on a group ride yesterday and battled my way to complete the century, but now I’ve got massive amounts of pain in my Achilles, more so on my right leg than left. What could have caused this? My legs feel great, and otherwise I’m feeling good, just struggling with my Achilles. Any thoughts bikeit?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 06. März, 22:11 Uhr

[But Giro d'Italia doesn't intend to change the practice.](https://www.outsideonline.com/2286396/enough-podium-girls-already?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=redditlink)

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 14. März, 17:58 Uhr

For the past 6 months I biked 30km total for work each day in any weather and am truly loving it. I enjoy riding leisurly somedays, just enjoying the sun, try to break my time on others and felt like a true badass when I was riding in -10C and arrived with frost in my beard. Currently I ride my 10 year old city bike which then cost 500€, and it does a fine enough job. I like that I can comfortably do my grocery shopping on the way home, that it has good grip on the gravel parts of my commute - I do not like the many kinks it has acquired over the years, the bumpyness of some parts of bad pavement but most of all that I can't go real fast if I want to. As it has become such a big part of my life I thought why not treat myself to an upgrade :) I am not yet sure what kind of bike it is going to be, so I would like to hear what you are using and what you like/dislike about it.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 20. September, 01:20 Uhr

I made a post last week about my Tarmac failing during a ride. As I have maintained, I have never raced, crashed, laid down, or abused this bike. When I transport it, its in my hatchback. I believe on one occasion, something put a scuff on the seat stay, next to where the frame ultimately failed. [There is a white scuff. Above the crack. Is this really a scuff big enough to deny a claim on a $2000 frame?](https://imgur.com/gallery/rNQly) [I have video of the moment the bike failed and my story behind it](https://youtu.be/w0anc-N-_5E) If you think that Specialized, who is known for their warranty, is justified in denying this claim. Please, let me know. Otherwise, I am the first owner of this bike, it was brand new when I bought it directly from Specialized, and I don't think this is a fair decision. Could you please tweet at Spesh for me, with the links and the video. This bike was super important to me, and I cannot afford to buy another one. I treated it like a baby, and it breaks my heart knowning they are giving me a hard time. EDIT: It also bothers me that the rep won't even go look at the bike. The thing does not look like it has seen any abuse. Edit 2: They want the bike sent to them. Not sure if I should be pushing them to take the frame only, because I don't see why they need my aftermaeket wheels.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 14. März, 18:28 Uhr

My first 140.6 Ironman is in a few months. I don't have a tri-bike. I'll be using my humble Specialized Allez. I've thought about what I could do to upgrade and decided the best things I can do are to keep working on my own fitness, drop a few pounds, and train myself to have the most aero position I can handle with aero bars. I've read that upgraded tires can make a big difference, but there is a tradeoff between speed and puncture resistance. My current tires are Gator skins and I've never had a flat. If I buy some fancy Specialized S-works cotton turbos, would the speed difference be worth the higher risk of me getting a puncture during the 112 mile portion of the ironman?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 13. März, 12:44 Uhr

TL;DR Rapha bibs are super comfortable, and now I might have to buy more, damnit. I have been riding bikes for the better part of 25 years, going from BMX --> Mountain --> Road --> Mountain/Road/Gravel. My general rule of thumb for most cycling apparel and accessories is "stick to the mid range to upper mid range items" because the laws of diminishing returns have to set in somewhere. I purchase Serfas/Smith/Tifosi sunglasses in the $60-$90 range because I don't want to spend $200+ on a pair of sunglasses. One of my good friends rides with Oakleys and we switched for a ride: I felt pretty good with my decision, as they didn't seem to be that much better. I started out with cheaper bibs when I first started cycling, but quickly went to the Pearl Izumi Pro In-R-Cool, Pactimo Summit, and a couple models of LG bibs where I've comfortably ridden for the past several years. The PI and Pactimo bibs retail for $170-$200 regular price, but you can watch for sales and usually snag them for $100-$120, which is a solid value for what you're getting. I've seen a lot of threads of people asking what bibs they should get, and those have been my go to recommendations, but I also make it clear I haven't tried Rapha. Rapha and Assos have been recommended by several people on those threads and I always think "I should try those some day, but are they really worth the price?" Well I stumbled upon a new with tags pair of Rapha Super Team bibs on eBay a few weeks ago, and they were authentic ones (not chinese knock offs). I ended up getting them for sub $100, so I thought "ok, same price as my normal ones, let's give them a shot." You guys are right, they are super comfortable. I was a bit worried at first because the pad seemed a bit thicker than I was accustomed to, and I prefer minimal padding. Once I got on the saddle and starting riding though, I could tell I wasn't going to have any issues. Are they worth paying full price for? In my opinion, yes. Will I continue to look for them on sale? Of course, I'm a bit a of a deal chaser. I promise this wasn't intended to be a /r/hailcorporate post, I just wanted to say thanks to those of you who recommended Rapha, and now I might have to try Assos next.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 10. März, 23:11 Uhr

I ride anywhere from 3 to 8 hours everyday and I'm looking to buy a new frame I currently ride a steel frame that has been perfectly fine for my regimen but is rather heavy. When researching I find that aluminium has a reputation for being much less resilient than cromoly but I can't find out for certain whether or not this is a significant enough issue for me to eliminate aluminium from my possible materials. Edit: All your comments were very informative and helpful usually I would thank you individually but writing thanks 14 times seems like it would cheapen the sentiment but I appreciate the help with my question.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 13. März, 20:29 Uhr

[By being the first African-American female to compete with the pros](https://www.outsideonline.com/2269306/there-are-no-female-african-american-pro-cyclists?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=redditlink)

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 03. März, 16:53 Uhr

First of all congrats for the sub. I'm getting back on the bike after 7 years, now at 5'6" / 233 lbs and I'm riding a road bike with double bar tape. It's been two weeks and my hands are sore, mainly the left one. If you've had the same problem how do you deal with that?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 09. März, 14:37 Uhr

I guess all those miles do pay off. "They followed 125 long-distance cyclists, some now in their 80s, and found they had the immune systems of 20-year-olds." http://www.bbc.com/news/health-43308729

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 26. Februar, 10:56 Uhr

Have just achieved spousal approval for purchase of a new giant xtc advanced 1 2017, at a massive discount. Spousal approval was achieved way to easily and I'm a bit concerned my wife is cheating on me. Anyhoo my dilemma is should I run tubeless on the new bike? And if she is cheating at least I'll have more time to ride the new bike!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 25. Februar, 15:55 Uhr

Climbed a trail today (MTB) that comes out at the top of a pass popular with roadies. I was tired, and the trail is more fun climbing that descending, so I decided to return by road. On the way down the pass I passed a guy on a road bike who was clearly taking it easy after the climb. Anyway, at the bottom, there's a long flat stretch (into wind), and I'm plugging away as he passes me, only a little faster. My first reaction is negative - I don't want to be riding at almost the same speed as someone else, I just want to get home at my own pace - but then I remembered the etiquette discussions here so I pull along side and ask if it's OK if I follow behind. He replied yes, and off we went... it was great. Significantly easier than riding alone into the wind, and he gave hand signals and stuff. Felt like a real pro :) Can't imagine he's reading this, but on the off chance: thanks! Made my ride!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 16. März, 05:59 Uhr


Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 25. Februar, 15:08 Uhr

recently I have been searching for a better solution to buying saddles at a local bike shop. A few months ago I opted for a company in San Jose CA. Meld3d.com takes a mold of your seated area and molds a seat for you. They offer you the option for the initial design input and possible revisions based on your feedback to give you a comfortable saddle. If this was completely true it would have been worth the $250 base price. I bought this package and as you can guess some problems arose. After taking their instructions and positioning my saddle properly with respect to my sit bones and legs the saddle was still uncomfortable. I asked for some rework thinking that this company would help me. However Meld claimed that "they make perfect saddles" and that any discomfort was "not their fault" and used a vague part of their policy to claim "equipment incompatibilty" because they believe my frame was too large; which it is not after checking a sizing chart and my professional fit. Outside of losing $250 this company took the joy out of cycling for me last week, which is a much worse crime. Moral of the story avoid Meld Solutions and other online saddle companies if you can not test before you buy. Edit 1: thanks for the support, understanding and insight. I just don't want others to have a stressful and unpleasant experience that takes away from the ejoyment of cycling, or loose money!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 25. Februar, 01:16 Uhr

Alright so hear me out. My friend and I have an on going joke and I want to get him either a pornhub or youporn or some other pornographic type of bike jersey. Does anyone know of anything like this or how to make this happen. 👍🏼👍🏼🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️ Edit: https://www.joe.ie/uncategorized/pic-you-really-must-see-the-pornhub-sponsored-jerseys-of-this-kildare-basketball-team-349987 looks like it has been done before. Guess I'll be sending an email tomorrow to see whats good. maybe if someone sees this who is better at design than I am and wants to give me some jersey design support that would be dope. Edit 2: alright guys. things I never thought i'd do in my life. Email to pornhub has been sent.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 23. Februar, 21:19 Uhr

Sorry if this is too long, I just wanted to share. Today I had my first crash. I got into cycling last summer when I bought a used carrera tdf. I was hooked instantly riding over 300 miles that summer including an incredible 50 mile ride along the coast. I stopped when winter came gained a ton of weight and lost interest. This past week i got hooked again after getting a new job with no other way to travel the 6 mile round trip. Today though I was stupid, I was running late for work and forgot my helmet (I leave it away from the bike). Coming home I was riding down a hill that ends with a tight corner . I started to break but they were almost completely unresponsive, I caught the kerb which I think reduced my speed a little , before smashing down on my left side, chipping my tooth on the pavement. Iv got road rash up my left arm, leg and hip, my front top tooth is chipped and my bike has suffered some damage. The thing is I couldn't be happier! My first thought when I realised I was going down was how could you be this stupid. I am so lucky, this could have played out a thousand different ways, but I am glad that I crashed. I will never forget my helmet again, I will never forget to check my breaks before a ride and I will always remember this day. Sorry for the long post but it's been an incredible day full of ups and downs and I'm just grateful to be here. Stay safe everyone!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 24. Februar, 00:10 Uhr

My doctor told me that exercise and getting some sun will help me with my new medicine for epilepsy. I'm 5'6" and weigh 265lbs and I haven't ridden a bike since I was 10 years old. I've been wanting to get into cycling for a while but this has made me finally pull the trigger on it In short, I don't know where to begin. Should I buy a department store bike for now and get I nice one later. I'm a pretty big guy so I don't want something that will break. Also what shall size should I have? And then what else do I need to ride besides the bike. Also the main place I'll be biking is the levee along the Mississippi river.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 02. März, 23:27 Uhr

Finished my 3rd and last ride of the week a little earlier. I totaled 132.8 miles with 8,599 feet of climbing. Pretty stoked with this achievement, I only returned to the sport late last August after a 30 year absence. I'll be 61 in late May and I still feel that I have a lot to achieve 😎 🏝 🚵 🙋🏼 [Here's a Relive animation of today's ride.](https://www.relive.cc/view/1433071189)

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 23. Februar, 01:50 Uhr

I did a couple days ago and broke my scaphoid instead of my fall. Apparently it's a slow healing bone so I'll be stuck in [this monstrosity](https://i.imgur.com/xiyjfYN.jpg) for 6-8 weeks and then a shorter cast if it's healing well for 4-6 weeks. So yeah, I should learn to take a fall before I get back on a bike :P But hey at least I can chill out and get high on painkillers (edit: but mostly weed :P) Any of y'all had biking injuries?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 24. Februar, 22:23 Uhr

Drives me nuts when people are on trails with bluetooth speakers blasting music. Granted I have headphones most of the time.. I just find it terribly rude.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 22. Februar, 01:43 Uhr

Happens to me regularly. Old man strength is real.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 13. September, 22:18 Uhr

Bike Monkey, a local event promoter in the North Bay Area just put this short video out, and it's phenomenal. https://vimeo.com/233411291

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