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Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
15. September, 16:10 Uhr

I cycled for few months and lost so much weight my clothes dont fit anymore. I m having to eat junk food to maintain weight. I understand metabolism drops with age but cycling seems to burn so much bodyfat than any other workout..but yet i see older guys who look out of shape on surface but have very strong cardiovascular performance and can do century rides. Is it dietary choice or just genetics? Disclaimer: not trying to insult anyone but just curious as i mainly cycle for health reasons and wondering if it will stop working for me at some point

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
12. September, 10:47 Uhr

I’m in 2 minds about cycling to work. At the minute my commute is 1.5 Miles down pretty much 1 road adjacent to a tram. It’s ideally suited for the cyclist because it’s fully cycled pathed so I’d never really need to go on the road. I jump on the tram which is a 5 minute walk from my house and end up in work, at my desk, 10 minutes later at the absolute most. It’s a pretty good deal all round (hence why I moved here :) ) I do like cycling but my new job requires me to wear smart casual. No problem with that but I know that cycling can be a sweaty sport. I’m fortunate enough to have shower facilities at work but I would have to leave the house quite a bit earlier to account for the cycling journey and getting ready. The tram costs me £3.50/day or sometimes free if I’m sneaky enough to get on and off in 2 stops. I had a thought of cycling to work but because my journey by tram is so short it doesn’t really seem worth it. I’ve been looking at used racing bikes sub £100 and there’s quite a lot where I live but I’d have to factor in the money needed for maintenance into the savings. On top of that, the stress of mucking around showering and getting ready at work kinda puts me off the idea all together. I don’t sit at my desk all day as it’s part of my job to be mobile and visit people face to face all over the place so I’m not factoring the health aspects of cycling into my reasoning tbh, this is mainly a cost saving thought process. What do you avid cyclists think? Will the savings from the tram outweigh both the physical cost of the bike + maintenance as well as the mental cost of faffing around at work? EDIT: Thanks so much for your comments and discussions! I made this post this morning and some of your arguments convinced me to make the plunge and purchase this: https://www.gumtree.com/p/bicycles/racer-mbk-french-classic/1310423702 I haggled down to £35 because the tyres were flat - 1 trip to the local bike shop and they're good as new. As far as the "tech specs" go I've think I've nailed some things down The frame I believe is from "MBK" and has the sticker "Trainer" - either a sticker or painted on :) Crankset: As far as I can tell its a Shimano set 170mm Chainset: I think it's an ofmega chain set, the only way I can tell is the bolts say "OFMEGA" on them? Wheels: 700x?? - one of them says continental Derailleur: Front - Shimano Altus is what is written on it - Rear: Suntour Edge That's as much detail I can read from the bike so I apologise if this isn't detailed enough :D From the offset, would anyone recommend things that I should do to ensure its longevity? It has a few rust patches that dont seem to have gone though, is this a problem? Can I clean it up perhaps? I'd also really like to replace the entire front end grips, it's very mucky and I'd like to freshen it up !

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
03. September, 16:43 Uhr

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditorand subscribe to one of thousands of communities. × 17 18 19 Cyclist Covered in Black Smoke in Apparent “Rolling Coal” Incident - story, photos, video (self.bicycling) submitted 2 days ago * by CyclingWest 70 comments share save report all 70 comments sorted by: best ...

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
18. September, 21:14 Uhr

https://imgur.com/gallery/iQ7jMAU So this has been sitting in my grandpas garage for 5 years. I took it down, pumped the tires, and proceeded to ride 60 miles in 2 days after which it was my new favorite bike. It previously had these sick canvas walled slicks on there, but sadly, being 30 years old they both died on me. So I managed to find anothet pair of slick 26x1.5 tires to replace them and they were really hard to find (Apparently the bike industry is killing off 26” rims for good). Then I brought it to the shop and had them tigten the bottom bracket which was loose. The only things left to do now would be to replace the brake pads and take the chain rings off to see if I could rotate them and get them in better alignment. But so far the bikes great. It makes riding up and down giant hills amazing. It goes pretty slow on flats but overall there’s something really fun about riding it. It’s like it makes going slow fun. Anyway, most importantly dad met my mom riding this bad boy. Hoping that I’ll have similar luck...

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
09. September, 15:01 Uhr

Cycling newb here. I simply wash mine with simple dishwashing liquid and a soft brush, but with all the grease/oil needed for a bike to function properly I was wondering this morning if there are specific areas where you wouldn't want to get dishwashing liquid on? I already avoid the handlebars/brake levers since they're not that dirty anyway and put particular attention to the drive train/tires. Anything else? ​ Any other general advice/procedure on washing your bike is also welcome.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
12. September, 02:09 Uhr

Today, about 5 miles in, a scheduled stop, as we waited for another, before taking off on a half-century ride. Once we started again had a bit of a flub on the bike mount. My usual is to mount from left side, first clipping left foot in, next swinging right leg over the saddle, and into the clipped position. Don't know why I do it this way, but have probably done it a thousand times, without any problems. Today the left cleat didn't get fully locked-in as the other leg swung around the saddle. Long story short, foot slipped out, and I went down hard, landing on top of the front wheel. Worse, not only was laying on top of my ride, but the jersey got hooked on the front axle's quick release lever, and couldn't get back up again. Of course there were some choice expletives. So there I was, unhurt as bystanders gathered to gawk and offer help. Finally, after what seemed like five minutes, but was more like 30 seconds, I freed the jersey from the bike and got back up. Front wheel, brake calipers and pride was now bent, but was not hurt (other than bumps and scrapes). Was able to wobble the bike back to my truck but had to bale on the half century.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
08. September, 17:25 Uhr

So there's this 13 mile bike ride that I want to go on, but I'm only used to riding to work, which is between 3-4 miles to and the same back (depends on which route I go). So if I'm used to riding a 6-8 miles separated by a 6 hour day of standing on my feet, would I be able to go on this 13 mile bike ride that's in 1 go. Edit 9/9: Well now I'm severely disappointment. The flyer was poorly designed and the date was on the very top of the page. The ride was yesterday. And my brother in law and I got all ready, and went down to the start area, and no one was here. :(

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
17. September, 13:14 Uhr

I did my first ride with more than just me. https://imgur.com/a/PkFi6W5 My friend told me about a group he rides with 3 x week. I went once in June but had a mechanical problem and had to bail. Then we had our second kid, and a bunch of travel, and work got super busy. So I finally made it back. There were 4 of us and the dudes were super nice. At the biggest climb, I was way back and they came back for me. For most of the ride I hung out in the back but was keeping up with the group. Usually someone would come back and chat with me if the road allowed it. It was super fun and an absolutely gorgeous morning. I would encourage anyone who is interested but maybe intimidated by a group ride to just go for it.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
16. September, 23:05 Uhr

I'd only been road cycling for a month and signed myself up for 500KM with 20k feet climbing over five days. We absolutely smashed it. I discovered pain in places I've never had before (lower back after strenuous hills and my hands and neck) and a level of tiredness I've never felt before but it's really built up my confidence in cycling so much so that I really enjoy cycling now and finally changed my hill mentality. I was finding hills really hard beforehand because I'd see them and curse and dread what's about to come but now I love them and can't wait for the challenge. Reading posts here really inspired me to just get on the bike and do the distance. A little background: I had two 850ml water bottles at all times. One filled with just water and one filled with water with added hi5 tablet which contains electrolytes, vitamin C, pottasium and magnesium. Got leg cramps on a training ride before and had a big fear of them! Didn't get any. Took a break roughly every hour for ten-15 minutes. Ate 5 oat bars a day (one every hour and a half while riding) and 3 energy gels each day for the really tough climbs. If I ever felt hunger coming on would scoff a banana. Only once did I feel like I was hitting a wall and had underestimated my food. Steepest climb was 2k elevation over 10km distance. For the last year I've been solely focusing on cardio as I was always a weights man and got totally shown up by a running mate. It was embarrassing and made me realize last year my cardio fitness was shit. That needed to change. Pace pace pace pace pace. This wasn't a race just for fun with some friends. Thank you!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
12. September, 16:18 Uhr

Not too long ago, I used to be one of those drivers who would honk at cyclists on the road and angrily pass them at the first chance I would get. I rationalized this behaviour by thinking they should not be on the road due to how slow they are and how because of that, they cause traffic. I would always get annoyed when they weren't hugging the curb and I wasn't able to pass them. Then I got a road bike. At first I said to myself I'm gonna be better than those ******** and ride on the sidewalk, hug the curb, let cars pass easily and avoid getting in the way. And so I did. Or at least I tried. At first I tried riding through the sidewalks as to avoid being a hypocrite by using the bicycle roads shared with cars. This was a bust. The sidewalks were bumpy and pedestrians always had me stopping. I was always wary I might bump into someone. Then I tried what I said I wouldn't do. I excused myself by saying I would hug the curve and avoid getting in the way. But it wasn't as easy as I first thought. For starters, there's lots of fissures on the roads I ride through which make it impossible to hug the curb. Keep in mind these are the same roads some of the cyclists I hated on were going through. Finally it hit me. Cyclists ARE trying not to get in the way. It's just drivers don't realize it because tiny fissures and most other bad roads are not something they have to think about. They don't even have to think about other cars where as cyclists have to always be aware of their sorroudings. One wrong move and you could end up dead. I have already had a couple experiences where I'm in the right but had to stop because some drivers would not make the stop sign. Perspective is a powerful tool to make the other side understand. If every driver had to bike everywhere they had to go, just for one day, I think almost all of these driver-cyclist conflicts would end. Now whenever I drive and bump into a cyclist, I relate with them and how they ARE trying as best not to cause traffic and stay out of the way. Anyway, this was my conversion story haha. TL:DR : I used to hate cyclists then I got a road bike and changed my mind.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
11. September, 20:56 Uhr

Looking to finally replace my Supersix Evo Hi-Mod with something new and I've come down to these two. Unfortunately, I haven't ridden either and I probably won't ever get the chance to ride the Canyon before I possibly purchase it. I'm just looking at the frames, going to spec it out afterwards. Currently have e-Tap on my Cannondale, along with SISL cranks and a power meter that will make the transfer. I can get the Tarmac for 3500, and the Canyon for 2750. Weight is within 20g of one another (800g vs 820g). Is the Tarmac worth the extra $750 that I could spend on a nice pair of wheels? Is there any other frame around this price range that I should be aware of? Thoughts on wheels? I was going to go with Zipp 303s but really open to suggestions. Would like tubeless. Thanks for input!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
01. September, 22:39 Uhr

**FYI:** I’m planning on seeing a doctor soon but I want to know if anyone else had similar symptoms as me. If you did, how did you treat this? **TLDR:** Pain behind my left knee and down to my upper part of my calf. When I’m around 20+ miles into my ride I feel discomfort when my left leg presses down my pedal. I've lowered my seat and I’ve seen a few bike fitters and I don’t think it’s the fitting’s problem. I’m not sure if it’s neural tension or something with sciatic nerves. **DETAILED VERSION:** The past 6 weeks or so I’ve noticed that I started to develop pain behind my left knee and down to my upper calf muscle. When I get to 20-25 mile mark I start to feel discomfort whenever my left leg presses down on my pedal and it gets really painful when I get to 35+ miles, and I have to stop riding before it gets worse. I’ve had a bike fit from a very highly regarded fitter about 6 months ago and he did a great job. I’ve been perfectly fine for the first 4 months and this pain just started fairly recently so I’m positive it’s not the fitting. I’ve lowered my seat just to see if that helps but it doesn’t. Photo of my left cleat. https://imgur.com/a/2U9Av7C I’ve read about possible neural tension and sciatic nerve flossing but I’m not sure if that’s what the actual issue is because the pain is only on my back left knee. When I walk around after my ride I feel alright but I feel the pain again when I go up or down the stairs. The pain does goes away after 24 hours or so. I stopped riding for 10 days but when I went out for a 50 mile ride today, I felt it come back again around the 25 mile mark. I’m not rushing to see my doctor yet because it costs me $120 for just for copay and once referred to a specialist it costs me $350 for a 30 minute consultation, and even more for 30 minute physical therapy. If you’re wondering, I live in America (California) and yes, my insurance is ridiculous. So I'd like to know if you had this issue before and how you treated it. Thanks.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
04. September, 05:06 Uhr

Hey all, Somebody’s bike rack and four road bikes fell off their car on US 287 just north of Fort Collins, CO My GF and I pulled them out of the road and reported it to the local sheriffs department, which supposedly sent a deputy out to pick them up. They were, Cannondale, s-works and specialized brands all high end carbon frames. Let’s try to find the owners! Cheers! Update: The gf was calling around today and when she spoke to an organization that puts on road races in Colorado they confirmed that the owners retrieved the bikes!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
06. September, 20:04 Uhr

I'm 15F. It was drizzling, so I was riding in a poncho to school. I got doored by a parked pickup truck, who then closed its door and sped off. An ambulance, fire truck, and police were called. They put me in a c-collar and on a spine board, and took me to the ER. 8 hours later, I'm out, with a diagnosis of a concussion and AC separation. I get pain meds and muscle relaxers and 2 days off school. The police have it on surveillance camera and have a BOLO for the vehicle. Reminder to all to watch for assholes, and if you do have a unfortunate encounter that results in you being injured, don't move and have someone call 911, and try to note the make, model, and license plate of a vehicle if they flee.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
21. September, 14:57 Uhr

In the UK it is really windy at the moment and I still want to get out on my bike. I did a very short cycle on my road bike yesterday and got pushed to the side a lot which was not very enjoyable. Would it find it any easier or safer if I use my heavier mountain bike? Also would you consider a 22mph wind speed with even higher gusts too high to feel safe?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
18. September, 11:14 Uhr

I'm worried some drivers may drive CLOSER to you if the bike light is too bright/obnoxious flashing to "teach you a lesson." That is the sick reality we live in. What is your default?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
03. September, 19:40 Uhr

A little while back I posted about saddle discomfort on 30+ mile rides and got some good advice. I decided to try out a new saddle since they are relatively inexpensive (in the grand scheme of things). I normally buy everything online but went to my local bike shop. Instead of selling me a saddle, they evaluated my current one, my discomfort (even though I had a fitting) and gave me 4 test ride saddles to try out. I put some miles on each of them and found the perfect match (and one I overlooked completely in the store). Support your LBS!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
10. September, 12:11 Uhr

Hi all. I'm a 31 yo male, 187 cm, ~85 kg; been cycling a decent amount (averaging rides of 45km@27+kmh) in the last two years, but without sticking to any training regimen, and with a mtb fitted with road tires. I'm generally fit, my main sport is climbing (2/3 times a week, pretty exhausting trainings), but I enjoy cycling for cardio training and the bike is my main mean of transport. In a couple months I'll be facing a 5day/week commute of ~70km (35 morning,35evening) on flat road, at sea level altitude. I'm looking for a road bike for this purpose, to maximize efficiency. I'd like to use it as my daily dose of cardio, but I'm unsure about how much of a toll on my energies it will take. Anybody with a similar experience would like to share it? edit: thanks everybody for sharing! Haven't decided yet what I'll do, but now I got many more ideas than when I first came here. hybrid commuting (train 2days+bike 3days) looks promising, this way I get rest days (where I can train for climbing) and my workout, only downside is wasting a lot of value of the monthly train subscription. But I found lots of other good food for thoughts! Cheers GZ

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
20. September, 07:40 Uhr

[Link to BBC article (with video)](https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-45572277)

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
02. September, 22:27 Uhr

Warning, wall of text incoming, TL;DR at the bottom. Took my Cannondale Synapse in for a tune up last week to a new bike shop. Just moved to a new city, don’t know many bike shops in the area, and i picked it because they sell Cannondales and have a few shops around the city. The reason for this tune up was i couldn’t get my rear derailleur to shift right, i could get it close, but never get all the gears to shift smooth, and i had a 4 day 400 mile bike tour coming up in a week. When i brought it in they checked my chain and said i needed a new chain and cassette. I was planing on replacing them this winter. No big deal, i guess I’ll splurge and get them. I think i got overcharged on the chain, and it wasn’t a good quality chain. Not so sure about the cassette either. They called me a few days later saying the top pulley on my derailleur was no good and i needed a new one. They also said they didn’t have any pulleys in stock. I was told i could overnight some pulleys, wait a week, or put a new rear derailleur on it. Opted for the new derailleur so i could have he bike before my big ride, and it was only a few dollars more than overnighting pulleys. I get the bike back a couple days before my big ride and take it for a quick spin. Everything shifts fine, except i can’t get into the littlest cog in the back. I adjust it ever so slightly and it works fine. Get on my big ride and on the first day i broke a spoke on mile 50 and the shifting in the back has gotten pretty bad. I’ve put over 3K miles on these wheels and only ever had 1 broken spoke about 1.5k miles ago. Got the spoke fixed in camp that night. Day three i had another spoke break at mile 45, and i lost the quick link out of the new chain they put in at mile 92. Day 4 i broke a different link in the chain at mile 75 and i don’t think i could make a derailleur shift that bad if i tried. I’m pretty mad that the bike shop put a new derailleur, chain, cassette, and tried my wheels and i had more problems on this ride alone than the previous 3K miles combined. Is it wrong for me to go ask for my money back? I don’t want them to work on my bike again. TL;DR got a tune up before a 4 day 400 mile ride. Ended up paying for a new chain, cassette, and rear derailleur. Broke two spokes and had the chain break twice on the big ride. Is it wrong to ask for my money back? Should i ask them to fix it all for free? I’m kinda pissed about this.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
10. September, 21:10 Uhr

[Link to interview with der Spiegel (English)](http://m.spiegel.de/international/germany/olympic-cyclist-kristina-vogel-left-paralyzed-by-june-accident-a-1227200.html) Interview with Kristina Vogel discussing her accident, the aftermath & her life now as a paraplegic.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
20. September, 18:59 Uhr

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and he (and I) are getting into cycling. I'd love to buy him something bike related as a gift but I'm a bit stuck. He's currently building a new road bike with a 1970s Vista Silver Shadow frame and has most of the parts for it so I'm not sure if there's anything I can get there? Unless people have suggestions? Otherwise what can I look into getting him?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
05. September, 17:07 Uhr

Really just coming here to commiserate because I'm totally devastated. Last year I landed myself in hospital for a near lethal heroin overdose and I had truly lost all hope. After that I was struggling to stay clean every day, but I decided to buy a road bike with the money I'd saved not doing drugs and once I was in the saddle, staying clean, coping with depression, anxiety and PTSD, even losing my job because I needed to spend a lot of time getting medical treatment, was all so much easier because I had found a physical outlet that got me higher than any drug ever could. This morning, two days after I hit 6 months without a relapse, I walked outside to go for a ride and found someone had cut my chains and taken off with my pride and joy. It was only a Dawes from Bikes Direct, but I loved it with all of my heart. I cried for a couple of hours while I waited for the police. I have no money to replace it, no means to get to the jobs I've been applying for and no outlet to help me manage my mental illness and recovery. Even at the height of my addiction, I never stole from anyone, and I would never dream of taking someone's bike away when I truly understand the value of fitness and dopamine in a world where everyone struggles in their own way. Now I keep looking at my helmet and tearing up. I just hope the bike thief finds riding is better than using like I did, maybe then it'll be worth it. Otherwise, I hope they get hemorrhoids 🙏

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
14. September, 22:24 Uhr

Anyone know what happened to the redditor who was hit by a cop who was texting while driving? I didn't know if I missed a follow-up.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
19. September, 22:34 Uhr


Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
13. September, 15:53 Uhr

Is it possible to commute 20 miles, 10 miles to work, 10miles home mon-friday? I'm currently catching a ride with my bike and doing the 10 mile back home after work, but noticing fatigue around thursday/friday. Eventually i want to get to and from work(20miles). Will this fatigue pass if i keep at it, or should i change up the routine?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
10. September, 07:00 Uhr


Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
14. September, 13:28 Uhr

https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/vittoria-bussi-breaks-hour-record-second-attempt-48-hours-394277 Super cool, very happy for her...I remember when she was so close in breaking the record in her last attempt a year ago. Great to see she did it.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
09. September, 08:26 Uhr

I’m commuting a lot and started thinking to get a dash cam for my bike. Anyone using it? If yes, what model? Interested in any pros/cons opinions, suggestions...

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling
05. September, 09:07 Uhr

I love taking part in cycling amateur competitions but it's really hard to discover this kind of events. Except the bigger velothons that come with a ton of marketing, the smaller races are basically invisible. Is there such a website serving Central Europe or more?

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