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03. Februar, 15:49 Uhr

Cycling long distances can be boring. For hours you are somehow stuck on your bike, left alone with your thoughts. During my bike trip across Cuba I started texting my sarcasm into aphorisms. And some of these ended up in theses, that I got photos for, illustrating them. Thank you to my co-traveler Marco, who helped wasting the time for this list with me ;) And here they are: 1. You start...

02. Februar, 18:03 Uhr

This is the way I cycled Cuba in May 2015. It took me 5 weeks, and I had not really planned my route in advance. So we relied upon what we found out along the route, and this was a great decision. I still think that traveling is a form of freedom, and sticking to plans is the opposite of being free. Let me show you the map with my comments first. I will add some text below a little...

02. Februar, 12:13 Uhr

While cycling Cuba in May 2015, I have taken lots of photos with my beloved tiny Canon G7X. Some of the photos  are cycling related, others are not. In this gallery, I am presenting my overall favorite photos from Cuba. Most of them are not cycling related. I would be very happy if my photos made you want to go and cycle this beautiful country. And of course: the very best photo is the one at...

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