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neues aus der hoffisterei 02. März, 16:25 Uhr

Ich bin ein Depp. Aber das hat eine andere Bedeutung. Ich glaube ich habe heute eine Waldschnepfe gehört. Diese schönen Vögel sind selten … Escort Service für heimfliegende Amseln. Riecht wie ein frisch bezogenes Bett, aber das kann ja nicht sein, dann ist es der Frühling! Projekt: Besiegen der Flugangst. Fahre zur Stelle wo vor 50 Jahren ein Starfighter...

neues aus der hoffisterei 11. Februar, 15:18 Uhr

Sonntag, 11.Februar. Alles überstanden, jetzt wird mal wieder radgefahren (den Februar bisher wie ein Alpaka verbracht)! Neu in 2018: ich machs wie der Flamingo, Spass haben und dabei gut aussehen, kein Strava mehr in heimischen Wäldern! Sonntag, 18.Februar. Was hat der Wald mit einem Münchner Treppenhaus gemeinsam? In beiden scheint keine Sonne, beide haben aber dieses unstete Licht,...

neues aus der hoffisterei 21. Januar, 19:38 Uhr

neues aus der hoffisterei 01. Dezember, 15:31 Uhr

That time of the year. Fricking cold, all puddles closed. New SSCXXS testride. Add fun to commuting! Cold day clears hangover. Wenn die Bremsen einfrieren braucht man eine heisse Flüssigkeit zum auftauen …

neues aus der hoffisterei 04. November, 16:49 Uhr

5 oldfarts, 5 sexy bikes (all steel, 3 singlespeed). Through the rainy “Land of the Doppelgarage” to the parents home and next day back home. Oldfarts. Really oldfarts. Make Black Friday green again. First znoflakez …

neues aus der hoffisterei 01. Oktober, 16:44 Uhr

First real autumn ride. Yeah. Friday 13th. Scary. #hoffistereimegacross #hoffistereimegatindercross Lost. In the bog. Soon bogman. Old fatties in the cold. Bourbon fueled. Pubic Holiday! Stefan, Michi, me.

neues aus der hoffisterei 08. September, 14:36 Uhr

And now the #thursdayisthenewfriday time of the year begins! Fighting the party-season adipositas. Much room for mushrooms. Make weekend long again!

neues aus der hoffisterei 12. August, 15:54 Uhr

With my love in the woods. Lots of portraits … A day off! Back to the mountains! To the forest. No people … First day of autumn. My favourite season is near … Sunday is for visiting castles. Visited the lost castle where carolus magnus was born. Maybe. Visiting places of lost castles.

neues aus der hoffisterei 07. August, 15:45 Uhr

Oldfarts on tour. No words to add.

neues aus der hoffisterei 01. Juli, 14:13 Uhr

Home sweet home … After work is good … … so good … … hot and wet jungle … Fat singlespeedgrandpas in da moshpit … The “little friday” ride. Rainy. Waiting for autumn … A ride in the park, the park, the park. A ride around the lago. Found something in the woods. And a deadly infected toad … poor lady. Fatties without any concept...

neues aus der hoffisterei 24. Juni, 10:36 Uhr

Amico Stefan and me want to ride around in the southern alps, so we take the train to Trento and cycle south to Bassano del Grappa. Next day sees us climbing Monte Grappa on an old military road from WW1 heading to Belluno. Going north into the heart of the Dolomites makes us feel the change from the flat land in the south to the big mountains. There the idea is born to follow the way through...

neues aus der hoffisterei 05. März, 18:10 Uhr

Cyclotreeclimbing. What else? Springclassics need nightrides. What a stupid idea, our butts are colder than the night dark. Lots of bourbon. It is muddy. We are so dirty. We got exactly 5 min. of sunshine. We need more. Spring is still behind the corner. Sun. Sun. Sun. But no crossbae. Spring official. Lots of happy faces on bicycles. Alone in...

neues aus der hoffisterei 02. Januar, 16:42 Uhr

First ride 2016 with Michi. No zun, no znow. To be or not to be, zat iz ze questsnnn … Finally: ZNOW! Wild Cherry on ice with some bourbon. Snow is melting, forest roads are icy, is spring around the corner? Crosswarrrriors! (or “Drödeldrupp” in frankonian dialect) … zunny januar ride with Rebekka who got some candies and a redbull...

neues aus der hoffisterei 24. Dezember, 13:55 Uhr

Michi and me start the annual #festive500 but when I again and again fuck up my strava I will not win … Alone in the woods. So quiet. Something is wrong with my phone, no track again. Sunday ride with Ulf, singlespeed grandpas in the woods, some bourbons in the sun. Phone decides to track again. Bushwhacking with Michi. Again no tracking on the phone. Next week I will...

neues aus der hoffisterei 25. März, 17:01 Uhr

After 4 weeks without cycling my knees hit my belly when pedaling … Butterflies!

neues aus der hoffisterei 07. Februar, 18:26 Uhr

Playing the “If I give you 5 Euros will you then do it?” game with crosswarrior … Found a bee in the woods. In February. The end is near. We laughed a lot! Nice to meet you, Brigitte! We love rain. We love snow. But the mixture is bad. Man was that fresh! From the suburbs to the sundowns, crosswarrior and me. Early on the forest...

neues aus der hoffisterei 24. Juli, 17:55 Uhr

A cool title is paramount! So, “Berge in Flammen” was a movie directed by Luis Trenker, story is located in the Dolomites, but Mr.Trenker was not allowed to shoot there, so the movie was made 1931 in the Karwendel. We go there. We want to cross from west to east through the Karwendel. Joga from Hamburg, Ulf and me. Lots of gravel, so much gravel, more gravel we ever had. Was a very nice...

neues aus der hoffisterei 02. Mai, 19:31 Uhr

Nightrideseason is in full swing. Long weekend. Wet woods. Cold. Rainy. Windy. Fixed. I call this color “kreen” Have to go in the office on Saturday morning. But the I ride to a party. In the mountains. Next day home to the nex party. The singlespeed-grandpas do it again!

neues aus der hoffisterei 28. Mai, 22:17 Uhr

4 days of green. Best company, Andi, Johannes, Tobi, Ulf, me.

neues aus der hoffisterei 02. April, 17:05 Uhr

Toads are hot … Two friends, close to 50 years old, close to being deaf. “What?”"What have you said?” “Yes, I don’t like this road either” Quick before lebanese grill … All green in da hood. And even greener. Nighty with the old farts For her Majesty the Queen on her 90th birthday a little giro in da wood … Jon Snow is back and I must...

neues aus der hoffisterei 09. Mai, 15:33 Uhr

Once there lived a man in Hamburg who murdered some ladies and cut them into pieces and finally put them into bags before storing them. In memory of this man named Fritz Honka I dismantle my old lady and put the pieces into a bag and take the train to Hamburg. My friend Joga lives there with his family. Next day we want to drive to the danish border for a 3 day cycling trip around the island...

neues aus der hoffisterei 04. Juni, 19:01 Uhr

June starts very rainy in Bavaria … Testride: 17 teeth instead of 18 Sunday between two clouds. Two fatties catch the sun … Summer evening with fireflies! Retarded me forgot rimtape, so a puncture from spoke-drilling, one patch on board … quick return home … stupid me Hot and sunny saturday, beerbreak, like in old times. Refreshing finish. Lots of...

neues aus der hoffisterei 02. Juli, 13:51 Uhr

No Rapha Prestige Bohemia cause “Vegan Boys” total fail. Sunday in da wood searching for puddles. Roads turn into gravel these days … I like it Colours are gone. Black heat, black dust, black future. First evening that smells like autumn. My favourite season. Warp speed cross with Michi. 3 hour after work ride: 1 hour sunshine, 1 hour monsoon, 1 hour...

neues aus der hoffisterei 11. Juni, 14:41 Uhr

Ha! New bike day! Custom frame and stem by Jacek Orłowski. Columbus Zona. Chris King blingbling, Paul brakes. Runs like hell.

neues aus der hoffisterei 25. September, 17:59 Uhr

To Salzburg by train, along river Salzach to Gerlos, through Zillertal to river Inn, through Rofan alps back home. Long weekend with the old farts, errands, beer, crashes, sun, punctures, wine … Austria is a good place.

neues aus der hoffisterei 07. August, 17:50 Uhr

… has nothing to do with tales of sex, no, this is the old roman name of august you uneducated dirty minded … and sextilis starts with a week of vacation in the countryside. So quiet … Back to work. And back to after-work-rides. Over night at the old farm house. Spot the two cyclists more than a century ago. Fixing office shizzle, then forrrrrestttt! Sunday bushwhacking...

neues aus der hoffisterei 05. September, 07:26 Uhr

When you need a beer but still have 100km to go … Neighbour Philipp is a good butt model … Rehab ride with Stefan. And Michi. And me. And my hangover. And my new gravelpussy. Trackcross, the next thing … My favourite season. No office for me, yeah! Last day of Sepptember, trail fun for office worker …

neues aus der hoffisterei 02. Oktober, 12:26 Uhr

October. Note to self: buy Whiskey! Bank holiday in Germany! Oldfarts with hangovers. Fabian wants to learn about forest roads. I show him every muddy mudhole in the woods. End up totally cooked. Eating beechnuts in the woods … Typical sunday: hangoverride … Singlespeedgrandpas climb the Nudlberg. Bourbonbreaks. Book of october closed with a ride...

neues aus der hoffisterei 01. November, 12:56 Uhr

Bank holiday! Sick for too long, on the bike again … November as it should be: no office and foggy forest … Make Cross fixed again! Höllgraben check: water is back!

neues aus der hoffisterei 03. Dezember, 16:39 Uhr

First ride with frozen bidon … Frozen mud … Fire and Ice with Michi … Frosty … North of Munich. Dog shit trails, gardening and swinger clubs, Olympic games and military training ground … Broken toe. Pain in the back. Flu. Puh.

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