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20. Mai, 12:46 Uhr

Announced just days apart, the SPOT X and Garmin inReach Mini will be particularly interesting for bikepackers looking to upgrade to a two-way satellite messenger for time spent time riding outside of regular cellular reception. Read on to learn more about these new devices and the evolution of tiny gadgets... The post SPOT X and Garmin inReach Mini Announced: Tiny Gadgets, Unite! appeared...

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01. Mai, 15:41 Uhr

Amy and Dave Freeman are cycling from Minnesota, to Washington D.C. on a book tour to save 1.1 million acres of wilderness. Only three days to help fund their Kickstarter initiative. Learn more and watch the video... The post Amy and Dave Freeman Pedal to DC appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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14. Mai, 13:04 Uhr

The San Rafael Swell is a massive (approximately 40 x 75 mile) geologic dome in central Utah, formed by deformation and uplift of the Colorado Plateau that began during the Laramide orogeny some 60 million years ago. What’s left is a warped landscape of idyllic bluffs, mesas, spires, and narrow canyons shaped by the bending […] The post A (San Rafael) Swell Night Out, Utah appeared first on...

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10. Mai, 13:03 Uhr

In our second Low Down gear guide we go back to our roots with 29+ tires. This guide includes a comprehensive list of tire options with weights, specifications, and our take on each one that we’ve tested. Plus, read the backstory on 29+, why it's prevalent in the bikepacking scene, tips on rim width, and more... The post 29+ Tires List and Guide appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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08. Mai, 12:27 Uhr

Interested in a large platform pedal? How about a massive platform pedal. Pedaling Innovations’ Catalyst promises a more comfortable ride and better performance with their 143mm design. Skyler Des Roches tested a pair over thousands of miles to see if those claims hold water. The post Pedaling Innovations Catalyst Review: Big Platform Pedals appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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02. Mai, 14:06 Uhr

Designed to tether with your smartphone and sync with your Ride With GPS or Strava account, the Wahoo ELEMNT aims to simplify the process of navigating with a dedicated GPS. After a year of regular use, here's our full report on how it's fared, what we really like about it, and what we think could be improved (because Wahoo is constantly rolling out firmware updates)... The post Wahoo Elemnt...

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30. April, 12:51 Uhr

Over the past few years, the Fatback Corvus has methodically evolved into a fat bike that checks many of the boxes for those in the winter ultra scene, bikepackers, and anyone searching for endless possibilities all year long. How did it handle the winter and an unpredictable spring melt in British Columbia? Read on to find out… The post Fatback Corvus Review: The Evolution of Fat appeared...

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09. Mai, 14:11 Uhr

To wrap up the Baja Divide season, Cass Gilbert heads off to tackle the 555-mile Missions section of the route, considered to be its highlight. He returns with a tan, a ride gallery, and advice on the ride itself, including some logistical details for zoning in on this glorious, easily accessed part of the 1,700 mile route. If you've two weeks to spare next winter, start dreaming now... The...

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16. Mai, 13:01 Uhr

Bikepacking with a dropper post can be revolutionary, especially when the ride involves singletrack and technical descents. But, there are a few factors to consider before jumping in. Which seat packs will work? How do I select the right dropper post? And which ones are durable, reliable, and powerful enough to hoist a load? Here’s part one of our full guide, almost two years in the making… The...

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04. Mai, 12:25 Uhr

When you travel a lot, you see a lot of roadkill. When you travel on a bicycle, you see that roadkill in shocking detail. In our latest feature story, Logan and Virginia try to take matters of life and death into their own hands. Read their account of a roadside euthanasia gone wrong and the exceptional series of events that followed... The post Roadside Intervention: Bikepacking With Keith...

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11. Mai, 13:03 Uhr

Michael Intrabartola puts the Solace Cycles OM-1P through its paces on the third annual grand depart of The Adirondack Trail Ride (TATR). Read his thoughts on this custom titanium hardtail built around a Pinion Gearbox. Plus, get the backstory on TATR, of which Michael also happens to be the creator... The post Solace Cycles OM-1P on The Adirondack Trail Ride appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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18. Mai, 13:06 Uhr

Neil had a custom FramePak made by Colorado-based JPaks for his new Salsa Mukluk. Here’s his long-term review after two seasons of daily use, as well as runs along the Iditarod Invitational and other winter ultras.... The post JPaks FramePak Review: Bolt-on Frame Bag appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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15. Mai, 13:01 Uhr

Bikepacking in sandals? And non-clipless ones, at that? Cass Gilbert rides 800 Baja Californian miles in a pair of Bedrock Cairn Adventure Sandals to see what all the Instagram fuss is about... and reports back on how they felt for long distance bikepacking and whether he stubbed his toes... The post Bedrock Cairn Adventure Sandals: 800 Miles in Baja appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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20. November, 23:21 Uhr

Mike Riemer and Hansi Johnson set out bike-fishing on Blackborows through northern Minnesota in Salsa's latest film, Touching The Sun... The post Touching the Sun (an Ode to Trout) appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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20. November, 13:14 Uhr

For our 2017 Gift Guide, we've racked our collective brains and drawn up a list of more than 50 of our most prized pieces of bikepacking gear. Think of this as a roster of goods that have already proven their worth... gifts that promise to keep on giving, over thousands of miles, all around the world. The post Bikepacking Gear That Lasts: A Gift Guide appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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01. Mai, 12:53 Uhr

In this installment of One Question, Five Voices, we get a group of intrepid bikepackers to unroll their tool kits and show us what's inside. Find out what tools and accessories they've deemed essential for everything from daily commuting to multi-country adventures... The post One Question, Five Voices: What’s in your tool kit? appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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03. Mai, 12:57 Uhr

The 2018 Solstice Campout (aka Swift Campout) is right around the corner – time to get planning! In this guide you’ll find our suggestions and tips for making the most out of the biggest group bikepacking event in the world... The post Planning the Perfect Solstice Bike Campout appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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17. Mai, 12:55 Uhr

In part two of our complete guide to bikepacking with a dropper post, you’ll find a full list of dropper post specific seat bags, tips on packing, and our parting thoughts on whether bikepacking with a dropper post is something you should consider… The post Dropper Post Seat Bags appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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03. Mai, 16:12 Uhr

In August 2017, the Becker brothers headed to Italy on a pair of Bombtrack bikes to take on the 350km Romagna Bike Trail, battling high temperatures and the route's 6,500m of climbing. They put together this short film documenting their time on the trail... The post Bombtrack on The Romagna Bike Trail appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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09. Mai, 12:31 Uhr

Connor Hamilton and seven other students from the Outdoor Adventure Program at Algonquin College got to select their final exam. They chose to ride the Blue Ridge Wrangler, a weekend bikepacking route in Virginia's Appalachian Mountains. Watch the video they produced to document their last test... The post Bikepacking The Blue Ridge Wrangler as a Final Exam appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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04. April, 13:17 Uhr

In our latest Rider and Rig, we caught up with Nate Shearer as he rode the New Mexico Off Road Runner and the Monumental Loop. Along the way, we talked front loading on his B+ Trek Sawyer, racing in the BMX Nationals, using bikes as a form of escape and identity, and abstract storytelling... The post Nate Shearer’s 27.5+ Trek Sawyer and Spliced Films appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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20. April, 12:22 Uhr

Revelate Designs just released the Vole, an all new dropper post seat bag complete with an interesting strap design and a skid plate. Over the last few months we had the chance to beat the crap out of a prototype, and recently got a look at the production bag. Here’s the full review, video included… The post Revelate Vole Review: 11th Time’s a Charm. appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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27. April, 12:46 Uhr

We've met few people who are as passionate about discovering the wonders in their own backyard as Vince Asta, owner of Omaha's Ponderosa Cyclery + Tour. In today's edition of Rider's Lens, we take a look at the byways of Vince's home state of Nebraska through his eyes... The post Rider’s Lens: Vince Asta’s Nebraska appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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27. April, 12:23 Uhr

Hobo Pieces, a new brand started by Chad Roddy, just launched with the Restuvus saddlebag mount as well as bag collaborations with Ellum Bag Works and Outer Shell. The post Introducing Hobo Pieces ‘Restuvus’ Saddlebag Mount appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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17. November, 14:36 Uhr

An important and growing part of BIKEPACKING.com is the routes resource, covering rides of different styles and lengths, drawn from all around the globe. Each route post is accompanied by a GPX track to load into your GPS. These can be downloaded directly from the site, or via the 'Ride With GPS' embedded map. To make this process easier, here’s how to go about it, as well as a few potential...

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17. November, 13:10 Uhr

Austin, Texas based CHUMBA USA just released the all new Terlingua, a steel-frame, drop-bar gravel bike with either 700c or 650b 'road plus' tires... The post CHUMBA USA Rolls Out The CHUMBA Terlingua 700c/650b Plus appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking
26. April, 12:52 Uhr

Interested in converting a 700C cyclocross or touring bike into a 650B gravel bikepacking rig? Or maybe you’re just intrigued by 650B / road plus? With the promise of dirt-friendly tires and a more supple ride, there’s plenty to like. We took an Advocate Lorax and made the switch. Find out what we learned about 650B, everything you need to know about such a conversion, and details about the...

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16. November, 14:00 Uhr

To get your winter wheels in motion... This past February, Sven cycled from Bonn (Germany) to Vienna (Austria). Not the ideal season for bikepacking, but Sven decided it was better to ride in bad conditions than not ride at all... The post No Wrong Season appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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25. April, 12:44 Uhr

Cass and his family crew take a Big Agnes Copper Spur UL3 on tour through Baja California, Mexico, where it provides the perfect capsule for star gazing and beach camping. Read on for the full review, strip lighting and all... The post Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL3 Review: Family Space Pod appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking
15. November, 13:33 Uhr

RJ Sauer's fat-bikepacking trip through Iceland takes a turn for the worse, sending his party on a quest for the elusive “Bike Repair Enthusiast” in the mystical mountains of Kerlingarfjöll... The post Blood, Sweat and Skyr appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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