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bxa's Greetings from Germany
01. Juni, 16:35 Uhr

For somebody like the author who’s bread and butter job is within the neuroscience industry, BBB stand for the blood-brain barrier, the physiological gate keeper that, e.g., prevents substances that are not meant for your brain (or downright bad for it) to enter your brain. Hence the irony when looking back at the most recent rides in the Rheingau and Rheinhessen area, both highly popular for...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
19. Mai, 23:01 Uhr

In the wee hours before the AIDS Ride 1999 starts, having several hundred cyclists ride from San Francisco to L.A. as a charity event for those living with, and having died of, AIDS. Today’s Ride of Silence, when riders in 26 countries dress in white and ride, well, in silence in honor of all of our fellow cyclists who got killed on their bikes, on our roads … this ride reminds me of a very...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
31. August, 21:11 Uhr

Quite some time has passed since the last blog entry has been posted here. And the blogger has, meanwhile, taveled back from from the US capital to its German counterpart. Not a particularly bad place for bikers either. Actually pretty popular with bicylce fans of all ages. The designated bike streets in Berlin’s Grunewald area are pretty popular, as exemplified by these three generations of...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
30. Juli, 16:36 Uhr

There is an old steel frame which has been sitting in the bike room for a looong time, fixie-fitting drop outs and all. Consequently, there has been the plan for a workover into a fixed-wheel ride for quite some time. Only that another one of those single speeds has been up the wall, mostly unused, ever since the blogger moved to this really hilly area. What good would it be to have another...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
07. Juli, 11:05 Uhr

„Way too hot – no BBQ today; instead we serve iced-coffee, iced peppermint tea and ice-cream tartlets“ Although it had been in the cards for a few days already, the tandem initiation of the blogger’s stoker-to-be in an upcoming race was executed upon as planned. Despite the fact that the weather gods had given ample forewarning on the fact that the designated day would be the hottest one since...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
02. Juli, 15:22 Uhr

The author has been invited to share her experience of last weekend’s double-marathon (425km – due to a detour that cut off 10K of the original plan – and some 3,600m of climbs). As this was pretty draining and the remaining bits of energy have been poured into writing the German guest authored blog entry for Altköniginnen, the international, non-German-speaking readers of this blog have to...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
13. Mai, 07:51 Uhr

This blogger has been an avid cyclist for the better part of her rather long life. Happily riding with her fellow riders almost always, for the first two decades or more of her rider’s life as the sole female in a flock of males, and very happy with that situation. However … Rather long rides have always – always! – led inevitably to situations that called for either stamina to standing her gro...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
06. Juni, 08:53 Uhr

In the hilly area this blog’s author lives, it is quite easy to work up a thirst (and a sweat) when biking: There are either winds to work against; or long and steep ascends to climb up. Although the Alps and the Pyrenees are hundreds of kilometers away, there is quite a number of serpentines to train your climbing (and mental) stamina in Germany’s Taunus region. Or both, hills and winds,  to...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
10. Oktober, 18:31 Uhr

Riding through the hills and looking at the woods beyond underscores it yet one more time: Indian Summer has nothing to do with India (duh), nor with the US or Canadian Indians; or thereabouts. Indian Summer should actually be named German Fall, as over here are all the colors tourists are seeking when boarding the plane in September to go to the North America. And, yes, it is obviously a much...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
20. Dezember, 15:46 Uhr

Found the Dutch counterpart of this highly pleasant bikers‘ oasis in the Taunus woods of Germany: So-called BosHalte in Amsterdam. „Bos“ means „woods“, and „halte“ is the „rest stop“ or the „station“ – and this outdoor place has such a special atmosphere, it sure does invite to stop for a bit of a rest and pause, not just when you are passing by on your bike. It actually feels like a very cozy...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
08. Februar, 15:49 Uhr

Stories about biking are very often stories about the weather. And in cases such as this blog author’s mud-averse personality, not coming up with stories about biking is very often due to the weather as well. So, good news for those who have started to wonder whether this blog is still active, at all: It is. It has been waiting for the author to wake up from hibernation. Looking at the...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
04. Januar, 20:41 Uhr

A very happy, healthy and bike ride-friendly year to each and every blog reader. You know the blogger by now, i.e. don’t expect any stories about actual bike rides and own bike adventures experienced by her these days. It’s warm, alright. But muddy. And, therefore, the Ride Bike Time vs Clean Bike Time ratio is simply prohibitive. Germans call it the „nose bicycle“ (Nasenfahrrad) which the...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
15. September, 13:14 Uhr

Learned a lot during my tour of Berlin’s stadium built for the infamous Olympic games in 1936. To start with what I learned on the stadion itself, in slight correction of the very first sentence of this post: The Olympic Stadium was indeed erected for the 1936 Olympics – but only after tearing down the so-called German Stadium. The latter had, if you will, only reached adulthood before it was...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
20. Juli, 19:34 Uhr

Not too much of a surprise that in Washington, D.C., a lot of things point to the fact that the blog author is at the powerhouse of political influence. Archives of the United States – as grand as humbling … Consequently, no surprise either that the American people have erected impressive buildings and monuments to remind the visitor of this fact – and, at the same time, humble him or her as...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
10. April, 18:07 Uhr

During the obligatory ice-cream stop the author makes when riding one of her favorite brief 2.5-hr spins in the Taunus area, she had a chance to compare that ice-cream to the famous sweets (which are very often not that sweet, fortunately) of Sicily. Bike ride pattern Sicily style: Lose some calories on the first set of climbs, eat some ice cream, lose more calories on more climbs, eat some ice...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
01. April, 16:41 Uhr

The author never thought she would blog in favor of anything that comes with the label „by Google“ attached to it. Never say never, though: When it comes to efficiency and pragmatism, even Google may have its value and virtues – and even to us avid bikers (who unfortunately have to work a day job for a living). Aaah, if only the blog posts could be typed not only about biking, but while biking:

bxa's Greetings from Germany
06. Juni, 14:26 Uhr

Today: A day full of sunshine, after all these horrible thunderstorms with rain and hail, enough to have several people die in flooded streets and cars in Southern Germany last week. It was Rain from Hell and no weather to be caught in a car (which, unfortunately, was literally the fate of some folks who got trapped or worse). Certainly, today’s weather was perfect for being caught on the bike,...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
27. März, 21:50 Uhr

Happy Easter, Everyone. Easter Flower Beds The author has returned from a biking vacation in Sicily (putting in about 875km as a late, but intense start to the season). And upon her return to Germany, narcissus and tulipa were greeting their „Happy Easter“ as the former should today, according to its German nickname „Easter Bell“. After settling in again, you will find some notes on the bike...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
23. April, 17:04 Uhr

      Yesterday, when arriving in Liège, the sun was shining – very much to the author’s relief: Not only was there some hope that the miserable weather forecasted for the day after – the day of the Liège-Bastogne-Liège ride – would be a bit more inviting than feared over the last few days; the really ugly city of Liège looked a little less shabby and run-down in the (temporarily) bright sun:...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
24. Oktober, 11:28 Uhr

Bikes and Books – the two big (read: important) B’s in the author’s life, came together yet once more last weekend, during Public Day at Frankfurt Book Fair. The biggest Book Fair in the world featured the Netherlands and Flanders. And as those know who know Cowboy Henk or other comics and graphic novels originating in these geographies, a very special kind of illustration and drawing, often...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
11. Oktober, 09:37 Uhr

183 – this is the number of riders going past the author today during the brisk 35-minute walk on a little less than 4K of Melbourne’s Capital City Trail. … and the City of Melbourne has installed some very simple and cheap means of making riding (and stopping at the few traffic lights that have to be passed) very convenient: Two bars, one high, one low, to hold on to and/or rest one’s foot on...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
10. August, 20:29 Uhr

Two full months later, the Chapel of Hearts was finally open when the blogger biked by. It is apparently a Heart that is supposed to be for each and all of us – for mankind in general. A sketched plan of the Chapel and its surrounding garden and patio explains how this is dedicated to being a sanctuary for every human being who happens to pass by The chapel itself is tiny. But it is only part...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
12. Oktober, 10:55 Uhr

So warm and welcoming, all those folks of Melbourne, like the ones of this Community Counsel who put up a warm greeting to those bikers-by National Bike2Work Day in Australia – and one of the most bike-friendly cities of this country is going at it with full force and a lot of warm hearts. Community Councils putting up welcoming banners and providing food and drink. Smoothies, anyone? In the...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
24. September, 08:50 Uhr

Home away from home: In Australia, you can invite some homely-sounding Helga to come and share breakfast with you, so you fuel your brain in a familiar way to maintain concentration before hitting the roads – on the wrong, eh, left side of the street. Riding the lovely city of Melbourne these days – and being a bit at a loss in trying to stay safe. Riding on the left side of the street or –...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
02. November, 17:59 Uhr

Crowdfunding – a really good idea which has given birth to so many really good products that may have never seen the light of day (read: commercialization) if not for the crowd of supporters. Hence, the blogger supports projects every once in a while, too; especially those close to her biker’s heart. Such as the really nice coffee table book by We Are Traffic which took an awful long time...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
30. September, 16:17 Uhr

Fast ein ganzes Jahr ist seit dem letzten Post ins Land gegangen. Viel ist passiert und hat dafür gesorgt, daß kaum Radkilometer eingesammelt wurden. Aber jetzt soll es wieder los gehen. Und da zu einem Wiederanfang auch oft ganz gut paßt, daß man einiges anders macht, wird dieser Blog auf vielfachen Wunsch jetzt auf Deutsch weitergeführt werden. Manches bleibt aber auch gleich. Vor allem...

bxa's Greetings from Germany
01. Oktober, 20:24 Uhr

  Neue Wege erkundet. Ziel und höchstgelegener Punkt der 33km/550HM-Spontanrunde: Der Gasthof des Jagdschloß Platte Wiesbaden Endlich verstanden, warum es Crosser und Gravel Bikes gibt (ein Glück, daß Titan so prima flext…). Tolles Rad – völlig unpassend für den heute spontan gewählten Weg abseits der gewohnten Runden Dennoch viel Spaß gehabt und kleine geheime Sehenswürdigkeiten am Wegesrand...

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