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Sonntag, 28. Jun

28. Juni, 17:50 Uhr

I've been riding regularly about a year and a half. I have a regular route thats only about 12 miles but its hilly. There are 2 ways you can finish the route, one has a really steep climb that I have only attempted once about 2 months after I started riding and I had to push the bike halfway up it and I almost threw up. Ever since I have gone around and taken the long way around. Well today I decided to go for it on a whim and climbed it like a champ. The craziest part was it wasnt really that hard this time. I feel awesome and now I just want to find more hills to challenge myself. Its cool to see how much progress I've made in 18 months. I just wanted to share my personal achievement with you fine folks.

28. Juni, 20:14 Uhr

Ive seen a bunch of posts recently about everyones first metric centuries, so I got motivated to put my first one on the books! The ride was amazing even though it was a little hot out. Drank about 3.5 liters of water, couple Gatorades, 2 cliff bars and an Oat Energy gel pack. Seemed to do the trick and didnt bonk like I thought I might of. Kept my avg pace just above 16mph but overall it was a pretty flat ride since its in Phoenix ...just over 1000 feet elevation gain total. Today is also 10 months clean and sober for me so it was kind of cool to get this in today. I started cycling and running in January and setting small goals here and there to keep myself motivated and on track. Hoping to work on climbing next and join some local cycling groups. Just wanted to share my little achievement today and now grateful I am to be able to do this all sober.
28. Juni, 06:30 Uhr

Eigentlich hätte am heutigen Sonntag ein Spektakel steigen sollen, das die MTB-verrückte Stadt Albstadt so schnell nicht vergessen sollte: die erste XC-WM auf deutschem Boden seit 25 Jahren wäre über die Bühne gegangen. Die Corona-Pandemie sorgt bekannterweise dafür, dass den einheimischen MTB-Fans dieses Erlebnis verwehrt bleibt und wir mindestens sechs weitere Jahre warten müssen, bis eine...

Cycling Weekly
28. Juni, 12:52 Uhr

Team boss Cozens chats to his riders (clockwise from top left): Steel, Maitland, Hoar, Robinson, Mitchell and Krebs (Photo by Bert Hardy/Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)Sixty-five years ago Britain sent a full team to Le Tour for the first time. Giles Belbin tells the story of Team GB’s historic debut

Cycling Weekly
28. Juni, 13:10 Uhr

Tadej Pogačar (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)The UAE Team Emirates rider gets his revenge as he reverses the result of the road race

Cycling Weekly
28. Juni, 12:23 Uhr

Sam Bennett at a Deceuninck - Quick-Step training camp in June 2020 (Getty)Deceuninck - Quick-Step boss Patrick Lefevere worries cycling may be returning too soon

28. Juni, 10:46 Uhr (original post) I got a nice bit of community support and outpouring from my last post here about how my bike had been stolen from work during a robbery so I'd thought I'd leave an update. Last night they managed to arrest the guy that took it. He was an opportunist and had hit like 10 stores in the last couple of days but they've got him. He's being questioned now and I'm hoping he hasn't been able to sell off my bike in 2 days along with the thousands of pounds worth of stuff he's stolen. I've been checking every selling site imaginable and there's been nothing so either it's been sold to a guy on the street or hopefully it's been stashed in a house or something somewhere

Cycling Weekly
28. Juni, 08:28 Uhr

Morgan Fox (Daniel Gould)After losing his hearing 12 years ago, former champion rider Morgan Fox could not have imagined the miracle cure and return to pro cycling that awaited him

DC Rainmaker
28. Juni, 14:06 Uhr

The Week in Review is a collection of both all the goodness I’ve written during the past week around the internet, as well as a small pile of links I found interesting – generally endurance sports related. I’ve often wondered what to do with all of the coolness that people write, and while I share a lot of it on Twitter and Facebook, this is a better forum for sending it on to y’all. Most times...

Cycling Weekly
28. Juni, 10:38 Uhr

Philippe Gilbert and La Redoute (Eric Lalmand/AFP via Getty Images)The Liège-Bastogne-Liège climb has seen a flurry of KoM attempts in the last week

28. Juni, 16:46 Uhr

Wieder was Neues von Anfang Juni hatte ich mich mit einem TV-Team vom RBB zu einer zweitägigen Tour mit dem Fahrrad verabredet. Grund war... Der Beitrag Fontane, Draisinen, Zisterzienser & die Alte Oder: Eine kleine Tour durch Brandenburg erschien zuerst auf BiketourGlobal.

Cycling Weekly
28. Juni, 11:04 Uhr

Nicki Sorensen at the Vuelta a España in 2017 (Tim De Waele/Getty)The Dane opens up for the first time about his decision to dope during his career

28. Juni, 04:59 Uhr

Several worlds time trial contenders ruled out by Tour clash; 2021 Grand Départ under scrutiny due to Olympic overlap. Read the full article at Worlds time trial set to clash with close of Tour de France on

28. Juni, 14:39 Uhr

So langsam aber sicher beginnt die Planung unserer Fatbiketour quer durch Deutschland. Eine Woche lang geht es ca. 600 Kilometer und 5000 Höhenmeter querfeldein bis Frankreich. Und ja die Planung dieser Reise ist bereits in vollem Gange. Vor (fast auf den Tag genau) 10 Jahren taten wir (die Ritzelzeit Redaktion) es schon einmal, nur ist die Entwicklung in Sachen Bikepacking tatsächlich nicht...

Radfahren in Stuttgart
28. Juni, 03:00 Uhr

Von Männern geht im Straßenverkehr eine höhere Gefahr aus als von Frauen. Das gilt nicht nur beim Autofahren, sondern auch beim Radfahren. Die Universität Westminster in London hat Unfälle im Straßenverkehr analysiert und Spektrum berichtet darüber. Anders als andere Studien geht es hier nicht um das Risiko bestimmter Verkehrsmittel für ihre Nutzer:innen (z.B. ist Radfahren gefährlicher als...