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20. August, 19:23 Uhr

Last night, after 1,675 kilometers and 32,500 meters of climbing, Sofiane Sehili took first place at the third edition of the Inca Divide Race in Peru. Here are the details, plus a few photos of Sofiane during the event... The post Sofiane Sehili Wins 2019 Inca Divide Race! appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

21. August, 14:58 Uhr

Just announced, Surly has updated the 2020 Ice Cream Truck with a new component group and a creative coat of paint. Check out all the details and photos here... The post New Surly Ice Cream Truck in Prickly Pear Sparkle appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

19. August, 12:58 Uhr

Continuing our coverage from Bombtrack's Groundwork launch event: If you’re in the market for a bike primed for bikepacking and gravel riding, you’d be forgiven for thinking Bombtrack’s Audax range doesn't tick the relevant boxes. But don't be misled by the name, which suggests long distance, road-based randonneuring... because these bikes can do a whole lot more than that. The post 2020...

21. August, 08:20 Uhr

20. August, 16:16 Uhr

To set the scene: I went on a 50 mile group ride Sunday morning. Our route was mostly along country roads in the American southeast -- the type of roads that are named after churches and lined with a mix of forest and farms. About 25 miles into the ride, we approached the bottom of the big climb of the day. I wasn't dying, but I didn't feel my freshest either. At that moment, the 68-year-old organizer of the group rides up alongside me and says, "You know that song 'Old Town Road'? Whenever we ride along roads like this, I start thinking 'Gonna take my bike to the old time road / Gonna ride 'til I can't no more....'" And that was it. All the way up the climb and all for the rest of the ride I couldn't get that song out of my head. It was miserable. 2 days later, I'm still humming it with the modified lyrics in my mind. And since you have it stuck in your head now, the least I can do is provide a link to the song. [Remix](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUcisIlT7sM) and [Original](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ).

17. August, 11:40 Uhr

Lael Wilcox set off on the rugged and beautiful Silk Road Mountain Race early this morning. Following our race rigs coverage from earlier this week, here's an in depth look at the bike Lael's riding, her complete gear list, and answers to a few questions we had about what she packed and the choices she made... The post Lael’s 2019 Silk Road Mountain Race Rig and Kit appeared first on...

16. August, 11:20 Uhr

Sie befinden sich hier: WDR Mediathek Video Sendungen A-Z Quarks Auswahl Mediathek Videos Suche Unterpunkte auf-/zuklappen Online first Livestream Sendung verpasst Sendungen A-Z Audios Wem gehört die Straße? Aggressionen im Verkehr Video Video starten, abbrechen mit Escape Wem gehört die Straße?...

20. August, 12:04 Uhr

The all-new 2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy was revamped with lower-link suspension, 120 millimeters of travel, and an interesting axle flip-chip that allows 10mm of chainstay adjustment and clearance for 29 x 2.6" tires. We had a chance to ride one prior to today's launch. Here's our impressions, photos, and details about the bike... The post 2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy (V4): First Ride appeared first on...

16. August, 12:45 Uhr

Cass Gilbert heads out to rooty, doubletrack-laced Bergisches Land to try out some of Bombtrack's 2020 range of bikes. Here are his thoughts on the burly, gravel-chomping, bikepacking-friendly Hook EXT and EXT-C, as well as the (slightly oddball) Hook ADV... The post First impressions on the 2020 Bombtrack Hook EXT, EXT-C, and ADV appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

21. August, 09:45 Uhr

Lennard Kämna wechselt zu Bora-Hansgrohe. Der junge Deutsche ist damit das dritte deutsche Rundfahrt-Talent, das unter dem Dach des Rennstall aus Raubling fährt. Bei Bora-Hansgrohe sind mit dem Tour de France Vierten Emanuel Buchman und Maximilian Schachmann schon zwei der besten, wenn nicht die besten Rundfahrer aus Deutschland vertreten.  Lennard Kämna hatte bei der Tour der France 2019 in...

20. August, 14:52 Uhr

Student Huschke‏ @Huschke_v_H 5m5 minutes ago More Copy link to Tweet Embed Tweet Report Tweet Replying to @FrauKrone Stimmt! Münster (310.039 Einwohner) bietet 1,06% der Einwohner einen Stellplatz im Fahrradparkhaus, Utrecht (1.285.000 Einwohner) nur 0,97%. Hätte ich nicht gedacht. 1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes Reply 1 Retweet ...

16. August, 06:53 Uhr

Neue Verkehrsregeln Gut zu wissen - sonst wird's teuer Stand: 15.08.2019 15:19 Uhr Seitenanfang Höhere Bußgelder, viele neue Regeln in Bezug aufs Fahrradfahren - das sieht die Reform der Straßenverkehrsordnung vor. Die Bundesländer müssen im Bundesrat allerdings noch zustimmen. Ein Überblick über das, was geplant ist. Von Nea Matzen,...

21. August, 15:27 Uhr

Back in 2017, RovR rolled out the Bikr attachment for their Campr cooler. The idea was that by attaching it to your bike, you could ride along with your cooler just about anywhere, towing your frosty beverages to your final destination. Based on the comments though, RovR didn’t quite convince many readers of the cooler’s […] The post Can Myles Rockwell outride the RovR RollR 45 Rolling Cooler?...

17. August, 18:45 Uhr

Today I was climbing up mt uhmunum in California, and at around 2900 ft I was in such a euphoric mood because I had just the right amount of leg stress but the slope was easy enough to push with 4th gear. I was thinking (after about 1.5 hrs of brutal climbing) “man I love cycling so much I’m so blessed to be able to ride my bike, in so happy that I found this road” then suddenly I felt like shit after I saw that someone had thrown a empty SIS energy shot on the side of the road. Now I was fucking livid, the park rangers and patrol can only do so much and need to watch over a 10 mile trail and 4 mile road, they don’t have time to be picking up our shit just because we tried to pretend to be a professional rider. This climb is like the mont vontoux of my area and I felt that I needed to say it : PLEASE DO NOT LITTER YOUR FUCKING GEL PACKS, ITS NOT COOL, YOU ARENT GOING TO GO ANY FASTER, AND ITS A NUISANCE TO EVERYONE AROUND YOU!!!! thank you for reading this rant Edit: ofc I picked up that trash and threw it away at a rest area Edit2: by fourth gear, I meant the 4th biggest cog in the back Edit3: I assume it was thrown instead of dropped because it was 2-3 meters to the side of the paved area in a ditch

21. August, 06:00 Uhr

Hätte ich mal diesen Absatz im Artikel vor einem Jahr nicht geschrieben. 300 Kilometer, unerreichbar, mach ich nie mehr. Aber dann ertappt man sich doch dabei, „zum Spaß“ auf Komoot einzugeben, wie lange es „theoretisch“ bis zu meinem MTB-News-Kollegen Marcus nahe Berlin wäre. 402 Kilometer, haha. Ha. Hm. Man würde so 16 Stunden … und wenn man nachts aufsteht, dann… ach, vergiss den Quatsch,...

22. August, 06:57 Uhr

Schlechte Nachricht für alle Downhill-Fans: Die aktuelle Nummer drei im World Cup, Nina Hoffmann, hat sich bei einem Trainingssturz an der Schulter verletzt. Die Thüringerin muss damit leider ihre Teilnahme an der WM in Kanada und dem finalen World Cup in den USA absagen. Bei der Vorbereitung auf die nächste Woche stattfindende Weltmeisterschaft in Mont-Sainte-Anne, Kanada, hat sich Nina...

19. August, 14:38 Uhr

Another bit of news from the Bombtrack Groundwork launch event comes in the form of an all-new hardtail mountain bike. The Bombtrack Cale is built around a progressive(ish) geometry, 27.5 x 2.8" tires, and a 120mm fork... The post The all-new Bombtrack Cale is built for the backcountry appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

20. August, 13:31 Uhr

Previously available as framesets only, Velo Orange is now offering both the Polyvalent and Piolet as complete bikes with a component selection that focuses on reliability and durability. Check out the details on both here... The post Velo Orange Piolet and Polyvalent Now Available as Complete Bikes appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Radfahren in Stuttgart
21. August, 03:30 Uhr

In Stuttgart freuen wir uns besonders auf das Schild, das es Autofahrenden verbietet, Radfahrende zu überholen. Der Bundesverkehrsminister will es einführen. Hurra!Das stellen wir dann zum Beispiel an der Bölinger Straße in Kaltental auf. Oder in der Nedkarstraße. Dann hört die knappe Überholerei am so genannten Schutzstreifen auf. Wunderbar! Alles geritzt. Oder? Wie viel Polizei wird da...

Cycling Claude Rennrad Blog
18. August, 20:11 Uhr

Quelle: cycling.claude.de Über Fahrradtrinkflaschen habe ich mir bisher wenig Gedanken gemacht, außer wenn ich beim Öffnen einer neuen Plastikflasche die Nase zu tief hinein gehalten habe. Aber kein Problem. Eine Runde in der Spülmaschine und schon ist der Plastikgeruch einigermaßen verschwunden. Wer kennt das nicht? Aber der Plastikgeschmack bleibt, zumindest wenn einem im Training reines...

19. August, 15:10 Uhr

After just 45 hours and 52 minutes, James Dunaway was first to finish the 2019 TNGA (Trans North Georgia Adventure), setting a new course record in the process! Read on for all of the details, and one blurry photo of James at the finish line... The post James Dunaway Wins The 2019 TNGA (Trans North Georgia Adventure)! appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

15. August, 13:34 Uhr

Three Norwegian friends tackle North America's newest premiere long-distance mountain bike route, the Oregon Timber Trail. Watch their video here and check out their detailed pack list... The post The Oregon Timber Trail (video) appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

14. August, 13:24 Uhr

This second annual Silk Road Mountain Race kicks off this weekend. Riders will face a long and arduous course through the remote mountain landscapes of the Tian Shan mountains in eastern Kyrgyzstan. Over 40 participants sent in photos of their rigs along with details about their kit. See them all here… The post Rigs of the 2019 Silk Road Mountain Race appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

19. August, 11:12 Uhr

Last night when I was returning home I had an 18 km ride ahead of me. Maybe 6 km in, there is a woman who pulls up next to me at a red light. She was young, maybe 5'5 and riding a heavy hybrid bike. My first reaction was to be a bit annoyed because it's fairly frequent to have Sunday riders who stop in from of me at intersections just for me to pass them and if we hit a red light again, the cycle repeats. Anyhow, I pull ahead of her and engage on the bike path. Turns out she was keeping up with me and passed me without breaking a sweat. When she did pass me, I saw her legs! Her thighs were bigger than mine and I'm no slouch. I kept up with her and we passed each other a few times, don't think I could have kept up if I were riding a hybrid bike like she was. I was thoroughly schooled. Makes me wonder too what her "main" sport is. There is a national caliber speed skating club in our town so that seems like a reasonable guess. Either that or track cycling but it's less common around here.

20. August, 13:02 Uhr

The 2020 Juliana Joplin was released today. The 120mm 29er was revamped with more tire clearance and a new lower-link suspension design, freeing up more triangle space. It comes in aluminum or carbon in a vivid Aquarius Green colorway... The post Juliana Bicycles Releases the 2020 Joplin appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

19. August, 13:00 Uhr

Recently, Kona held a 2020 a 2020 launch event in Bellingham, WA. While riding the new Process 134 was our main focus, Kona set up a few other bikes for retailers and media to try on the last day of the launch. I decided to grab the bike that would be most suitable for my […] The post Kona’s 2020 Process 153 CR 29 – A one-ride review from the trails of Bellingham appeared first on Bikerumor.

21. August, 12:00 Uhr

When we excuse careless driving by blaming the victims of careless driving, we ensure that other drivers will continue to drive carelessly. Read the full article at Legally Speaking with Bob Mionske: Blame-shifting excuses harm all cyclists on VeloNews.com.

18. August, 16:05 Uhr

Wieder was Neues von Biketour-Global.de: Hach, es macht schon irgendwie Spaß nun neben dem Blog euch auch mit dem Podcast „vollsabbeln“ zu können. Danke noch... Der Beitrag Alles für die Radtour – Die BiketourGlobal Podcast Folge 3 ist da! erschien zuerst auf BiketourGlobal.

Coffee & Chainrings
19. August, 07:30 Uhr

Der Stoneman Glaciara wird mit 127km pure Emotionen beschrieben, dass wir nach einem Ausflug in die Schweizer Alpen unterschreiben können. Geflasht von atemberaubenden Impressionen, mega Trails und einem unvergesslichen Wochenende wagen wir uns an einen Erlebnisbericht. Der Stoneman Glaciara ist … Weiterlesen → Der Beitrag Stoneman Glaciara 2019 erschien zuerst auf Coffee & Chainrings |...

21. August, 20:15 Uhr

Größte Fahrradstation der Welt in Utrecht fertiggestellt Das Areal am Bahnhof "Utrecht Centraal" wurde mehrere Jahre umfassend umgebaut, dort entstand ein Platz mit einer darunter angeordneten Abstellanlage für 12.500 Fahrräder, die mit den querenden Radrouten nahtlos verknüpft ist. Neben der Bahn laden auch Leihräder, Tram und Bus zur Weiterreise ein.

15. August, 20:30 Uhr

So I posted here a few months ago asking some advice on getting a bike for a really obese (about 420lbs when I posted, but closer to 390 now after big diet changes), and tbh I had posted similar questions under alt accounts a few times before that. But I got some great advice, great motivation, and it helped give me the kick up the ass to do it, and I bought a mountain bike earlier today. With the advice here, did my research and found a sturdy bike at my price point. So I got a bus to the store I collected it from, and it's about a 6 mile journey there. So I thought the 6 mile return leg could be my first cycle! I was tired, sweating, couldn't handle a few hills, had to stop for a break 10 times, and my ass is red raw sitting on the saddle so long. But fuck me if I don't feel fantastic right now! I'm not long home, had a shower, and I'm sitting on my sofa like a cabbage now, and I feel great. So thank you everyone for the help and support, I look forward to many years of cycling ahead! Edit: For people asking, here is what I bought. https://www.halfords.com/cycling/bikes/mountain-bikes/apollo-valier-mens-mountain-bike-14-17-20-frames?rmsrc=1&cm_mmc=GooglePPC-_-MAB%20-%20Mainstream%20Adult%20Bikes%20-%20Product-_-Apollo%20Belmont%20Exact-_-Text%20Ad&source=ppc&_$ja=tsid:35522|cid:37490584|agid:81697542852|tid:kwd-785799137659|crid:375408449495|nw:g|rnd:2191109635182727387|dvc:c|adp:1t1|mt:e|loc:1007285&gclid=CjwKCAjwqNnqBRATEiwAkHm2BNnN-ohBnoO6pk39BRCswbgoRAMYsPAZf1c5acxJI4Hoo2ECwY_eaRoCr2IQAvD_BwE

19. August, 12:17 Uhr

We were impressed with the Santa Cruz Reserve carbon wheels on the Chameleon and they just announced the carbon Reserve 37, expanding the lineup to a 37mm inner width for 2.5-3.0" tires... The post Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon Rims Now Available in 37mm appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

22. August, 09:08 Uhr

Cargo-Bike-Sonderfläche mit 32 Spezialisten – Starkes Wachstum im Cargo-Segment – Kompakte Lösungen nehmen Fahrt auf – Eurobike Academy thematisiert auch Lastenräder Der Blick auf die Marktzahlen zaubert Fahrradherstellern gegenwärtig ein feines Lächeln ins Gesicht. Bei den Herstellern von Lastenrädern wird aus dem Lächeln jedoch ein breites Grinsen: Die Absatzzahlen für...

14. August, 17:03 Uhr

Ich war mit dem Fahrrad 3 Tage lang unterwegs auf dem landschaftlich vielfältigen Unstrutradweg: Die Unstrut fließt auf knapp 190km durch Thüringen und Sachsen-Anhalt. The post Radreise Unstrutradweg: In 3 Tagen von der Quelle bis zur Mündung appeared first on Radelmädchen.

DC Rainmaker
14. August, 10:35 Uhr

In the computer security world there are a pile of conferences where security folks get together and present various sessions. I use ‘security folks’ as a loose term that can broadly cover everybody from IT professionals working for a non-profit like Red Cross, to government security peoples, to folks with less altruistic goals. These conferences have been around a while, and are generally...

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