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19. April, 17:22 Uhr

Verkehrswende: "Man muss dem Auto endlich Flächen wegnehmen" Deutschland streitet über die Verkehrswende. Wir haben Vertreter von Autofahrern, Radfahrern und Fußgängern diskutieren lassen: Wem gehört die Straße? Interview: Sören Götz und Zacharias Zacharakis 14. April 2019, 10:28 Uhr 1.387 Kommentare Verkehr auf einer Kreuzung in Berlin © Sean Gallup/Getty Images ...

22. April, 11:51 Uhr

Here are seven more intriguing bikes we found at the 2019 Sea Otter Classic, including a Rock Lobster tandem mountain bike, the latest steel Norco Search, three bikes from Speedvagen, the latest Hakka MX color from Ibis, and the Thesis OB-1... The post More Bikes From the 2019 Sea Otter Classic appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Radfahren in Stuttgart
21. April, 03:30 Uhr

„Es liegt in der Natur des Radfahrers, dass er 90 Prozent der für ihn geltenden Regeln ignoriert“, behauptet der 73-jährige Vorsitzende des Bundes der Fußgänger, Irrgang. Das gefällt der Presse natürlich. Eigentlich ging es aber um die E-Scooter-Bedrohung auf Gehwegen.Diese Aussage (und Schlagzeile) fand viel Beifall. Ich weiß nicht, ob Irrgang alle Radler meinte und was "die Natur des...

22. April, 16:08 Uhr

I started riding last year with my brother and it was great. I pushed my self a bit to ride longer distances, but didn't really train, was just having fun. My brother would drop me on every hill. Over the winter I bought a trainer and a zwift subscription and started to follow an actual training plan (and dropped 20lbs). This year, my PRs are out of control. I am shaving off 20-50% of my times. Last year I did a big local climb a few times and got ~47 minutes every time. Just did it yesterday, 35 minutes. I felt like a lean mean pedaling machine, it was incredible. My brother was hanging on my wheel for dear life the entire climb. I know these are probably 'noob gains' and will slow down a lot, but holy it is fun getting fit. Cycling is amazing.

19. April, 11:26 Uhr

This week on Reader's Rig, we scope out Slim Wonder's Retrotec 29er, custom built in California by Curtis Inglis. With a Rohloff drivetrain, Dynamo front hub, and full suite of handmade bags, this thing looks ready to go just about anywhere. Read on for more photos and build details... The post Reader’s Rig: Slim Wonder’s Retrotec appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

18. April, 09:32 Uhr

I just thought I'd let you know what happened to me this morning, as a gentle reminder to be nice to other cyclists out there. I'm an occasional leisure cyclist mainly, but the weather in the UK is picking up at the moment so I thought I'd try commuting to work on my bike. It's about 8 miles, flat road, and I got a nice road bike for christmas last year so I thought I'd use that for the first time. Normally I use an old hybrid to potter around on but I was feeling brave. I'm a 50 year old male, by the way. ​ So I got my gear together, put my backpack on, and off I went. Now I'm not athletic-looking by any stretch of the imagination. Quite the opposite - I'm 230 pounds and look pretty overweight (because I am). I was wearing my lycra shorts and t-shirt, and I was feeling quite good about things. The sun was shining, I was slowly meandering to work, and all was well. Then I came to a set of traffic lights at a pedestrian crossing. I stopped because they were on red. On the other side of the road, 3 youngish guys (20s-30s) on mountain bikes stopped also. And I could hear them talking. ​ They were saying things like "Look at that fat bastard over there". "What a dick". "He looks like a complete idiot". They weren't trying to be quiet and obviously intended for me to hear. Then one of them got his phone out and took a picture whilst laughing, and saying how funny it would be to show it to his mates. ​ I was completely crushed. I've never felt so ashamed. I managed to continue onto work, but I don't mind admitting that once I got there I went into a toilet cubicle, sat down and cried. At least I'm working late tonight so it'll be dark when I go home, so no-one can see me and laugh. And then I don't think I'll be doing this again - I just can't cope with the humiliation. ​ So, please be nice out there. Other cyclists may look fat, old and ridiculous, but try at least to be a bit encouraging. Thanks. ​ EDIT: So I've just got onto my lunch hour at work and decided to check Reddit, and I'm completely overwhelmed. I just want to say how absolutely humbled I am by all you lovely people. I'd love to respond to you all individually but there's just too many of you. You've definitely made me feel so much better about getting out there. Thank you for kindness, all of you. ​ EDIT 2: Holy moly, silver, gold and platinum! Thank you!

18. April, 08:37 Uhr

taz Politik Öko Gesellschaft Kultur Sport Berlin Nord Wahrheit 5585214 Berliner Polizei „Alleinunfall“ zu zweit Die Verfolgung eines Radfahrers durch einen Motorrad-Cop bringt die Polizei in Bedrängnis. Zeugen widersprechen der offiziellen Darstellung. Von seinem Fenster aus hat Arne Roof den Vorfall beobachtet Foto: M. Heim Der Baum, gegen den der junge Radfahrer prallte, steht...

denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun sollen
16. April, 08:24 Uhr

Ein paar Antworten auf Fragen zum Brand der Notre Dame. Ist es ein Anschlag? Sehr wahrscheinlich nicht. Das Feuer brach dort aus, wo restauriert wurde – im oberen Bereich des Daches. Ohne die Lage in Paris jetzt zu kennen: Normalsterbliche kommen gar nicht an solche Stellen, die sind immer gut gesichert. Und in Dombauhütten kennt jeder jeden. Der Gedanke, dass jemand da hinauf kommt um Feuer...

23. April, 10:56 Uhr

Das könnte Sie auch interessieren: POL-FR: A5, Stadt Freiburg: Unfallbeschädigter 40-Tonner in desolatem technischem Zustand aus dem Verkehr gezogen Freiburg (ots) - Am Dienstagvormittag teilte ein Verkehrsteilnehmer per Notruf mit, dass auf der Autobahn 5 in ... POL-H: Stöcken: Polizei stellt 51 Schusswaffen sicher - 29-Jähriger wegen Verstoßes gegen das Waffengesetz festgenommen...

22. April, 00:29 Uhr

My boyfriend and i bought bikes a year ago but only got the chance to actually ride them yesterday. We managed to ride 7.6km with lots of uphills (we live in a rural area that is very hilly) at a somewhat leisurely pace, and the sights were breathtaking. I know that’s small potatoes for most of you on here, but I’m super proud of myself for not giving up until we reached the peak with the best view. The feeling of accomplishment is amazing. I felt my lungs were about to explode and my legs about to fall off, but i also I feel like getting into cycling long distances now. I wonder if it’s alright to push myself like i did yesterday, or if i should take it easy and travel short distances everyday until i develop good leg strength and stamina? What kind of training would you recommend for a beginner like me? Thanks! PS. I know i should probably quit smoking. I will work on that.

18. April, 14:09 Uhr

After four days of roaming the seemingly infinite booths and displays at the 2019 sea Otter Classic, we found a few worthwhile products to share. Here's part one, featuring a dozen new and interesting things from OneUp, Revelate, and many more... The post 2019 Sea Otter Finds (Part 1) appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

19. April, 14:00 Uhr

Expanding on their ‘tire suspension system’, CushCore is eyeing some lighter weight bikes in the future. Naturally, for a lighter weight wheel and tire, CushCore has developed a lighter weight tire insert designed to offer a smoother ride with more traction, better cornering, and increased tire and rim protection. Using the same idea as previous […] The post CushCore lightens up with XC &...

17. April, 09:26 Uhr

We asked our contributors to tell us the most ridiculous thing they've ever brought on a bikepacking trip, then we commissioned artist Chris McNally to create a watercolor illustration of what may well be the worst pack list of all time. Every copy of The Bikepacking Journal 02 will ship with a limited edition A5 "Pedal Further, Pack Less" watercolor print. Today is the deadline to join and...

19. April, 12:56 Uhr

First came CO2 inflators. Then came tire pluggers. Now it’s the time of the tire plugger/CO2 hybrid. With their Tubeless CO2 Blaster, Lezyne is joining the likes of Dynaplug in offering a device that will simultaneously fill and plug your tubeless tire after a flat. Housed in a protective tube, the Tubeless CO2 Blaster is […] The post Lezyne Tubeless CO2 Blaster fills and plugs your tire in one...

DC Rainmaker
18. April, 12:03 Uhr

Last week TrainerRoad semi-quietly announced outside workouts for some of their structured workouts. I say ‘semi-quietly’ as they announced it on their popular forums. It’s there that they detailed how it works, as well as allowed anyone to join the beta program. The overall concept is relatively simple at first: Enable you to execute simplified versions of their structured workouts outdoors....

20. April, 13:31 Uhr

DC Rainmaker
21. April, 07:33 Uhr

The Week in Review is a collection of both all the goodness I’ve written during the past week around the internet, as well as a small pile of links I found interesting – generally endurance sports related. I’ve often wondered what to do with all of the coolness that people write, and while I share a lot of it on Twitter and Facebook, this is a better forum for sending it on to y’all. Most times...

21. April, 16:21 Uhr

13. April, 08:29 Uhr

Mein SPIEGEL Menü Politik Meinung Wirtschaft Panorama Sport Kultur Netzwelt Wissenschaft mehr  Mobilität Abo DAX 11.999,93ǀ Schlagzeilenǀ Nachrichten Schlagzeilen Nachrichtenarchiv Newsletter RSS Mobil Multimedia Story Fotostrecken Infografiken Politik Übersicht Deutschland Ausland Europa Meinung Meinung SPIEGEL+ Wirtschaft ...

Off The Beaten Path
22. April, 15:41 Uhr

Today is Earth Day – a day to celebrate our planet and think about what each of us, in our daily lives, can do to protect it. As cyclists, we get to enjoy nature in immediate ways: As we pedal over hill and dale, we feel the landscape, we smell it, and we become part of it. We also can make a great contribution to preserving it. Cycling as a commuter can replace car trips and make a significant...

19. April, 08:18 Uhr

18. April, 12:51 Uhr

Am Vormittag des 25.04.2019 werden erstmalig rund 170 Bikepacking-Enthusiasten von Hamburg aus aufbrechen, um auf dem Hanseatenweg auf den Spuren der Hanse bis ins polnische zu Stettin radeln: Der Hanse Gravel 2019. Und ich werde mittendrin dabei sein! Die Aufregung steigt, die Vorfreude auch. Es ist nicht nur die Freude auf den deutschen Norden und … Reisevorbereitung: Hanse Gravel Vorfreude...

18. April, 16:01 Uhr

A new 9-part video series from Italian bike maker Officina Battaglin’s offers a detailed peek into their workshop and how the company developed over time. Founder & 1981 Giro-Vuelta winner Giovanni Battaglin takes you inside their production shop in northern Italy to see the techniques Battaglin uses to craft modern, meticulously precise steel road bikes… […] The post Man of Steel Giovanni...

15. April, 11:54 Uhr

Niner's MCR (Magic Carpet Ride) full-suspension gravel bike was on display at the Sea Otter Classic last weekend. Here's a full photo gallery and the official flipboard presentation with a detailed look at when, why, and how Niner created it. What do you think? Full-squish curly-bar bikes for bikepacking? Tour Divide, anyone? The post Niner MCR 9 RDO Full-Suspension Gravel Bike appeared first...

Radfahren in Stuttgart
19. April, 03:30 Uhr

Ein Radler wird knapp überholt, zeigt den Autofahrer an und bekommt einen Bußgeldescheid, weil er das Rechtsfahrgebot nicht eingehalten habe.Eine neue Studie zeigt: Radfahrer werden vor allem von Lkw- und Busfahrern, aber auch von vielen Autofahrern zu eng überholt. Die Dooring-Gefahr wird hingegen unterschätzt (unten mehr dazu). Wie können wir Radler uns schützen? Offenbar gar nicht. Es ist...

18. April, 11:37 Uhr

Nigel is back! Porcelain Rocket's standalone handlebar bag has been redesigned to simplify the manufacturing process, create a sleeker package, and offer a sturdier bag for extra clothing, cameras, or anything else you may want quick access to. Read on for complete details... The post Porcelain Rocket’s Nigel Handlebar Bag Returns appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

17. April, 13:30 Uhr

With clearance for 2.1" tires, four cage mounts, and an adjustable wheelbase, the new Otso Waheela C is another interesting choice among the growing legion of carbon gravel bikes built for exploration... The post The New Otso Waheela C (Sea Otter Classic 2019) appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

21. April, 07:00 Uhr

Das Colnago BiTitanio aus den 90ern ist ein begehrtes Sammelobjekt. Colnago schweißte an der Stelle, wo sonst ein Unterrohr sitzt, zwei Rohre geringeren Durchmessers ein – ein Prinzip, das etwa auch Koga Miyata später einmal mit Alurahmen verfolgte. Das Design sollte mehr Steifigkeit bringen, es fand aber nicht den Segen der UCI. Forums-Nutzer LEEh erbte einen der seltenen BiTitanio – und als...

16. April, 13:17 Uhr

We had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Rodeo Labs Traildonkey 3.0 during the 2019 Sea Otter Classic. Complete with quick release hydraulic brake couplers, the "switch" version easily changes between a drop-bar all-road rig and a flat bar MTB. See more photos and details here... The post Rodeo Labs Traildonkey 3.0 (Sea Otter Classic 2019) appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Off The Beaten Path
23. April, 13:46 Uhr

As part of our series on myths in cycling, let’s look at wheel size and how it affects speed. Even though tires have grown wider in recent years, many bike makers have stuck with 700C wheels. It’s a size that is familiar to road cyclists, and there is also a fear that smaller wheels won’t roll as fast. When we developed our Rene Herse / Compass tires, we tested all aspects of how tires perform...

Fahrrad – mein Senf
22. April, 09:24 Uhr

Zum einen ist mir ein elektrounterstütztes Rad – so wie ich es mir vorstelle – aktuell noch zu teuer, zum anderen finde ich am Fahrradfahren gerade gut, dass es eine Fortbewegungsart ist welche ohne externe Energiezufuhr auskommt. Das macht für mich unter anderem das Fahrradfahren aus. Ich wollte noch einiges mehr schreiben, habe aber mit der Suchfunktion entdeckt, dass ich das vor acht Jahren...

It started with a fight
23. April, 05:27 Uhr

Ein Beitrag, der gerade für die Osnabrücker Leserinnen und Leser interessantsein dürfte: Ich kopiere hier mal das Radverkehrsprogramm 2019 der Stadt rüber. Die folgenden Maßnahmen sind für das laufende Jahr geplant. Dafür stehen insgesamt 1.080.000 Euro zur Verfügung. Allerdings liest man auch schon drei Mal den Ausdruck „angesichts der fehlenden personellen Kapazitäten“. Es geht also weiterhin...

17. April, 10:08 Uhr

Looking for quick engagement, solid build and easy axle and cassette swaps? The new Boyd Tripel rear mountain bike hub has all that, and they say it’s able to do so with very light drag. Oh, and it’s affordable, too, at just $175 for the rear and $100 for a matching front hub. The pair […] The post Boyd unveils ultra-quick engagement Tripel mountain bike hub, new 55 Disc road wheels appeared...

16. April, 20:08 Uhr

If you’ve been following along on social media and other sites, you probably know by now that TRP looks to be entering the world of derailleurs and shifters sometime soon. Aaron Gwin has been spotted testing various versions of a short cage derailleur for DH, and at Sea Otter this year, there were multiple bikes […] The post Spy Shot: TRP MTB 1×12 rear derailleur and shifter look closer to...

Pedelecs und E-Bikes
20. April, 05:40 Uhr

Immer mehr Menschen in Deutschland entscheiden sich für Fahrräder mit unterstützendem Elektroantrieb, sogenannte Pedelecs. Gleichzeitig steigen jedoch die Unfallzahlen – insbesondere bei älteren Pedelec-Fahrern. Zum Start der Radsaison gibt der ökologische Verkehrsclub VCD fünf Tipps, wie jeder gut und sicher mit dem E-Rad unterwegs sein kann. Tipp 1: Gut beraten lassen Für den Kauf eines...

DC Rainmaker
17. April, 13:43 Uhr

Last week was the annual Sea Otter Classic cycling festival. It’s part trade show, part consumer show, and part bike racing scene. Also, there’s free beer at sunset at the CLIF bar booth…and you get a free metal cup for drinking said beer. Just sayin’. Though I suppose that’s not sports tech. Which isn’t to say there wasn’t sports tech – there was a fair bit of it, but not as many announcements...

18. April, 06:00 Uhr

Niner Bikes haben auf dem letztjährigen Sea Otter Festival 2018 mit der Präsentation eines vollgefederten Gravel-Prototypen für jede Menge Aufsehen gesorgt – nun gibt es viele weitere Infos zum „Magic Carpet Ride“. Alle Infos zum neuen Niner MCR 9 RDO-Gravelbike gibt’s hier. Niner MCR 9 RDO: Infos und Preise Vollgefedertes Gravelbike mit 50 mm Federweg Remote-Lockout am Lenker 11 Montagepunkte...

20. April, 14:32 Uhr

Why let the day go up in smoke without bringing a little cycling fun to an otherwise potentially completely wasted day? Here’s a few 4.20 appropriate bits from bike brands and supporters. Some are new, some we’ve posted before, but all are sure to keep you riding high on the saddle… It’s a (altered) State […] The post Celebrate 4.20 with these cycling themed kits, tools, bar tape & more...

16. April, 11:40 Uhr

A tiny, low-cost gadget called the Lubri Disc promises to simplify regular chain maintenance, taking the mess out of lubing a bike chain, ensuring that you get chain lube where it really is needed, and reducing the amount of chain oil needed all at the same time. If you think about keeping your bike’s chain […] The post Flectr Lubri Disc gadget lubes your chain perfectly without the mess...

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