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32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
13. September, 15:55 Uhr

Council’s successful legal challenge to Cycle Superhighway 11 follows scrapping of pedestrianisation of Oxford StreetA legal challenge by Westminster city council to block a major cycle route in London has succeeded on a procedural point, in a move that could send Transport for London back to the drawing board and set safety improvements to one of London’s most dangerous junctions back by...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
14. September, 06:00 Uhr

Tackling a tough, three-day course around Stavanger, Peter Kimpton battles the elements to discover a stunning landscape that involves as much water as land Garlanded with wispy clouds, jagged mountains rise sharply above glassy lakes, reflected to sky with such perfection you are almost dizzy with how upside down it all appears. Or is that a mirage – from exhaustion? From the moment 250...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
18. Juli, 12:36 Uhr

Government-owned company has back-pedalled on its pledge to cycle-proof the line, say campaigners, locking out cyclists for generations to comeThe company building the HS2 high speed rail line is accused of watering down commitments on cycle crossings along the route, in a move campaigners say will endanger lives and lock out cycling for generations to come.The government-owned company, HS2...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
16. März, 10:25 Uhr

From cute cars to smiley emergency vehicles, kids’ culture is awash with rosy images of driving, so a new Mr Men book about cycling is a welcome read. What are your favourite cycling-friendly children’s books?“Give me the child until he is seven and I will show you the man,” is a maxim usually attributed to the Jesuits, but it’s not only religious institutions that use early years training to...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
24. April, 05:00 Uhr

The global network of 85,000 members runs on goodwill and a ‘pay it forward’ philosophy, allowing riders to navigate the lonely and sometimes testing side of cycle touring and connect with kindred spiritsImagine you’re nearing the end of another long day in the saddle, partway through your latest cycling tour. Your panniers feel heavy and your tyres sticky as you drag your bike over the final...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
09. Juni, 07:30 Uhr

The 100-mile on- and off-road bike-packing event is undoubtedly a challenge, but there is a true sense of adventure Twenty-two miles from the end of a gruelling, beautiful and intensely varied 100 mile cross-country bike ride through Dorset, the rear derailleur on my bike clacked, pinged and, in the manner of a wounded fly, ended its journey upside down, immobile and missing several parts. I...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
20. April, 10:46 Uhr

Former pro-cyclist Doug Petty has been bringing cyclists to the Balearic island for more than 50 years to ride the famous hairpin bends on its spectacular mountain roadsMallorca attracts more than 200,000 roadies a year. Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome are usually credited for popularising winter riding on this Spanish Balearic island, but it’s two others who really put the island on the...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
05. Mai, 07:00 Uhr

Billionaire bike-lover Sylvan Adams has a dream to get Israel cycling – he funded the Middle East’s first velodrome, gave car-centric Tel Aviv a cycle network, and is behind the country’s first Grand Tour. But will it work?While some wealthy benefactors to Israel choose to plant forests, build scenic promenades or put their names on hospitals, Sylvan Adams loves cycling so much he seed-funded...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
11. Mai, 05:30 Uhr

From pop-up bike lanes to painted potholes, here are the imaginative ways frustrated cyclists are taking action to create a safer environmentAcross the world, transport planning and infrastructure tends to favour the car, and facilities for cyclists and pedestrians are an afterthought. In response, frustrated urban cyclists have thrown caution to the wind and written their own will into the...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
16. Mai, 10:00 Uhr

When Kylie van Dam went in search of a cycle-friendly city she found the almost car-free suburb of Houten. It’s a model more cities could copy, she writesNone of what Houten stands for is radical or alternative Related: I love cycling. But I drive – because I fear for my life Continue reading...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
31. Mai, 06:30 Uhr

With no spectators, no bags of freebies and no medals, the 400km London-Wales-London ride provides a welcome antidote to overblown sportives“Cycling far?” asks a woman in the bakery as a group of us queues for coffee and sausage rolls, as well as an all-important receipt to prove we passed through Tewkesbury.Increasing numbers of cyclists are getting bored with 100-mile sportives and looking...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
01. Juni, 06:00 Uhr

It’s not perfect, but the city has ambitious plans for cycling, and the Festival of Cycling offers a chance to celebrate progressIn theory, Edinburgh might not look like the perfect city for cycling. Apart from the weather there are the (in)famous hills, then there’s the … (add your own excuses here.) But things are changing.Currently the city council is committing 10% of its transport budget...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
05. Juni, 06:00 Uhr

Sadiq Khan should take heed of the evidence and push on with the changes needed to keep cyclists safe on London’s roadsThe decay of London’s cycling programme is starting to cost lives. In the last three and a half weeks, three cyclists have been killed at locations where schemes to make the road safe, or provide a safe alternative route, have been watered down or stopped under the mayoralty of...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
07. Juni, 06:00 Uhr

From the birth of cyclotourisme to moon landings and the rise of 1990s mountain biking these mechanical marvels have played a small but crucial roleIf your bike has gears, the chances are it also has derailleurs. These mechanical marvels which move the chain when you move up or down a gear may be a small part of the bicycle, but the myriad designs reveal a lot about the history of cycling. Over...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
11. Juni, 06:00 Uhr

Don’t think bringing children along for the ride means you have to miss out on one of cycling’s true pleasures. You just need to do a bit of extra planningOne of the great joys of riding a bike is touring – pedalling from place to place, without a fixed timetable, ideally with camping gear and everything else you need strapped to your bike. So that poses a question: can you do it with...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
11. Juni, 10:00 Uhr

Danish-Canadian urban designer Mikael Colville-Andersen busts some common myths and shows how the bicycle has the potential to transform cities around the worldCopenhagenize is published by Island Press Continue reading...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
16. Juni, 06:30 Uhr

A new report argues we’d all benefit if the government started taking the cycle industry seriouslyIf a country wants to make things, it needs a domestic steel industry. Our government considers this industry to be one of national strategic importance. But you would think it was also important to keep people moving, to make sure the air they breathe is clean and to look after their health.It...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
26. Juni, 06:00 Uhr

First formal study into their impact finds that boroughs with the schemes have boosted walking and cycling ratesThe so-called mini-Holland schemes – much-debated changes to boost cycling and walking in outer London boroughs – have done precisely that, according to the first formal study into their impact.The research found that after one year, people living in parts of such boroughs were, on...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
29. Juni, 15:14 Uhr

It’s time for the Treasury to allocate significant funding so the nation can reap the huge benefits of more people cyclingThe government has announced £1m of funding to help police forces across the UK crack down on close passing of cyclists by drivers, and to improve driving instructor training around cycling safety.Although the sum is small beer indeed in transport terms, split between two...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
02. Juli, 09:13 Uhr

Both cities are seeking ways to transport expanding populations without impacting their historic centres, yet the simplest solution is staring them in the faceSometimes politics really does overlook the obvious, and there’s a fine example just now in those two great centres of clear thinking and clogged traffic, Oxford and Cambridge. Here is the problem. The country wants, and badly needs, to...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
27. Juli, 06:00 Uhr

When the free-market case for bike infrastructure is so clear, why won’t Conservative candidates embrace it?Among his many claims to political prominence, both good and bad, Boris Johnson was notable as a Conservative who built a lot of bike lanes fairly quickly (at least in the end). Similarly, much of New York City’s bike renaissance was launched by Michael Bloomberg, the three-term mayor...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
16. August, 06:30 Uhr

Peter Kimpton finds a bike that’s perfect for riding on the beach and explores the Glamorgan coast near PorthcawlSmooth tarmac to rough, potholed roads, gravel tracks to mountain paths, cyclists encounter good and bad surfaces, but rarely do we ride on sand. Most bikes would get stuck and seize up in seconds. Beaches may be free of traffic, but they are the last place you think of for a bike...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
09. März, 07:00 Uhr

Amid plans for an unnecessary law change targeting cyclists, a parallel government consultation on safety makes some unexpectedly sensible pointsFor those interested in the many benefits that come from getting more people cycling, there’s some bad news and good news today – and in another minor compensation, at least the bad news was widely expected.This is the confirmation from the Department...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
06. Februar, 07:00 Uhr

Helen Pidd was cycling through stationary traffic when a passenger opened his door into her pathAs soon as the van door hit me I thought: finally. After cycling regularly for 15 years it always seemed something of a miracle that I had never been knocked off.My second instinct was to feel sheepish. Was it my fault? Related: Encourage 'Dutch reach' to stop cyclists' car-door deaths, says charity ...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
07. Februar, 07:30 Uhr

Uganda’s first ever Critical Mass is missing the air of protest normally found in Europe or the US. This may be for the best in a country where dissent is often quashed with rubber bullets and tear gas“Do you know what is going on here today?” I ask Annette, the banana seller I’m buying a quick breakfast from. She doesn’t, so I explain that people are gathering here to ride bicycles together....

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
30. November, 07:09 Uhr

Denmark’s capital has reached a milestone in its journey to become a cycling city – there are now more bikes than cars on the streets. Can other cities follow?Bicycle sensors in Copenhagen clocked a new record this month: there are now more bikes than cars in the heart of the city. In the last year, 35,080 more bikes have joined the daily roll, bringing the total number to 265,700, compared...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
17. September, 06:00 Uhr

As Guardian writers pick their favourite bike routes, we’d like to hear about your own most enjoyable ridesOur writers have been sharing their favourite cycle routes and roads – at least, those they’re happy to tell other people about. We’d love to hear your own suggestions. Related: 'Pure inspiration': our writers pick their favourite cycle rides Continue reading...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
02. Januar, 07:30 Uhr

Riding a bike may be easier than walking for two-thirds of disabled cyclists, but they often remain invisible to society. Many don’t realise that more than a quarter of disabled commutes in this university city are made by bikeCycle around Cambridge and you’ll see upright city bikes and hybrids, tricycles and four-wheeled cargo bikes. What may be surprising is that many of these machines are...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
25. September, 10:12 Uhr

A Highway Code prompt aimed solely at cyclists – not to the road users that caused more than 99% of deaths on UK roads last year – has nothing to do with improving safety On Friday, transport minister Jesse Norman wrote to cycling leaders asking them to remind their members to follow the Highway Code. The letter came less than 48 hours after the announcement of a review on whether the law...

32x32 Bike blog | The Guardian
09. Oktober, 07:27 Uhr

Our readers on their most cherished cycling routes, from remote Scottish islands to Japanese mountain ranges Continue reading...

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