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Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 26. Juni, 13:44 Uhr

I wanted a project bike and have always wanted an Italian carbon bike so I bought a frame set off ebay and here's the finished product - http://i.imgur.com/MrDfOoV.jpg Originally I was going to try to keep it budget, but I kept finding really good deals on Craigslist. Now it's full super record, some parts never out of box. One guy really hooked me up, I bought most of the group set from him so he tossed in the carbon drops for free and the fizik saddle for 25 bucks. Pretty much the entire bike is carbon. The shop weighed it in at 17.5 lbs. Total cost came out to around 2k.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 09. Dezember, 23:36 Uhr

I want to hear what makes people love cycling. Me personally I love the ability to zip around town for coffee / beer / ice cream one day.. and then clock 30 mi to the next county over and back through the local trails the next day, all without having to drive. I love the exercise too and who can deny the feeling of jello legs after a good ride being fantastic. Love it!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 25. Dezember, 08:58 Uhr

planetx.co.uk I've just bought CX on Sram Force. Really good deal.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 09. November, 23:15 Uhr

I was wondering if y'all had any tips to deal with sweat on the way to the office. I ride 10 miles to work in Florida and it's awfully hot 90% of the year. I wear a breathable shirt and compression shorts with a backpack on the way in, then I wipe down with a cloth and then put on my dress shirt. I still get tons of sweat stains with this method and I really want to avoid having to wear an undershirt with my dress shirt.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 11. Januar, 14:27 Uhr

I cycle about 6 miles a day, 5 days a week on my road bike. 3 miles to work, 3 miles back. I run a fair bit too, background in marathon's HM's etc, and do 1 high intensity track session per week and usually 1 or 2 easy longer distance runs. I've got a free weekend this week which is a rare thing, so I've decided to make the most of it. I've booked a return ferry, and a hotel and I'm going to have a crack at cycling 127 miles or so from Dieppe to Paris in approx 8-10 hours. I'll be using the route from the Donal Hirsch website. For the return journey, I've already booked a train but may cycle if I feel ok. Ive wanted to do this for years, and the weather looked good. So here goes my mini adventure, on my own. The only bit I'm concerned about really is the ferry, it leaves at 11pm Friday night, arrives in Dieppe at 4am. And I need to get a few hours sleep on it. Has anyone here done the ride? *EDIT - 5pm Friday afternoon: signing out and heading home from work: a quick nap and some dinner and I'll set out at about 8pm for the 20 miles to the ferry. I've decided that this will be a nice little opportunity to pull out if I'm really getting jittery about it! Thanks everyone for comments, all input is valued, some of it is keeping me grounded and serious, some of it is just really motivating. See you on the other side :)

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 16. Juni, 13:34 Uhr


Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 17. Dezember, 22:39 Uhr

This is an update on my previous post about on [improving my bike handing skills](https://www.reddit.com/r/cycling/comments/7iygwp/need_drills_to_work_on_basic_bike_handling_skills/?st=jbbcge5n&sh=c173f656) I have very exciting news! Today, I was able to actually ride out of my saddle and was able to grab my water bottle (from the bottom cage, not the one on the seat cage) twice! And guess what! I didn't fall even once! I am so excited about this! I mean yes, I am a freaking 28 year old man who didn't learn how to bike into his adult years, and today, I was able to just go out there and face my fears! Though, the hills on the out of the saddle was small, I was able to do it! It was scary first because when I first did it, I was only able to do like 2-4 pedals at a time and my bike kept rocking back and fourth. But the more practice I had, the better it got and the more confident I got! I wouldn't say I master it completely, but I now have the confidence to be able to master it soon! I know I am not yet comfortable with it yet because every time I ride out of my saddle, my legs tense up, heart rate increasing, and my arms and body are tensing up, but I know the more I do it, the more I'll be able to get use to it! One of the things I did found out though, when trying to ride out of the saddle in a flat area, is a bit more difficult than going up hill. So that is something I need to work out. In terms of riding with one hand, I was able to practice with my right hand not holding the handle. Man this felt good. I was able to keep looking ahead and just touch my water bottle and I kept on touching it. Eventually, I was able to grab my water bottle out of my cage and put it back in! The first time I did it wasn't pretty. When I first grabbed it, I was freaking out because I didn't know where my cage was. But I kept pedaling, kept calm, and kept speeding up until it was safe for me to look down slightly to get an idea of where it was and then put it there. When I was able to do it, I was so happy! The second time it was a bit better! Also, I was doing all of these stuff while clipped into my bike! This excited me so much and I can't wait until I get on my bike again at the park!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 24. November, 17:58 Uhr

Switching over to cycling from running. Couple of curiosities that I can't seem to find between this sub and the bicycling sub. * What is the 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon equivalents in the cycling world? * What is a good distance to bike daily for fitness? (If they were in shape) * How many miles should one aim for in a week while cycling? (If they were in shape) Any help is greatly appreciated!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 24. Dezember, 17:06 Uhr

[Check out the stats and my bike!](https://imgur.com/a/FmZsi) Thanks to browsing /r/cycling I was able to hop on a bike after suffering terrible shin splints from running. By adding riding into the mix I was able to ride 549 miles this year, starting on a shitty commuter bike and then finally upgrading to a Giant road bike. I ended up with 387 miles on the year. My math was to divide the 549 miles riding by 3 (in my mind 3 miles on the bike was about 1 mile of running) and then add that number to whatever I ran for the year.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 12. Juli, 17:26 Uhr

Hi, At this point me and my friends are developing a service for cyclists. To be exact this is service for bikes. And it's all started as a search for the solution to a problem we encountered, which is bike parts compatibility. Today's cycling market is a total mess with tons of already existing standards and more to come from almost every major and even small brands. So we thought about "a system" that will help to find proper parts matching proper parts without googling hundreds of articles, forums, making wrong purchases, returns, etc. In brief if Strava is for the athletes, our system is for their bicycles. It also tracks bike's parts mileage, when they were changed and serviced, helps you to find a proper replacement and upgrade quickly. In future, we are planning to add live support of the virtual mechanic and more. This is in one place to keep you shiny bike in perfect condition and have a smooth ride all the time. You can read more at our site (link below) Still, a lot of work is ahead of us, so we will be launching closed beta program in a while to test early product and see if the whole theory (and practice) are plausible. And I would like to invite every passionate cyclist to join this testing. To do this please visit https://bikeamp.com/ and fill up the form. Also I will gladly answer your service related questions, how the startup was started (yes, we are the startup. A small one, on our own, but still) and our team.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 27. Dezember, 14:59 Uhr

This is my first year commuting in the Winter. I have a 3.2 miles commute but I decided to work from home to avoid the ride. My fear is to get frostbite since there is a wind chill advisory. I have the basic gears for winter cycling such as balacava, lobster gloves, multiple layers, etc. I use a hybrid bike with disk brake.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 03. Juli, 03:13 Uhr

Link to the article http://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/cyclist-hater-ben-smith-jailed-for-more-than-five-years-over-death-of-steve-jarvie/news-story/fd2deac1513db13c849818eb7e5cf25f

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 29. Dezember, 15:58 Uhr

I'm having trouble deciding between 3 possible smart trainers. I've been cycling for a 1.5 years and currently train on a Gen 1 Kurt Kinetic dumb trainer with a pedal powermeter. I do most of my rides indoors even in the summer time. 2/3 rides a week will be spend indoors with trainerroad (mostly all structured workouts). In the winter time I exclusively ride inside. I've been thinking about going with a smart trainer for a while now. I've read a bunch of reviews on the trainers listed below. I was wondering if anyone would like to share their opinions on them. Thank you for your thoughts:) - Kickr Snap: I'm considering this one because it's the regarded as the best on wheel smart trainer by sites like DC Rainmaker and other sites. - Cycleops Magnus: I'm considering this one because I can get it for about $100 cad cheaper than the Kickr Snap and it's generally regarded as the 2nd best wheel on smart trainer. However the Kickr Snap seems more attractive due the the heaver fly wheel and aesthetically IMO. It also comes with more stuff (skewer, and riser block.) Which I don't need but it's nice to get more stuff. - Elite Direto: This pretty much crosses all of my boxes in terms of max watts, slope, noise, etc. However it's a $1400 CAD buy into smart trainer training after buying a cassette, taxes, etc. I don't know if it would be worth the extra $450-500 for the "better feel" and direct drive. Accuracy isn't an issue as I have a power meter.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 31. Dezember, 13:18 Uhr

Hello fellow cyclists. I've created a mobile app that simply helps in custom bike builds. The app is free for download on google play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yurreka.bikebuilderapp . A website version is also available here http://bikebuilder.yurreka.com/ .

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 04. Januar, 18:33 Uhr

Hello, I'm 15 and I want to start biking to school, but my mom's a little overprotective and doesn't allow me to go out alone. The school's very close to my house (2.8 miles away) and there aren't many cars on the street I'll be using. How do I convince my mom to let me bike to school? Thanks!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 08. Januar, 19:27 Uhr

I know we aren't out here to impress but I've been on the hunt for some nice solid/monotone kits that won't destroy the bank account. Style wise I like [Rapha](https://www.rapha.cc/us/en_US/) but the prices are pretty high. Anyone have suggestions? **Update:** Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I've bookmarked a ton of sites and ended up buying some summer gear from Rapha that was on sale.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 10. Januar, 20:53 Uhr

"It’s a well-earned rest, although he’ll continue to cycle for pleasure. At 106 years of age, French rider Robert Marchand has ended his competitive career, with a friend saying that he will no longer seek to set new records. ... In February 2012 he said that he had been curtailing his rides somewhat. 'For the last five years I have decided not to go for rides of more than 100km,' the-then 100-year-old-rider stated. There is no point going overboard. I want to keep cycling for some time yet." https://cyclingtips.com/2018/01/hour-record-holder-marchand-retires-106-years-age/

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 19. Dezember, 15:53 Uhr

When in university I cycled everywhere, classes, library, youth club, gym. The campus was sprawled, which helped. Plus, it was green and free of much pollution. Now, I work two jobs in an industrial town/expanding city. The air is heavy with smog in winter and dry vehicular dust in summer. Waking up early is a slight issue because I need to wake up and make breakfast and lunch by 6 AM at least, or I'll be late for work. Two hours from 4-6 downtime in the evening and then am back on the evening duty till about 9 at night. I live far from both places. A motorcycle is all I have to depend on as public transport wanes after 8 (no train). I've been sleeping 5 hours a night for seven months now. Also, Ive become a beer-a-day guy and the belly is beginning to give that truth away. How do the busy and poor folk among us here manage? How

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 28. Dezember, 12:26 Uhr

I’ve been riding clipless for about half a year now and it’s pretty much second nature at this point. Except it’s still awkward for me to clip back in after I’ve stopped at an intersection or light. I still have to look down at my pedals to see if I’m clipping in to the right side and it usually takes a few seconds of me scrabbling with the pedals to clip in. Maybe 1 in 10 times I’ll do it “perfectly” and clip in on the first stroke. I’ve noticed a lot of people in my cycling group, all more experienced than I, having similar challenges. So does clipping in ever get any easier or less awkward?

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 12. Januar, 10:38 Uhr

Purportedly printed in ~~the New Yorker~~ New York World. A curious list, some of which are sensible advice and some are obviously outrageous sexism. To save visiting the website - Edit: some are hilariously sexist Don’t forget your toolbag Don’t attempt a “century.” Don’t coast. It is dangerous. Don’t boast of your long rides. Don’t criticize people’s “legs.” Don’t wear loud hued leggings. Don’t cultivate a “bicycle face.” Don’t refuse assistance up a hill. Don’t wear clothes that don’t fit. Don’t neglect a “light’s out” cry. Don’t wear jewelry while on a tour. Don’t race. Leave that to the scorchers. Don’t wear laced boots. They are tiresome. Don’t imagine everybody is looking at you. Don’t go to church in your bicycle costume. Don’t wear a garden party hat with bloomers. Don’t contest the right of way with cable cars. Don’t chew gum. Exercise your jaws in private. Don’t wear white kid gloves. Silk is the thing. Don’t ask, “What do you think of my bloomers?” Don’t use bicycle slang. Leave that to the boys. Don’t go out after dark without a male escort. Don’t go without a needle, thread and thimble. Don’t try to have every article of your attire “match.” Don’t let your golden hair be hanging down your back. Don’t allow dear little Fido to accompany you Don’t scratch a match on the seat of your bloomers. Don’t discuss bloomers with every man you know. Don’t appear in public until you have learned to ride well. Don’t overdo things. Let cycling be a recreation, not a labor. Don’t ignore the laws of the road because you are a woman. Don’t try to ride in your brother’s clothes “to see how it feels.” Don’t scream if you meet a cow. If she sees you first, she will run. Don’t cultivate everything that is up to date because yon ride a wheel. Don’t emulate your brother’s attitude if he rides parallel with the ground. Don’t undertake a long ride if you are not confident of performing it easily. Don’t appear to be up on “records” and “record smashing.” That is sporty. https://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2012/01/03/donts-for-women-on-bicycles-1895/

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 13. Januar, 01:01 Uhr

I'm relatively new to road cycling. I spent my youth riding a bmx bike. I was a delivery boy for a drug store in my hometown. I am 42 years old now -38 when I discovered road cycling thanks to my wife. Road cycling proved to be extremely tough in the very beginning about 4 years ago. My wife gave me a cheap road bike for my birthday. I was so confused at the gift because at the time I wasn't really interested in road cycling. I am positive that she didn't give me the bike as a hint to get in shape. The bike sat there at our apartment for several months when one day I decided to take it out for a spin. That proved to be almost fatal. I thought I was about to have a heart attack. I just rode it up the almost flat street and I became out of breath and dizzy at the end of the street! I sat down on the side walk and waited it out. It was right there and then that I decided to get myself in better shape. I'm not a big man at all. I'm about 5'6" and was about 170 lbs at the time. I'm down to 155 lbs. I'm still not happy with my weight but that's beside the point. I have learned to love road cycling. It got me in better shape and I even joined a cycling club. Now, whenever I bring up cycling, my wife gets a little irritated with me. I wish she knew and understood just how suffering on your bike can bring you such a big sense of accomplishment. Cycling is a big de-stresser for me. What a feeling of freedom when I'm on my bike. She had a hybrid bike and even went riding together ONCE. She hated it and got rid of it. Sad. Thanks for reading.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 14. September, 23:57 Uhr

Just happy to share. Rode the hardest route I have around here [ 15 miles with 560 ft climbing ], and to my surprise broke my avg mph by alot (was 17.9, now 19.2)! I feel like I'm about where I'd like to be to start trying group rides out, any chance there are any University of Kentucky cyclists on here?? (long shot I know)

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 05. August, 00:06 Uhr

I've been riding consistently for two years now and am in decent cycling shape. I just finished my first 300 mile tour and have definitely caught the bug. I am a teacher so I have summers over off and am already obsessing over a cross country trip for next year. I am open to all routes but am most concerned about food and water in remote areas. How did you do it? What do I need to know? What are the best routes? I love information! Tell me what you know!

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 05. Oktober, 15:18 Uhr

Everyone has their moment when they know they need to do something better with their lives. For me it was flying a lot for work and feeling the awkward glare of 200 strangers praying that you're not the one sitting next to them. I'd tried to lose weight a multitude of ways - everything from weight training, swimming, running, and rugby - but found that cycling was the one thing I kept looking forward to more than anything else. I was 294 lbs in October of 2014 (5'11 male) and have gotten down to ~204 (shout out to /r/ketogains), largely due to lots and lots of miles on the bike. I started with a Trek 7.2 hybrid in April and after my first 30 mile ride upgraded to an entry road bike and haven't looked back. A few months ago I did a metric century to see if I could and though I felt beat up after I did it in 4:19. A week or so later I saw a century ride listed on a local cycling club facebook page and registered for it without really considering the challenge. I haven't been cycling long enough to develop a substantial group of cycling buddies never mind adept group riding skills so when we set off I kept to the back to avoid causing anyone problems. After the first 15 miles or so I wound up grouping with some older guys that were keeping a good pace and waiting for each other. It turned out to be the best outcome I could have hoped for because they took the time to explain drafting, show me how to communicate in a group, and were great to talk to. We stopped for ~5 mins at each rest area (3 total) to refuel and pee and had a rolling time of 6:06 for the whole thing. On top of a healthy supply of energy chews and 96oz of onboard gatorade there were refreshments at each stop which was nice. If I had to pedal it out by myself without the encouragement and help of those older guys I wouldn't have enjoyed the experience nearly as much as I did. When I finished I didn't want to look at a bike ever again but woke up this morning looking forward to my daily ride. You just have to get up and go do it. * http://i.imgur.com/U4zwqws.png * http://i.imgur.com/1xOnuna.png * http://i.imgur.com/9tzO8ij.jpg comedy waffle uni

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 05. November, 21:53 Uhr

Hi Reddit. Still a bit shaky as I type this so pardon the bad storytelling… Today while out riding, three of the biggest dogs (pit bulls) I’d ever seen came ripping across someone’s lawn and into the road (public road, well travelled). The lead dog basically did an open field tackle on me causing me to crash. My brother was drafting me, and while we did both slow down as the dogs came out he slammed into me when the dog nailed me, and then went down hard. Long story short, dog hit me, I went down, brother hit me, he went down. Bikes were a yard sale all over the road, and as we picked ourselves up we had three snapping, snarling, 100lb+ pitbulls all over us. Neither of us got bit. I have some road rash (nothing major), my brother’s knee blew up like a baloon. Both of us ended up pretty bloody. The owner came across his yard nonchalantly, gathered his dogs, walked into his house and shut the door. The guy never said a single word to us. No shit, not a damn thing. Just called his dogs off and walked away. We called the police, who called EMTs and took my brother to the hospital. Nothing broken but one hell of a swollen knee and a hematoma. I ended up riding home after the fire dept took me to a LBS with both bikes. Damage to his bike is relatively significant - snapped derailleur, bent rim, two bent levers, possible bent fork. My bike ended up with a bunch of scrapes and scuffs but I was able to ride it home. We spoke with the police and they took our names and details, and I had to leave before they finished things to catch a ride with the fire dept. What are my legal options here? I’d say my bike is worth around 5-6k, my brothers a bit less. The House Of The Angry Hounds was a shithole, and in NH, so I’m not sure the guy even has homeowners insurance. My bike is on my own HO insurance, my brothers is not. I’m more aggravated and pissed off that the guy had zero consideration for either of our well being after his dogs plowed us off our bikes in the middle of the road. He gave not a single fuck - just got his dogs and went inside. If he’d been polite I’d chalk it up to an accident, but if I have some kind of legal recourse here I’d like to pursue it. The PD took our details and I assume filed some kind of report, but I’m not sure what the next step should be on our end. Short version: Dogs tackled me in the middle of a public road, caused big crash, broke a bunch of parts on two reasonably expensive bikes, sending one cyclist to the hospital. Wondering what to do next.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 17. September, 17:18 Uhr

Hi all! I'm hoping you can help me. I was riding my bicycle on the Schuylkill River Trail (Kelly Drive bike path, Philadelphia, PA) when a car hit me on Tuesday afternoon. I didn't need to go to the hospital but my bicycle has some damage. The woman who hit me is refusing to pay for any damage to my bicycle. I spoke with PennDOT and they can't help me for some reason (the man I spoke with had a short temper and wasn't getting me anywhere). How can I file a police report to make this woman pay for the damage to my bicycle? Is a police report even the way to go? I have her name, cell phone number, car make/model, and license plate. FWIW she has said that it is her boyfriend's mother's car--not hers. I suspect she may have been driving without insurance. Thanks /r/cycling ! Any help is appreciated.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 15. November, 14:35 Uhr

There is always this idea that there should be a test for cyclist and bikes should have insurance. A voluntary system for cyclist that want to take part might be a workable solution in that direction. They get a box that attaches to their bike and logs there miles. They then get payed per mile for biking. It can be view as a transport tax rebate for not actually using the roads they have paid for. But it also to acknowledge their effort to reduce congestion, it also encourages healthy lifestyles and frees road space for the elderly and infirm who need a car. The payment would be most motivating to people on low incomes, which are the group with the worst health out comes at present so this negative tax would be progressive. People would need to take a test to get a box and present a bike in good working order. Road traffic violations would result in peoples tariff being taken away. The police could do that straight away by txt. And you would have to take another test for the payments to start again. The money would come from current transport revenue and would be offset by reducing the wear and tear on the road network. I think the cyclist could pay the upfront cost for the test and the box. This gives them an incentive to at least bike to the break even point and get in the habit. It would also be a great incentive for doctors to use to get patent to do more exercise. Bike shops would sell the boxes and administer the tests.

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 19. September, 18:13 Uhr

Today I bought my first bike since I was a kid! I'm almost 24 and even my first go round the car park was unsteady as anything, but I am so in love and excited. It is a ladies hybrid bike, frame 18" and a lovely soft green colour. The height is perfect. I have walk to work everyday, far enough it takes time, close enough I would not get a bus/taxi, so that was my main motivation to get one, especially coming into winter with the darker/colder mornings. I can cut the length of the journey in half at least. It might not be the fanciest, most athletic, most streamlined professional bicycle, but its mine and I'm so excited to go for a ride :)

Uuq3hepqbetw3vy3 cycling 27. August, 20:27 Uhr

Often when I ride a bike for about half an hour or so, my dick becomes totally numb. Why is this, and what can I do about it?

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