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Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 12. November, 22:54 Uhr

The latest 2018 Masi Giramondo 27.5 'adventure touring' bike gets 2.1" tires, two sets of bottle bosses on each fork leg (one triple and one double), a snazzy paint job, and plenty of tire clearance (up to 29x2.0")... The post Masi Updates the Giramondo 27.5 for 2018 appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 08. November, 16:44 Uhr

PEdAL ED, an Italian brand known for its stylish, yet durable cycling apparel, shoes, and gear, just released its own line of 'waterproof denim' bikepacking bags in collaboration with Miss Grape... The post Just Announced, PEdAL ED Bikepacking Bags appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 14. November, 13:43 Uhr

Thermarest’s Corus HD Quilt and NeoAir Xlite Max SV mattress promise lightweight, packable, luxurious comfort. For six months, we put them to the test... The post Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Max SV Sleeping Pad Review + Corus HD Quilt appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 03. November, 14:33 Uhr

The Swift Horizon Line is made from X10 Cotton Duck, the very first traditional canvas fabric to incorporate the modern magic of XPac with the classic styling of canvas... The post Swift Fuses Old and New with Horizon Line X10 Cotton Duck appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 06. November, 14:29 Uhr

The trail got its name “Maah Daah Hey” after the aboriginal Mandan tribe. In simple english the phrase translates to “An area that will be around for a long time.” The complete 150-mile trail begins 50 miles south of Medora, ND and ends just south of the park entrance to the North Unit of Theodore […] The post Maah Daah Hey appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 10. November, 13:13 Uhr

Another interesting release from Swift Industries, the new Hinterland Zeitgeist Saddle Bag comes in full XPac shaving a quarter pound off their standard Zeitgeist Saddle Bag... The post Swift Zeitgeist Saddle Bag Now in Xpac, for The Hinterlands appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 09. November, 13:03 Uhr

After riding the Colorado Trail over the summer, we stopped by and said hi to Andrew Wracher and Joey Ernst at Bedrock Bags, Durango. Read on to learn about their obsession with geology, discover where they like to bikepack most, and glean just what makes the business tick... The post Bricks and Bikepacking: Bedrock Bags appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 01. November, 12:50 Uhr

On U.S. roads there are 6,000 pieces of litter per mile, on average. Seth and Abbie set out on their bikes for a five month, 4,700 mile trip across the country... during which they cleaned up 2,130 pounds of trash. Watch the film. The post Leave It Better appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 30. Oktober, 13:19 Uhr

One part news, one part product hoorah, and three parts public service announcement, this post is here to remind people that the fine folks at Surly have some great wool apparel... and now there's a few new things too. The post Surly’s Got Wool appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 08. November, 13:12 Uhr

Neža Peterca took her first bikepacking trip on the challenging Altravesur route through southern Spain. It was also her first solo trip, her first singletrack ride, her first wild camping experience, and many other firsts... watch the film she made along the way. The post First Times, On The Altravesur appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 17. November, 13:10 Uhr

Austin, Texas based CHUMBA USA just released the all new Terlingua, a steel-frame, drop-bar gravel bike with either 700c or 650b 'road plus' tires... The post CHUMBA USA Rolls Out The CHUMBA Terlingua 700c/650b Plus appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 07. November, 13:41 Uhr

“Isn’t bikepacking getting too commercialized? Why do you publicize routes… don’t we want fewer people on trails? And what exactly is bikepacking… isn’t that just a new word for touring?” Those are just a few of the questions we’re asked regularly. To answer such queries into our motives, here’s our unofficial/official mission statement… and why we think the growth of bikepacking is one of the...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 17. November, 14:36 Uhr

An important and growing part of BIKEPACKING.com is the routes resource, covering rides of different styles and lengths, drawn from all around the globe. Each route post is accompanied by a GPX track to load into your GPS. These can be downloaded directly from the site, or via the 'Ride With GPS' embedded map. To make this process easier, here’s how to go about it, as well as a few potential...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 13. November, 16:01 Uhr

The all new Ibis Hakka MX gravel bike is shod with wide rims and 27.5x2.1" tires, and according to Ibis, "it's the bike we’d choose if, heaven forbid, we could only have one bike." We caught up with Ibis' founder Scot Nicol and gave it a quick look... The post Meet The New Ibis Hakka MX appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 30. Oktober, 11:19 Uhr

In the latest episode of PBS's "Outside with Greg Aiello", Greg discovers bikepacking and sets out on an eye opening trip through the Sierra National Forest... watch it here. The post Bikepacking on PBS: Outside with Greg Aiello appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 06. November, 13:25 Uhr

To add to the utility of their B-RAD (Bottle Relocation and Accessory Device) system, Wolf Tooth Components recently released three new accessories... The post Wolf Tooth Releases Three New B-RAD Attachments appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 03. November, 12:38 Uhr

In the summer of 2016, four of us pedaled across Kyrgyzstan from Lake Issyk Kul to Bishkek. Our several weeks in the Tian Shan —the celestial mountains — gave us much. This movie is about inspiration and the hope of returning the sustenance we receive from a place by putting beauty back into the world. Watch and find Joe's thoughts on the film here, plus a new photo gallery and more on the...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 16. November, 14:00 Uhr

To get your winter wheels in motion... This past February, Sven cycled from Bonn (Germany) to Vienna (Austria). Not the ideal season for bikepacking, but Sven decided it was better to ride in bad conditions than not ride at all... The post No Wrong Season appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 15. November, 13:33 Uhr

RJ Sauer's fat-bikepacking trip through Iceland takes a turn for the worse, sending his party on a quest for the elusive “Bike Repair Enthusiast” in the mystical mountains of Kerlingarfjöll... The post Blood, Sweat and Skyr appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 30. Oktober, 02:10 Uhr

When Miles signed up for this year’s BC Epic 1000 grand depart, he was set on taking his time for photos and side trips, and got strange looks when sharing his plan to finish in ten days. So it came as a major surprise, to both Miles and his family, when a mix of trackleaders peer pressure and some encouragement from a fellow rider led to riding over 1,000 km in 5 days, 10 hours. Here is his...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 09. November, 15:33 Uhr

British amateur adventurers Aaron Rolph and Paul Guest just broke the Guinness World Record for the most countries cycled (completely unsupported) in 7 days... The post British Cyclists Break World Record appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 29. Oktober, 16:46 Uhr

The Sea To Summit Spark Sp I sleeping bag is light enough that it might just weigh less than your favourite down jacket. It also packs down smaller than most bags we’ve used and can still keep you comfortable through the summer and into the shoulder seasons. Here’s how it fared after a season and a half of use... The post Sea To Summit Spark SP I Review: Light as a Feather appeared first on...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 02. November, 13:39 Uhr

Sometimes the shortest bikepacking trips are the sweetest... especially if your four-year-old son is involved. Cass heads off with his tribe for a family bikepacking overnighter before winter sets in across the New Mexican desert, and offers advice for those thinking of trying something similar. The post Dirt Roads and a Straw Bale Casita; A Mini New Mexican Adventure appeared first on...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 17. Mai, 11:27 Uhr

Thinking of giving 'basketpacking' a go? Swift's Sugarloaf is designed to fit snuggly within the wire confines of a Wald 137 basket. With its side clips and internal pockets, it brings an element of practicality and refinement to both dirt road campouts and commutes around town. Even better, it might even encourage you to ride your bike more... The post Swift Sugarloaf Review: #basketpacking...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 03. Oktober, 13:06 Uhr

Search and State makes all of their cycling apparel in New York City’s Garment District. Their early focus was racewear, but adventurous off-the-grid cycling was always in their DNA. They’ve just introduced a jacket conceived specifically for expedition style bikepacking, designed with Joe Cruz as a consultant. Read on to see how he got involved and his eye-opening introduction to...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 02. Oktober, 12:40 Uhr

The Blue Ridge Wrangler (BRW) is a circumnavigation of the Glendwood-Pedlar Ranger District, in the eastern reaches of George Washington National Forest. This physical and emotional rollercoaster of dirt, gravel, and singletrack bobs and weaves for 158 miles across the undulating ridge lines that radiate out from the front range of the Blue Ridge Mountains. […] The post Blue Ridge Wrangler...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 04. Oktober, 14:26 Uhr

Look at a map of the Outer Hebrides and you will quickly see why both bikes and boats are required for this route, as there is more water than land! This is as close to true expedition biking as you can get in the British Isles, with few resupplies and little contact with trails, roads […] The post Machair Coast: Bike-Rafting the Outer Hebrides appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 06. Oktober, 12:52 Uhr

The Gorgany range lies within the Zakarpattia region in southwest Ukraine in the Outer Eastern Carpathian Mountains. The surroundings are largely traditional farmland with rolling pastures and villages dotting the hillsides, but otherwise the area is quite remote. The lower reaches of the Gorgany Mountains are made up of lush and green spruce forests while […] The post The Gorgany Trail,...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 11. Oktober, 12:43 Uhr

Coming from Cologne, this route was designed to make a nearby three-day weekend escape to an inspiring slice of nature. The region does not have huge mountains but it does feature plenty of forests and many, many hills. So it is a steady up and down that you will definitely see on your GPS and […] The post Rheintal: Wine, Rhine and Romans appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 12. Oktober, 12:59 Uhr

The route starts in the north end of the Black Hills National Forest, where gold towns once boomed and then panned out within a few decades. Unlike its tourist driven east side, there is only a dusting of civilization, and luckily, the art of serving beer and burgers was not lost. Black Hills Pay Dirt […] The post Black Hills Pay Dirt appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

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