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Jimmy and Pia realized the main thing that kept them in the saddle and out exploring the world was the intimate way in which they connected with people they met along the way. So they decided to start a film project about just that. Watch this beautifully shot and enchanting episode of 'Remote Encounters' in Austria and learn more about the series... The post Remote Encounters: Austria appeared...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 08. September, 14:06 Uhr

Perhaps you've noticed Salsa shuffling around some of their models of late, in terms of names and purposes? The latest in their lineup to see such metamorphosis is the Blackborow. Formerly a 26in fat bike, the 2018 Salsa Blackborow GX Eagle announced today has been completely reinvented into a cargo-carrying, 27.5in 'midtail', a stretched out fatty that's likely to set adventure-plotting brains...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 13. September, 15:56 Uhr

Four notable "steel-is-real", gravel grinding, adventurizing, bikepack-touring, or whatever you want to call them, bikes were re-released over the last few weeks. One is the new 2018 Jamis Renegade Expat, reworked with five bottle cage mounts and a sweet graphics/paint scheme for $1,200. Here are the details... The post 2018 Jamis Renegade Expat: New Steel “Adventure” Bikes (part 1 of 4)...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 05. September, 11:45 Uhr

"Is Stokesville a real place?" Find out in this new film from CHUMBA USA following Hunter and Vince along the lush singletrack and rocky ridgelines of the Shenandoah Mountains… complete with a great soundtrack. Plus, find more info about the route and area... The post Bikepacking Stokesville: Gateway to Shenandoah appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 21. September, 11:22 Uhr

Jeff Jones is at it again, this time with a "riser" version of the venerable Jones Loop H-Bar. The new Jones SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar shares the same layout as the original but adds two inches of rise.... The post Jones Introduces a Riser Loop H-Bar, the SG 2.5 appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 18. September, 12:48 Uhr

To showcase some of the most iconic and beautiful canyon country in southern Utah, the route passes through Grand Staircase-Escalante National monument and dips into Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. A small section on BLM land completes the southern part of the loop. Gently climbing to 7,600 feet and dropping to 3,600 feet, the route […] The post Grand Staircase Loop appeared first on...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 01. September, 12:57 Uhr

Andrew the Maker’s simple and elegant Many Things Sack tailor-fits around one of our favourite cargo cages on the market - King Cage’s titanium Many Thing Cage. We head off to Peru and see if we can shake the pair loose down its rambunctious Andean backroads... The post Andrew the Maker Many Things Sack Review appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 07. September, 12:40 Uhr

Although this is just a snippet of the all the riding options within the entire Cascade Range, this is a great introduction to Oregon’s most iconic area – you know – big mountains and evergreen trees for days. Expect lots of big climbs, but as with most mountain routes your rewards will be a multitude […] The post The Cascade Skyline, Oregon appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 15. September, 12:55 Uhr

Brandon Watts, Founder of Freehub Magazine, and longtime friend Steve Dempsey set out on a bikepacking trip in Sun Valley, Idaho... from airport to singletrack for a five night trip navigating countless trail options. Watch the video here. The post Bikepacking Sun Valley’s Sawtooth Singletrack appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 14. September, 17:46 Uhr

The 2018 Kona Sutra LTD isn't completely new; the model has been around for a couple years now. But the 3rd iteration of this bike has a few nice changes worthy of attention... The post 2018 Kona Sutra LTD: New Steel “Adventure” Bikes (Part 3 of 4) appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 11. September, 21:22 Uhr

A new film snippet by Bjørn Olson made with several friends bike-packrafting The Adventure Trail in Alaska... with a Positive Mental Attitude. Plus some words and photos about the route by Bjørn... The post PMA on The Adventure Trail appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 01. September, 11:43 Uhr

The new Topeak FastFuel DryBag top tube bag promises waterproof storage with a hard-shell design to keep its shape. What do you think? The post Topeak Releases Waterproof FastFuel DryBag Top Tube Bag appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 02. September, 12:20 Uhr

Ever heard of The Race to The Rock? Also dubbed "The race so difficult no man has ever finished." Well, it just kicked off a few hours ago with seven bikepackers attempting 3,031 kilometers of remote, off-road, Australian outback from Albany to Uluru (the rock). See a couple of the bikes in the race, learn about the route, link to the great documentary from last year's event, and follow the...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 13. September, 20:40 Uhr

Specced with up to six pairs of bottle bosses, and WTB Resolute 42mm gravel tires — with room for 29x2.0" rubber — the new utility-centric Marin Four Corners is made for touring, bikepacking, and commuting alike... all for $1,039. The post 2018 Marin Four Corners: New Steel “Adventure” Bikes (part 2 of 4) appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 20. September, 12:53 Uhr

Kiwis are well known for their ingenuity and self-sufficiency. Being so far removed from the rest of the world, historically they often lacked proper equipment and had to get things done with whatever they had readily and easily available in their garden shed. This is also referred to as the No. 8 Wire mentality (literally […] The post No. 8 Wired, New Zealand appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 20. September, 15:26 Uhr

You may have heard us wax eloquent about 35 millimeter inner width rims as a versatile choice for plus and 'wide trail' tires, with a bailout option on long trips. 36mm is even better. And now there's a carbon version... the new Industry Nine PillarCarbon BC360c... The post Industry Nine Introduces the PillarCarbon BackCountry 360 (BC360c) appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 14. September, 22:17 Uhr

Love 'em or hate 'em, Specialized was in it to win it with the Sequoia. As we found during our review last year, it's an impressive bike with a lot of attention to detail. While the 2018 Sequoia didn't change too much, there a few tweaks we thought deserved mention in part four of our steel "adventure" bikes news. The post 2018 Specialized Sequoia: New Steel “Adventure” Bikes (4 of 4) appeared...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 12. September, 13:21 Uhr

Straddle and Paddle starts and ends on the scenic Lake Superior shore, and travels the gravel, double-track and trails of the Superior National Forest. Dubbed ‘the Minnesota Arrowhead’ for its pointed shape, this region supports some of the best gravel and adventure races in the midwest – the Heck of the North, the Grand du […] The post Straddle and Paddle, Minnesota appeared first on...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 31. August, 13:03 Uhr

With Eurobike in fully swing, Bombtrack Bicycle Company has a few of its new bikes on display. We had a chance to gather some intel from what looks to be an impressive 2018 model year lineup. Most interesting to bikepackers are the adventure-centric 29+ Beyond+ ADV, the full carbon Hook EXT-C, and the all new road-plus Audax... see details here. The post Bombtrack Quietly Unveils a Jaw-dropping...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 04. September, 11:46 Uhr

British bikepacking bag maker Apidura held and filmed a series of talks and interviews at this year's Eurobike expo. Lee Craigie spoke about her 2017 Tour Divide, Nelson Trees on his TCR finish and forthcoming ultra in Kyrgyzstan, and Ed Shoote relived his bikepack through the Altai mountains... watch them here. The post Apidura Eurobike Talks appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 06. September, 13:16 Uhr

The 21st episode in a video series called 'See The World' follows Iohan's journey on the incredible Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route. Watch the video here and learn more about the TEMBR and Iohan's wanderings... The post Iohan on The Trans Ecuador (See The World #21) appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 20. März, 12:29 Uhr

Over a thousand incredible moments captured in the latest film from Mike Curiak, documenting an epic return bikerafting expedition to Alaska's Lost Coast. Spoiler alert: mind-bending glacial fragments, insane mountain backdrops, a stink-whale... it's all here. The post Lost Coast North appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 28. August, 12:26 Uhr

Without much ground truth beta, we handpicked the Salsa Cutthroat to scout an off-pavement bikepacking trip across Cuba — a decision based on scattered intel, topographical maps, satellite imagery, and logical thinking. In spite of our planning, we misjudged the terrain. But what about the bike? The post Salsa Cutthroat Review: 983,000 Revolutions. appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 02. August, 05:24 Uhr

Croatia is a beloved European holiday destination, and the sunshine, warm surf, and vibrant dockside cafes don’t disappoint. What may be less well-known is Croatia’s wild backcountry terrain. On the islands one can strike off the trodden paths to pedal bumpy, techy ledges between chalk white stone fencing. Here is terrain that evokes images of […] The post Adriatic Crest, Croatia appeared first...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 16. August, 13:04 Uhr

Straddling both California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is, quite simply, a glorious place to be. This vast body of water comes complete with a ring of snow capped peaks and a network of sweet singletrack, weaving between its signature jumble of granite boulders and the mossy woodland that surrounds it. The route covers a wide […] The post The Tahoe Twirl, Nevada to California and round again...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 21. August, 13:17 Uhr

Bruschetta is a peasant dish and a famous appetizer in Italy made from Italian bread, garlic and olive oil, easy to prepare and incredibly tasty. This route has the same features… it is a simple and beautiful ride doable on an easy sub-24 overnighter bikepacking trip. The “Bruschetta loop” starts from Marsia, a small village […] The post The Bruschetta Loop, Italy appeared first on...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 30. August, 15:22 Uhr

Finally, a ladies' saddle that's not just for the ladies. If you are a guy who's sought comfort in a women-specific saddle to bear those long days while bikepacking, you'll understand what's behind the new WTB Koda... The post WTB Announces Koda, a Female-Focused Saddle (but NOT Women-specific) appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 30. August, 13:14 Uhr

As intimidating as it may sound to the uninitiated, bikepacking in Africa can be an incredible experience. As a planning resource for those seeking adventure in the Motherland, here is our full guide to bikepacking and touring east Africa. Complete with travel tips and Logan's full kit list as used on the Trans-Uganda bikepacking expedition... The post The Big Guide to Bikepacking & Touring...

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 30. August, 11:16 Uhr

Thinking about winter bikepacking yet? If so, Terrene Tires just announced a new affordable studdable fat tire. The Cake Eater, the sixth tire in their model lineup, is a versatile, fast-rolling, studdable fat tire available in 26×4.0, 26×4.8, 27.5×4.0, and 27.5×2.8… all with or without studs. The post Terrene Announces Cake Eater: With or without studs. appeared first on BIKEPACKING.com.

Favicon 32x32 Bikepacking 29. August, 13:09 Uhr

In the struggle to break topographic barriers, the proletariat have had the deck stacked against them. The People have been tantalized by opulent 12-speed drivetrains, but left priced-out of all but unfashionably low cog-counts. But, the answer to the long-standing connundrum of price vs. performance comes not from one team or another, but rather from a mixed, cooperative force – Shimano, Sram,...

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