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07. August, 08:50 Uhr

The historical Tyne Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnels near Newcastle in England have been reopened after 6-years long refurbishment. The 3.7 m wide cycling tunnel can be counted among the best cycle paths in the UK, reports Carlton Reid, in his contribution to the cycling underwater mini-series.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
29. Juli, 13:33 Uhr

To address climate disruption, the Dutch government presented its Climate Agreement on 28 June 28th, 2019. The whole of Western Europe was hit by a scorching heat wave in the last week. In the Netherlands, temperatures rose as high as 40.7° Celsius, the highest temperature ever recorded in the country, and more than two degrees higher than the previous record set in 1944. Climate scientists...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
08. August, 08:35 Uhr

Author: City of LjubljanaLjubljana, the capital of Slovenia, with approximately 290,000 inhabitants is an environmentally ambitious city and known as green, clean, safe and friendly – as numerous international awards, among which we are happy to highlight the European Green Capital Award 2016, undoubtedly prove. According to the jury, this prestigious title was given to Ljubljana for being the...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
29. Juli, 08:17 Uhr

Cycling and walking becomes a legal right in France! After months of fierce debate, the French National Assembly approved the Mobility Orientation Law on June 18th, 2019. The French Cycling Union (Fédération française des usagers de la bicyclette - FUB) was actively involved in the negotiation of the draft mobility bill and successfully advocated for the rights of cyclists. The FUB dedicated...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
28. Juni, 16:36 Uhr

After the successful experience of last year’s Velo-city conference, ECF and its global network Scientists for Cycling decided to continue integrating a research track into the conference programme also at this year’s edition in Dublin. The seven academic sessions featured the latest results of research on cycling from all around the world, and were closely aligned to the themes of the general...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
30. Juni, 22:00 Uhr

235 million. The number of inactive European today. Sedentarity has become a major challenge for individuals and the European Union over the past decades.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
04. Juli, 14:09 Uhr

As Velo-city, the world’s premier cycling conference, took place last week in Dublin, Ireland, all eyes of the global cycling community were focused on how the island performs in making cycling a natural choice for daily mobility. The overall sentiment among the 1,400 participants: Dublin and Ireland still have a long way to go!

European Cyclists' Federation » News
08. Juli, 16:18 Uhr

After inspiring Velo-city conferences in Rio de Janeiro and Dublin, Ljubljana (Slovenia) will be the next host of Velo-city 2020. Join the global cycling summit from 2nd through 5th of June 2020 and explore the theme “Smart cycling Inclusion”.  

European Cyclists' Federation » News
10. Juli, 14:12 Uhr

75 newly elected Members of European Parliament (MEPs), or a full 10% of entire house, pledged to support cycling during this parliamentary term 2019 – 2024. This is the key result of the pre-electoral campaign ECF jointly implemented with our members across the EU. During the last European elections’ campaign, ECF asked MEPs candidates to answer a survey to know more on how they position...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
18. Juli, 08:19 Uhr

[Photo Credit: Bart van Overbeeke]   In the last week of June, the Fietsersbond certified two more companies, reaching a total of ten Cycle-Friendly Employers in the Netherlands. Erasmus MC in Rotterdam received a gold certificate, while Spanninga in Joure was awarded a silver certificate.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
20. Juli, 13:58 Uhr

What makes people fall in love with cycling? The view from the seat of your bike is undoubtedly part of it! Hundreds of people followed our call to participate in the ECF World Bicycle Day photo contest on June 3rd, 2019, which had the hashtag #WorldBicycleDay trending on social media.  We want to thank everyone who participated and helped make this day special! Here is a selection of the best...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
23. Juli, 10:46 Uhr

The European Commission has published in June 2019 the 2nd part of its Guidance Note on the implementation of the revised Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) Directive. ECF is pleased to see that it also recommends Member States to include provisions for (electric) (cargo) bicycles! What is the EPBD about?

European Cyclists' Federation » News
24. Juli, 09:16 Uhr

The traffic circulation plan introduced in Leuven in 2016 increased cycling volumes by 32% in one year thanks to eliminating through car traffic from the city centre. But it is not enough to build a ring road for a city, it is also necessary to change the traffic organisation inside of it. New circulation plan

European Cyclists' Federation » News
24. Juli, 09:55 Uhr

Portuguese government approves their National Strategy for Active Cycling Mobility (ENMAC 2020-2030), aiming to build 8,000 kilometers of new bicycle paths by 2030.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
05. August, 12:49 Uhr

On July 24, in its first meeting of the new parliamentary term, the Transport Committee of the European Parliament discussed the topic of Modal shift in European transport.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
14. Februar, 10:37 Uhr

Today the European Parliament Committee for Regional Development (REGI) adopted a proposal for a revised ‘European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Cohesion Fund Regulation 2021 – 2027’. The good news is that cycling is explicitly mentioned twice in the REGI proposal, forming a solid basis for Member States and Regions to include cycling projects in their new Operational Programmes,...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
28. Juni, 16:15 Uhr

Velo-city 2019 Dublin officially closed its doors yesterday. The final plenary explored the City of Today and how it should evolve into the future of tomorrow. With a special commitment of the Lord Mayor of Dublin. The closing ceremony was attended by a full auditorium, somehow nostalgic to know the “house of cyclists” is over for another year. But together with some of the greatest speakers in...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
28. Juni, 16:03 Uhr

Four high-level speakers and an enthusiastic audience discussed how to raise funding for cycling at the ‘Cycling and funding’ session, Velo-city Dublin. For example, The budget for cycling amounts to only 1.9% of the Swiss transport budget but the impact of the investment in cycling proves to be very efficient: cycling modal share in Switzerland is 5%. Do we need more money for cycling or use...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
05. Februar, 15:58 Uhr

  The European Commission has taken the EU Ambient Air Quality Directive as one of its priorities, with a clear message from President Junker (1). In line with this, a fitness check of the two EU Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) Directives (Directives 2008/50/EC and 2004/107/EC) has been initiated. These Directives set air quality standards and requirements to ensure that Member States monitor and/or...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
28. Juni, 15:04 Uhr

Victim-blaming, object-based portrayals and the imbalance of representation were highlighted as the main problems of cycling representation in the Media. On the other hand, with only a few tools and a successful marketing strategy, (social) media can be used to promote the benefits of cycling and encourage people to cycle more often.   

European Cyclists' Federation » News
28. Juni, 14:38 Uhr

The final day of Velo-city 2019 Dublin started with a plenary session on the importance of partnership and collaboration with a special focus on the “HANDSHAKE” Project by CIVITAS, which brings together 13 of Europe’s top cycling cities to share and inspire excellence. 

European Cyclists' Federation » News
04. Februar, 09:10 Uhr

Last November, the Czech association Auto*Mat organized a conference focused on cycling and hilly cities, which was attended by Swiss city authorities and ECF members from Portugal and Austria. During the event, experts and participants explored this difficult topic and shared best practices coming to an (un)surprising conclusion: hills are not to be blamed for the development of cycling in...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
27. Juni, 19:37 Uhr

Tourism is one of the world's largest economic sectors, supporting one in 10 jobs (319 million) and generating 10,4% of GDP globally. And cycle tourism, generating over €44 billion only in Europe, was the topic of a closing plenary of the 3rd day in Velo-city 2019 Dublin full of inspiring moments. At the end of the session, Adam Bodor took time to thank the National EuroVelo Coordination...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
27. Juni, 18:06 Uhr

The second cycling tourism session brought together speakers from 5 different European countries, with a focus on cycle tourism data. Jesus Freire, Business Development Officer at the European Cyclists’ Federation, moderated the session. How can data address some of the main needs of cycle tourists? Properly collecting and analysing data impacts the development of long-distance cycling and the...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
25. Januar, 16:36 Uhr

ECF & WCA at Transforming Transportation 2019

European Cyclists' Federation » News
23. Januar, 12:49 Uhr

Brussels, 23rd January 2019. Yesterday the Consumer Affairs Committee of the European Parliament (IMCO Committee) voted in favour of the exclusion of e-bikes (up to 25km/h assistance and 250W) from the scope of the new Motor Insurance Directive: a great result, which comes after several intense months of advocacy between ECF, CIE and CONEBI with the members of IMCO Committee.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
27. Juni, 14:09 Uhr

On the third day of Velo-city 2019, participants of the session ‘Cycling for the Ages’ discussed cycling for all human ages – children, teenagers, adults, elderly and everyone in between. Will Haynes from Sustrans held a presentation about the UK National Cycle Network on how to create infrastructure for all ages. He explained what makes the network a valuable resource to communities across the...

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