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05. Februar, 15:58 Uhr

  The European Commission has taken the EU Ambient Air Quality Directive as one of its priorities, with a clear message from President Junker (1). In line with this, a fitness check of the two EU Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) Directives (Directives 2008/50/EC and 2004/107/EC) has been initiated. These Directives set air quality standards and requirements to ensure that Member States monitor and/or...

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04. Februar, 09:10 Uhr

Last November, the Czech association Auto*Mat organized a conference focused on cycling and hilly cities, which was attended by Swiss city authorities and ECF members from Portugal and Austria. During the event, experts and participants explored this difficult topic and shared best practices coming to an (un)surprising conclusion: hills are not to be blamed for the development of cycling in...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
25. Januar, 14:18 Uhr

The HEMA Project Kick-off meeting was held in Paris, France, on January 14-15.  Ten partners from seven countries met to pave the way for an exciting new project that intends to contribute to the European effort to further raise awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity throughout increased participation in, and equal access to, sport for all, especially at the workplace.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
25. Januar, 16:36 Uhr

ECF & WCA at Transforming Transportation 2019

European Cyclists' Federation » News
06. Februar, 12:30 Uhr

Author: Dublin City CouncilLet us entertain you

European Cyclists' Federation » News
14. Februar, 10:37 Uhr

Today the European Parliament Committee for Regional Development (REGI) adopted a proposal for a revised ‘European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Cohesion Fund Regulation 2021 – 2027’. The good news is that cycling is explicitly mentioned twice in the REGI proposal, forming a solid basis for Member States and Regions to include cycling projects in their new Operational Programmes,...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
19. Februar, 14:41 Uhr

Author: Dublin City Council

European Cyclists' Federation » News
20. Februar, 09:32 Uhr

On Wednesday 26 June at 10:30 for the first time ever, the Cities and Regions for Cyclists network will have its own exclusive session at Velo-city Dublin. Don't miss this opportunity to mingle with city officials from all over Europe (and a few from outside) and to learn about the work we do with them.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
24. Januar, 14:37 Uhr

Doubling cycling is the ambition of the pan-European Master Plan for Cycling Promotion, covering 54 countries across the entire Europe region of the World Health Organisation. This Master Plan, when finalised, will provide guidance for the very first time to many of these countries about how to support cycling at the national level.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
23. Januar, 12:49 Uhr

Brussels, 23rd January 2019. Yesterday the Consumer Affairs Committee of the European Parliament (IMCO Committee) voted in favour of the exclusion of e-bikes (up to 25km/h assistance and 250W) from the scope of the new Motor Insurance Directive: a great result, which comes after several intense months of advocacy between ECF, CIE and CONEBI with the members of IMCO Committee.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
17. August, 15:08 Uhr

The #VisionaryCities Series is a collection of best practices and success stories from visionary local authority leaders who contribute to make Cycling in Europe better, safer and more common. We are going to be inviting some of them to share their thoughts and visions with ECF.com in the coming months.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
09. Januar, 08:00 Uhr

On December 19 2018, an important section of the F212 cycle highway connecting Zellik with the Brussels Region was officially opened. When the entire F212 is completed, commuters can cycle from the municipality of Asse (32,000 inhabitants) via Asse industrial park and Zellik research park to Brussels.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
10. Januar, 11:16 Uhr

The Road Infrastructure Safety Management (RISM) directive (2008/96/EC) defines procedures that were supposed to ensure safety of the trans-European road infrastructure (TEN-T) but were focused nearly exclusive on the safety of car-occupants. The ECF has been working hard in the past two years to include the cyclists’ perspective in the procedures. The European Parliament's Committee on...

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13. August, 08:19 Uhr

A new elevated section of the F1 cycle highway next to the Antwerp-Berchem train station bypasses two crossings with traffic lights, enabling faster and more comfortable travel into the centre of the city. The 700-meter long elevated section of the F1 cycle highway next to the Antwerp Berchem train station is a result of co-operation between the city of Antwerp, province Antwerp, Flemish...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
13. August, 07:54 Uhr

2018 has so far proved to be a busy year for the Cities and Regions for Cyclists (CRC) network, with our members across Europe holding events, receiving awards, planning strategies and of course cycling! Here is a half-year highlights run down of the last six months.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
10. August, 10:01 Uhr

During the Velo-city conference a multitude of sessions addressed pertinent topics for cities and regions that are committed to promoting bicycle use.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
04. Januar, 13:47 Uhr

The planned F15 cycle highway in the Netherlands represents a new model for cycling infrastructure projects. Not because of the route’s design standard, its length, or the new cycling bridge over the Pannerdensch Canal, but because of the lowest common denominator. Cost. This is possible because of the high level of integration the project has with the adjacent A15 motorway, sharing resources,...

European Cyclists' Federation » News
20. Dezember, 14:19 Uhr

How can we help families to cycle more often? Why do some cylists prefer cycle paths and others cycle lanes? What are the road safety implications of electric cycling? You can find answers from both researchers and practitioners to these and many more questions in the new publication "Framing the Third Cycling Century", edited by the German Environment Agency and the European Cyclists' Federation.

European Cyclists' Federation » News
18. Dezember, 12:26 Uhr

Being part of the European internal market, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway have established the EEA and Norway Grants as a way to help alleviate economic and social disparities in Central and Southern Europe and the Baltics. They are now looking for actors eager to develop projects that promote social inclusion and unify sustainable solutions with competitive industries. Green industry...

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