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10. Februar, 04:49 Uhr

At the moment I am staying in Melbourne and doing some business. But there is always spare time in between my meetings, and usually I go for a bike ride or try to meet interesting local cyclists. Since I recently stumbled upon this great short video about making coffee outside, I decided to try something different: So today we started a new tradition and organized the first #sunrisecoffee and...

17. Februar, 04:51 Uhr

I have crossed continents on my bike, I have cycled the highest passes of the Himalayas, I have been organizing bike tours for decades and shaped the industry of bicycle tourism for many years. And yet I have never owned a mountain bike, and I have never even been on a tour with a mountain bike – until today when I rode the Mt. Buller Epic Trail as an absolute beginner. My buddy Ben had asked...

17. Februar, 22:50 Uhr

Taking a photo of yourself can be quite a difficult thing during a solo bike tour. And it can end up in some loop like self-references, as you will see in a minute. In this case I was cycling the Great Ocean Road in Australia, when I came across a spot with quite a nice perspective. I decided it is worth getting off my bike for a photo of the beautiful road. But when I saw the result, I...

19. Februar, 06:52 Uhr

In early February I went on a quick test ride for my new bike and my equipment. Since I was in Melbourne,  I chose to cycle the core part of the epic Great Ocean Road. To get out of Melbourne I took a train to Geelong, I then cycled along the coast to Warrnambool and took a train back to Melbourne. The bike trip was 280 km long and it took me 4 days and 3 nights to cycle it. Map: OSM...

04. März, 12:33 Uhr

Every new adventure begins with a step away from something. This moment makes me sad, over and over again. I am always already homesick when I am doing the first step. Even if it is just the Airbnb apartment that I am leaving. When I cycled from Yarraville and took the punt across the Yarra river towards the ferry, I came across the famous pink lake at Westgate Park in Melbourne. This lake has...

05. März, 06:56 Uhr

Here you see all 10 stages of my bike tour across Tasmania with descriptions and some learnings for each stage. Click on any map to see it in a lager scale. There is also a more general map as an overview of all my days in our route on Bikemap, if you want to see it all on a single map. Any route in Bikemap can be used and followed with the free Bikemap app for iOS, Android and Windows. And...

07. März, 04:08 Uhr

Preface: Tasmania is a beautiful, hilly, windy and rainy island, and I mean it in this order. And Tasmania is a dream destination for your bike tour. I have cycled once around Tasmania, and I received excellent support by some very experienced Tassie-tourers and tourism pros. Some of the following tips are mine, some are the advices I have received myself. There are two more articles I wrote...

21. März, 11:44 Uhr

When I decided my next bike tour would be in Cuba, I began thinking about what bike to ride. There is no fixed route that I plan to cycle. Rather, I am flying to the East of the island and four weeks later I will depart from the West of the island. In that time I’ll be cycling about the island on a day-to-day basis and since I might also be taking busses and trains, the idea was born to do this...

16. Juni, 14:19 Uhr

When we went to Cuba, we decided we did not want to cycle every boring part of the huge country, but rather pick the most interesting spots. So we needed to do some distance hopping with local transportation. And since Cuba (still) is the wold’s largest open air museum of transportation, we decided to do the tour with folding bikes. We went for the most stable touring folding bikes we knew –...

02. Februar, 12:13 Uhr

While cycling Cuba in May 2015, I have taken lots of photos with my beloved tiny Canon G7X. Some of the photos  are cycling related, others are not. In this gallery, I am presenting my overall favorite photos from Cuba. Most of them are not cycling related. I would be very happy if my photos made you want to go and cycle this beautiful country. And of course: the very best photo is the one at...

02. Februar, 18:03 Uhr

This is the way I cycled Cuba in May 2015. It took me 5 weeks, and I had not really planned my route in advance. So we relied upon what we found out along the route, and this was a great decision. I still think that traveling is a form of freedom, and sticking to plans is the opposite of being free. Let me show you the map with my comments first. I will add some text below a little...

03. Februar, 15:49 Uhr

Cycling long distances can be boring. For hours you are somehow stuck on your bike, left alone with your thoughts. During my bike trip across Cuba I started texting my sarcasm into aphorisms. And some of these ended up in theses, that I got photos for, illustrating them. Thank you to my co-traveler Marco, who helped wasting the time for this list with me ;) And here they are: 1. You start...

18. Juni, 15:38 Uhr

Do you have an iPad or an Android tablet? There is a monthly travel magazine for both tablets that is featuring my Cuba photos in its latest edition. You can get your free “copy” of the magazine here: iPad: http://bit.ly/eMag-iOS Android-Tablets: http://bit.ly/eMag-Android  

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