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02. Juli, 18:16 Uhr

When I cycled through Malawi, it was the season for termite queens to hatch. The hives were swarming with insects and thousands of queens take flight. Only a few survive and form new colonies, partly because Malawian women sit in front of it and pick them up as soon as they emerge from their holes. They rip the wings off and throw them in a bucket, later to be used for high-protein burger patties.

02. Juli, 19:47 Uhr

While cycling to South Africa I took a detour to Djibouti and visited Lake Abbe a mineral lake between the border of Ethiopia and Djibouti. It has limestone chimneys up to 50m high and strange mineral formations and steam vents.

03. Juli, 12:54 Uhr

In Hampi I was talking to an intrepid British gentleman at breakfast, trying to remember the word ‘ferret’. I don’t recall how we got to talk about that particular topic, but somehow I blanked and could not remember the proper term, so I began describing it. A small, furry, grey animal… “AN ELEPHANT!” proclaimed the Englishman. “No, no, much smaller, like a rodent…” It took me a bit till I...

02. Juli, 17:00 Uhr

Malaysian borneo has many secret spots to explore, the Gua Mimpi being one of them. Formerly a destination for guided tours, the infrastructure inside is rotten wood covered in spiders and cave wetas. It was a lot of fun.

02. Juli, 18:33 Uhr

I took a break of the chaotic and exhausting mainland of India on the remote Andaman islands. Three blissful weeks of reading, hammocks, swimming and fishing. One full-moon night the low tide was so low that a coral reef near the beach was completely out in the open. A beautiful area for a walk.

02. Juli, 19:21 Uhr

Tajikistan has a single road connecting the north to the south; that road has two options, either you take Anzob tunnel, also known as Tunnel of Death or Anzob pass, going up to 3,400 m on a gravel road. I took the pass and was awarded with this view.

02. Juli, 20:06 Uhr

In Ethiopia you find the small town of Lalibela, a christian pilgrimage location with 13 churches carved out of single pieces of rock. The limestone is soft and can easily be worked by hand, but what most tourists not see are the tunnels around the area. Without them, rain water would flood the churches, so a drain had to be build.

02. Juli, 19:02 Uhr

On my visit to the gulf countries in the Middle East I had a look at the national museum of each country. The best one by far is the one in Doha, Qatar, the National Museum of Qatar The building itself is a piece of art.

02. Juli, 16:16 Uhr

In Thailand I visited the white temple known as Wat Rong Khun. This was in 2014 before an earthquake heavily damaged the structure.

03. Juli, 14:00 Uhr

While in Torres del Paine off-season, it was freezing cold. I was fascinated how ice encased almost everything; by the formations it grew. Here some close-ups of ice. Sorry if that sounds a bit bland.

02. Juli, 18:02 Uhr

The biggest tourist attraction in Indonesia is the 9th century temple and shrine called Borobudur.

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