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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

10. September, 08:45 Uhr

Most of the shots have been sighted. We will always show you 5 pictures of our “Grand Tour 2014″ at irregular intervals. Stay tuned and enjoy the magic touch of an image! More pictures at “From Lisbon to Marrakesh” and if you are new, maybe you wanted to see some great stuff about our past “Grand Tours”. Check out “Milano to Barcelona” & “From Budapest to Istanbul” or our gallery. credits...

02. Juli, 13:57 Uhr

Being an overall curious cyclist and engineer who loves to optimize things and who loves to wrap his mind around numbers and diagrams, Ben signed up for a STAPS performance diagnostics.  He was the first fixed gear rider at the institute. Here is his review: It was a mouth to mouth recommendation by a biking friend who successfully took part at various long distance events including Race Across...

20. Oktober, 17:04 Uhr

Our mediateam Philipp and Carlos were supported by G-Tech on this year’s Grandtour from Warsaw to Helsinki. Thanks G-Tech for protecting our photos and videos at this tough journey! Have a glimpse at the awesome material that was collected. Also thanks to all our other supporters: Continental, Breakbrake17 Bicycle Co., Bombtrack Bicycle Co., Alexrims & AClass Wheels, suicycle-store.com,...

30. September, 10:49 Uhr

THE DARK AGES ARE BACK! Mediaeval times to the fullest. Time for some good mead and sucking-pig at this years BärlinPedälBättle. If you are in or around Berlin and free on the 3th & 4th October then you should join this awesome battle – in any case! Just do it, you gonna love it.

26. August, 09:26 Uhr

As we told ya….more shots will follow. The last 10 days were extraordinary. We competed at the RAD RACE – Last Man Standing event, Benny rode Paris – Brest – Paris (1200km), we speeded through the Mönckebergstraße and Rob and Mario were part of the RAD PACK // RAD RACE all-star team at the 2015 Vattenfall Cyclassics! We are happy to present the first out of three albums made these days. Made...

18. September, 12:47 Uhr

DELETED SCENES – out now! A few weeks ago we told you that we will publish a Grand Tour 2013 “From Budapest to Istanbul – One more why not – Deleted Scenes” video. So, we are proud to present…. finally: ENJOY WATCHING & THANK YOU!!! All this would not be possible without you and our supporters! Thanks to suicycle-store.com, Chrome Industries, Bombtrack Bicycle Co., Breakbrake17 Bicycle Co.,...

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