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10. Mai, 13:00 Uhr

Whatever your biking purpose, whether to climb a mountain, travel cross-country, race or coast to work or school, your bike needs a good pair of tires to accomplish this interesting mission. Several cyclists have found themselves in a really dangerous situation whereby their tires suddenly explode. The main reason for this kind of life-threatening accident is that they probably have chosen the...

17. Mai, 13:00 Uhr

Where to Start Now you may not actually race or you might be regionally ranked in your class, but regardless of how good you are, your equipment might be holding you back. That is one of the real drawbacks to a sport like cycling, with good bikes starting around $2000 and quality wheelsets at $500, the money adds up quick. But I think we can all agree there is nothing really quite like riding...

05. Juli, 13:00 Uhr

Now this is an article I was born to write. Finding a good cheap mountain bike is one of my personal strengths. I firmly believe that within reason nothing, not even a tight budget, should hold anyone back from getting their hands on a really good cheap mountain bike. The world is full of great options for buying one that doesn’t cost the earth. From brand new to second hand, it’s not that hard...

10. August, 13:00 Uhr

People buy bikes for different purposes: For racing, road-biking, mountain-biking, touring or commuting. Whatever the reason you have for spending your hard-earned money on purchasing a bicycle, it is very important that you get the perfect bike for yourself. Or else, you would be throwing away your money. In this article, you will discover the different bike size charts for the mountain bikes,...

18. Januar, 13:00 Uhr

Bike shops are a time-honored business that can thrive in most local markets. Most cycling enthusiasts invest in their own bike shops, inevitably seeing it as the best way to monetize their passion. However, being enthusiastic about cycling and bikes won’t turn your bike shop into a success story. While knowing about cycling and bike models is crucial to running a bike shop, it’s equally...

31. Juli, 09:00 Uhr

The idea of cycling is one that will always fascinate lots of people out there. This is due to the fact that there are lots of benefits which can be derived from such an adventure. These could be health benefits like improved joint mobility, enhanced cardiovascular fitness, strengthened bones, decreased stress levels, better coordination and posture. It is also worth mentioning that this is one...

28. April, 13:00 Uhr

How do you like to ride? Do you like to just eat up miles by yourself; or just get stuck cranking in the Peloton? Do you just ride to work or to the next town over every weekend with your riding buddies? When you are ready to commit to getting better for your own sake or for the sake of your competition, you will have to admit that riding a carbon wheelset, although very expensive, is going to...

03. Mai, 13:00 Uhr

It is every biker’s dream to enjoy a smooth ride to wherever he/she wants to go, whether heading to work, school, or on a cross-country run. A good road bike needs a good, new set of wheels (front and rear) to sail effortlessly on the road. This complete guide will take you through the processes of identifying the right road bike wheels for your bike. The Components of a Bike Wheel Technically,...

28. Juni, 13:00 Uhr

When talking of Giant Bikes, there are many reasons Giant bikes are popular among cyclists; some of these reasons include their comparative comfort, durability and stability. Giant bikes’ standover, convenience and performance are the primary qualities bikers look for when purchasing them. The Giant bikes are made for almost every type of rider and ride surface. The designs of the bikes are...

11. Juni, 22:40 Uhr

Buying second hand or used bicycle wheelsets may seem like a really good option for anyone trying to upgrade their metal steed on a budget, but is it? There are bargains to be had out there on Ebay and the like. But before you start crawling the interbike for used bicycle wheelsets, make sure you know what to look for before you hand over your credit card details. As many articles on the...

19. Dezember, 11:59 Uhr

Face it. Urban cycling can suck harder than a Dyson vacuum. Magazines sell a happy-go-lucky version in which the sun is always shining, floral dresses are a fun fashion statement, and traffic doesn’t exist. But we all know it’s nonsense. The realities of city riding are typically more lackluster, if not decisively grim. Forget any suit-and-briefcase inclinations and the flirty summer dresses—an...

25. April, 15:00 Uhr

This New Year, it’s probably time to upgrade the factory wheelset on your bike. Just about any wheelset will offer huge perks over the existing aging wheels on your bike. You can improve performance and durability of your bike with a new wheelset. If you are a cyclist short on cash, don’t worry, this year has seen a number of budget wheelsets that deliver. Here is a list of the best road bike...

07. März, 17:42 Uhr

If you are a bicycle aficionado, you can probably list out all of the ways that cycling is better than almost any form of transport. There are certain departments in which this lean machine could considered to be lacking, nonetheless. This namely is in the lack of space that is available. If you want to take your belongings, children, or even pets along with you, you are going to need to get...

20. März, 13:00 Uhr

For one reason or another, you may want to use indoor bike trainer stand. This normally happens when the weather is not good for cycling outside, most especially when it is raining or snowing heavily. Other bikers resort to using indoor bike trainer stands when they are warming up for outside biking, training for a race or recovering from some injuries that may not allow them to have a...

13. März, 13:00 Uhr

We’ve talked a lot about Electric bikes before, in the context of commuting to and from work and using them to ride on the streets, but how do E-bikes fit in the big wide world of sports? Are electric bikes welcome in mountain biking? Are they looked down on? The answer is an anti-climactic “both”. Let me explain. While electric bikes have certainly found their place for commuting, mountain...

06. April, 13:00 Uhr

There are certain undeniable facts when it comes to carbon fiber. Since 2000, carbon fiber bikes have won every major event. And like most introductions of new materials and designs, the later iterations have only gotten better. Carbon fiber wheelsets are light, aero, and considerably much more expensive than their aluminum counterparts. They look great and provide a pretty amazing ride if you...

31. März, 13:00 Uhr

There are numerous road bike wheelset manufacturing brands out there. Sometimes it can be confusing to know which is best and which is not. Each brand offers unique features, such as stability, reliability or affordability. Here is a list of the top 20 road bike wheel brands currently in the market, in ranking order: 1.     Shimano Shimano is a brand name practically synonymous with best road...

17. März, 13:00 Uhr

For me, there are 5 different types of bikes you should know. I left off a few from this list because they might be a subcategory of one of these others or they may just not be super important. For example, beach cruisers may be a fun way to ride on Saturdays down at the boardwalk, but they are pretty simple to spot and hardly get enough miles to warrant any thought time. In the same way, bmx...

23. März, 15:00 Uhr

Most people are satisfied with the stock set of wheels that come with bikes. But if you are a serious cyclist, you might consider upgrading your road bike wheels depending on your needs. A new wheelset can add extra capabilities to your bike. For example, if you have a road bike, you can buy a new wheelset to improve aerodynamic performance. If your bike’s wheels are getting old, replacing the...

07. April, 07:11 Uhr

Want to go faster for longer? Don’t buy a new road bike, change the wheels. It could be single best upgrade you make to your bike, and will show results when you ride, straight away. Investing in a new bike in the hope you will be able to increase your average speed might work, but there are some other options out there. Some don’t involve parting with any money at all. Basic free upgrades...

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